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The Luck - Ready To Run




I was very happy when I received a message in June 2019, whether I would like to review the album of the British country music duo The Luck. I had a short listen into their debut album Ready To Run and quickly agreed that it is definitely worth being reviewed on Here is my view about the album, which will be released on 26th July 2019.


The Luck – About the Artists

The luck is a sibling duo of Max and Esmay Luck, located in London. They are doing Americana / Country / Folk music since 2011. Their first EP, Bricks, is dated from 2011. Other EPs are dated from 2013 and 2016. They already have significant airplay in the UK country airplays and two million Spotify plays. Ready To Run is their debut album.

Here is a nice teaser for the album:


The Luck – Ready To Run – Track By Track

Ready to Run is a nine track album with a 35 minute duration. The album has been majorly recoded in Los Angeles.

1. Ready To Run

The album starts with the title track Ready To Run, which is really powerful and a great start.

2 If This Is Love

The second track of the album is a really catchy one. I love the happy summer sound of the track. Really nice to listen to.

3. Lionheart

Bad luck that there is no public preview of Lionheart. I love the nice mixture of country and folk, the verses are dominated by the acoustic guitars, while the chorus has more power. Nice and catchy song, great production!

4. Tomorrow Turned To Yesterday

Tomorrow Turned To Yesterday is a very straight (radio) pop production. Quite a bandwidth of songs on this album. Sounds really nice, though the variety of songs may be a bit confusing at the beginning.

5. Rise And Shine

I definitely love the variety of songs in this album. Rise and Shine is a powerful country track, maybe even with quite a bit of Southern Rock influences. The arrangement of the voices is also nice in this duet. The video is a live cut, but I feel it already illustrates the beauty of this track.

6. Place In The Sun

Place In The Sun is more like a slow hymn. Esmay Luck’s voice is dominant in this track, which is arranged with strings. Lovely!

7. Vertigo

The next song, Vertigo, feels to be quite similar to Place in the sun. Dominant hookline and melody, great voices, allows you to travel into a new world.

8. Holding On

This track has been released two years ago already. It starts very soft and slow, almost fragile. Though it may take some power within its runtime of 4:24, it stays impressive.

9. One More Try

This song features a very intense guitar play. There is much more power, it is maybe a bit too melancholic in some parts to have a chance for significant airplay.


The Luck – Ready To Run – My View

The Luck really produced nine diverse and nice tracks. If you give this album a chance, I am very sure that you find tracks which you like. I love the play with their voices and the catching melodies. It just feels good to listen to Ready To Run. Not an absolute must-buy, maybe, but a disc or download, which guarantees a lot of fun when you listen to it. Media Reviews

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