Drew Sycamore – Superfaith

Drew Sycamore - Superfaith



3.8/5 Pros

  • Well-produced dance pop album Cons

  • Too limited variety of songs
  • Too short

Drew Sycamore’s biggest hit so far is I Wanna Be Dancing. Her latest release, Superfaith is also a dancefloor pop set. Maybe not the type of music which is frequently featured on, but I really liked it The Danish-Welsh artist released the album on 17th February 2023.


Drew Sycamore – About The Artist

Drew Sycamore’s civil name is Michelle Katarina Drew Nielsen. She was born on 1st June 1990 and grew up in Hvilom, a small village in Northern Denmark. She turned into a professional artist rather late, at the age of 28. She already had a couple of successful singles in her home country, majorly on the airplay side. In 2019, she released her debut album Brutal. In 2021, she released her sophomore album, which is simply called Sycamore.


Drew Sycamore – Superfaith

The eight song album lasts 25 minutes.

1. Destiny

The 2:59 minutes opener Destiny is already setting the direction for this album: dance-pop made to dance. That’s the concept, that’s it. The opener has a nice groove, almost forces you to move to the rhythm. The song leaves me with a smile.

2. Paradise

Some of the songs have an “old school” touch to me. Paradise could have been a successful song in the later 1990’s as well. Especially the keyboard part has a nice touch of nostalgia. I like it.

3. Fever

There is not too much depth or variation in songs like Fever – but that’s also not what the song is made for. A catching, repeating catch phrase and a strong rhythm – Drew Sycamore’s songs are well-produced.

4. Electric Motion

Electric Motion has been the first (out of three) single releases so far. The song is a bit slower than the songs before. I like the nice groove of the track. The song feels to me as if it was already in the radio charts two decades ago.

I can’t forget youNow that I met you, II can’t forget youNow that I met you, whyOh, ’cause

5. Madonna

These songs in the middle of the album feel as if they would have been taken from a certain era of Madonna’s work. Thus, the lyrics perfectly fit to the sound of the song:

Hey, there, MadonnaWon’t you be my mama?I’ll take you to the disco, tonightHey, so iconic, always supersonicI’ll take you to the disco, tonight

6. Into Your Arms

Into Your Arms is a slower song. The rhythm in this one is also not as loud and present as in other tracks of the album. Not a ballad, but a really nice listen.

7. Surfer

Surfer surprises at first listen, as it opens with (pan) flute sounds. Unfortunately, this unusual element typically just pops up in instrumental parts. Nice pop track overall.

8. In the Club

After all the dance songs in this album, a track named In the Club feels to be almost logical. A nice, but not outstanding finale.


Drew Sycamore – Superfaith

Here is the album on Spotify:


Drew Sycamore – Superfaith

Superfaith is a nice dance album. Some of the songs really come with a strong catch. Unfortunately, the album is too short and is especially lacking two, three special songs, which add some character to the collection of tracks.


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