Spoon And The Forkestra – The Fondest Flinch EP

Spoon And The Forkestra - The Fondest Flinch



4.2/5 Pros

  • Nice variety of songs
  • Great vocal performance Cons

  • Strange final track

Especially in the world of social media, where it feels nearly impossible to spot the rising artist Peter Smith (just a random name), catching artist or band names feel to be key. You just cannot argue that the German duo Spoon And The Forkestra didn’t do a perfect job in that discipline. On 7th January 2022, they release their debut EP The Fondest Flinch. Let’s see if their music is as smashing as their band name.


Spoon And The Forkestra – About The Artist

Spoon And The Forkestra is a German indie-folk duo which has been founded in Berlin. However, singer and guitarist Emily-Mae Lewis is originally from Mannheim and toured solo, when she ran into Hamburg-origin bassist Timo Zell. On stage and on their EP, they are supported by Alon Ben. Lewis and Zell know each other since 2017. However, Spoon And The Forkestra exists since 2019. Their initial single releases lead to good reviews as well as some airplay in several German radio stations.


Spoon And The Forkestra – The Fondest Flinch – Track by Track

The six track EP lasts 17 minutes.

1. Mary Lou

The EP starts with a lot of summer vibe and cheery feelings – Mary Lou is as easy, as pop-ish as Spoon and the Forkestra will get on their debut. At the end of the song, the even both have to laugh. I am smiling, nice opener.

2. Pirates

Pirates is a song which simply feels how you imagine indie-folk to feel alike. Spoon and The Folkestra nicely work with Emily-Mae Lewis voice. Timo Zell creates a nice cushion of bass vibes to the song. Fragile, but even a bit of sleazy sound, nice one.

3. Karma 8

While Pirates felt very vocal-centric to me, there is more presence for the guitar and the bass on Karma 8. Even though the vocal side of the song feels very similar to its predecessor, the more heavy and distorted chords on the guitars make the song rather feel like an alternative folk rock track.

4. Blue

Very different moods on this EP: the ballad Blue feels like the songtrack of a happy evening. The song is very quiet, none of the musical elements feels to create more presence than necessary. Nice recording.

5. Blink Twice

Blink Twice is a nice blend of folk, pop and rock elements. Not too surprisingly, this single gained some radio presence. Spoon and the Forkestra nicely combine different moods and sounds to a good gathering.

6. Kugs and Hisses

This is not a typo – if you expect hugs or kisses at the end of this debut EP, you are unfortunately wrong. Spoon and The Forkestra finish their set of songs with a one minute instrumental finale – which finally does not really lead to added value or a strong atmosphere.


Spoon And The Forkestra – The Fondest Flinch – Spotify

Here is The Fondest Flinch on Spotify:


Spoon And The Forkestra – The Fondest Flinch – My View

The band name is a nice creation – and the sound of the duo is a good one as well. The Fondest Flinch illustrate that they have a really passionate, precise way to tell their stories. The five songs (let’s skip the last track) all have a very individual style and character – nonetheless, especially the voice of Emily-Mae Lewis feels to magically combine the songs. Really nice listen.


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