People Club – Take Me Home EP

People Club - Take Me Home



2.2/5 Pros

  • Nice instrumental talent in the band
  • Good way to create moods and atmosphere in the songs Cons

  • The EP as such is not catching enough
  • Partially, too much pushed to musical limits

The promotion kit of People Club calls the act an indie-lo-fi-slacker band. Ooops, I have to admit that I would not have an idea what that practically means in regards of sound. However, I really liked what I heard when I listened to their music. Originally planned as a 2020 release, the band pushed the EP Take Me Home back to potentially better times. Did they give up now? Don’t know. New release date is 7nd May 2021.


People Club – About The Artists

People Club are a band formed in Berlin. Depending on the source, guitarist Saxon Gable placed an ad on Craigslist, searching for bandmates in the German capital.  He finally found Drew Deal, Pete Costello, Ray Sonder and Sarah Martin – with the fun fact that none of the band members is German. They are US, Australian, New Zealand and British citizens. In 2019, the band released their four track debut EP Kil Scott, which especially contained the single Perfume, which has some half a million Spotify streams so far. Take Me Home is their second EP.


People Club – Take Me Home – Track by Track

The six track EP lasts 17 minutes.

1. Take Me Home

So what’s that indie-lo-fi-slacker thing? Take Me Home suggests a quite cool mixture of sounds. The chours feels like a cool pop track, there are synth pop elements, but also I also feel a touch of lounge music. Very laid back. This kind of blend would typically not be the type of music I enjoy – but I just have to admit that I like this one.

2. All Alone At The Party

The opening sample sounds a bit too similar to the tunes the title track provided – but thereafter, All Alone At The Party develops its own character. Sarah Martin does a great job on the vocal side.

3. Francine

Francine, one of the singles on the EP, is a slower track, which overall feels quite bemused to me. Some parts, however, almost feel threatening. While I feel a very different character in the instrumental part compared to the songs before, I would have loved to feel more variation on the vocal – they are just quite close to each other so far.

4. Damn

Damn is the song which is much better in the regard in vocal variation. Martin is doing a more rhythmic job on the microphone, she overall feels like warmer in her voice as well. The song overall has a bit of an R’n’B touch here and there, so that this is a nice fit.

5. Modal Window

Modal Window has a nice bass groove. With jingles in the background, the sound of the this track is again quite different. Nonetheless, the track is not catching me too much.

6. Laydown Your Weapons

There is always a chance for a surprise in this EP. The finishing track comes with a long siren-alike bass background and marching drums. This feels to be a nice fit to the Laydown Your Weapons message. Here and there, the band is doing too much distortion and synthisizer sounds to me in here, though – it is hard to really follow this track even just for three minutes.


People Club – Take Me Home – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


People Club – Take Me Home – My View

When I had the first listen to Take Me Home, I was quite amazed of people club. The more I listened to the six tracks, the more my thoughts went towards and average review. I like the melodic / instrumental abilities and talents of the band, for sure. On the other hand, I feel that the songs are very quick in becoming tiring, which is really a shame. People Club also push some of their songs too hard. Bad luck, there is more potential in this band, for sure.


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