Catherine McGrath – Talk of This Town (Album Review)

Catherine McGrath - Talk of This Town



4.5/5 Pros

  • Amazing debut album
  • Great voice and songwriting
  • A couple of really catching songs

After having seen Catherine McGrath twice at the 2018 Country 2 Country in London, I have become an admiring follower of her and her country music. Just today, the 21 year old released her first album, “Talk of This Town”. Immediately, it topped the UK Country iTunes album charts and even reached #7 in the overall album downloads. In Germany, you cannot the physical copy, just purchase it by download like on Amazon. I felt this to be a great moment to try out an album review on for the first time.


Catherine McGrath – About The Artist

Catherine McGrath, born on 7th June 1997, has just called to be the “Northern Irish Answer to Taylor Swift” by The Times, who dedicated a one-page article to the young country singer, who moved to London in 2016, also as she signed her contract with Warner at that time. Most of the lyrics are very biographic, which I personally love to listen to. Her first major presence was as a support act of the Shires on their UK Tour. I had the opportunity to chat with Catherine twice after her shows. Seeing her live is not only an amazing presence due to her presence on stage, but also as she typically takes a lot of time to chat with her fans after the shows. The next UK Tour will be in September 2018, just after she will have her first Australian stage appearances as support act of Morgan Evans, the husband of Kelsea Ballerini.

You can find her homepage at . In addition, Catherine is very well managed in regards of social media, I especially like her material she posted on Youtube.


Catherine McGrath – Talk of This Town – Track by Track

As Catherine released some of the tracks already on EPs, not all the songs of “Talk of This Town” were unknown. Here is a song-by-song review of her first album with some video links

1. Talk of This Town

The title track has been motivated by Catherine moving to London and losing a friend, who did not support her on her way. I like this song, very melodic, and a nice opener of the album as well.

2. The Edges

“The Edges” is a new song which has not been released before the album. Catherine described it on Instagram as a song describing the goal of her life. Lovely melody

3. Lost in the Middle

“And I put my headphones on – Turn the real world off – And I get lost in the middle of a country song” – nothing tells the story of this song better than the chorus itself. To me, it is one of the best tracks in the album, describing her love to the genre of music.

Lost in the Middle is my favorite song 2018.

4. Wild

“Wild” has been the first single, which has reached the playlist rotation of BBC Radio 1. A typical McGrath song telling the story of going out with a boy to a Coldplay concert, finding him texting with his ex-girlfriend all the time during the show. Lovely one and one of these songs you just sing on after you heard it!


5. Thought It Was Gonna Be Me

This is another song Catherine wrote with Steve Robson. Another song which topics unfortunate love. Very powerful music, I absolutely like the track.

6. Don’t let me forget (feat. Hunter Hayes)

I had this track already in my last posting on current country songs in mid June. What an awesome combination with the youngest ever artist topping the US Country Billboards! (the full video has been posted in the other posting)

7. Enough for you

“Enough for you” is another relationship song and about you might sometimes feel better when you just break up and finish it.

8. Dodged a bullet

A lovely, quiet and intimate ballade written in Belfast. “If I dodged a bullet – Why do I have these scars? – If you gave back all the pictures – Why do you still have my heart?” really makes you think why this girl seems to be very unlucky in love all the time. One of the best new tracks on the album, I just love listening to it.

9. Good at love

“Good at love” is an amazing uptempo track, which is also a new release.

10. Cinderella

“Cinderella” was already released on Catherine’s EP “One”. I absolutely love this one about two people exploring that they feel more than friendship. The song somehow feels fragile, but lovely.

11. Just in Case

“Just in Case”, which has previously been part of the “Starting from Now” EP is to me the most catchy song of the album. This one gives good mood whenever I listen to it.

12. Good Goodbyes

Another somehow-good-mood song. This one has been previously unreleased, though. Definitely lovely one.

13. She’ll never love you

The album closes with “She’ll never love you”, which has also been part of the “One” EP. The song is a sweet, but intense ballad about loosing a boy to another girl.

Catherine McGrath – Talk of This Town – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget to Talk of This Town:


Catherine McGrath – Talk of This Town – My View

I personally feel Catherine produced an amazing 13-track debut album, “Talk of this Town”. I personally feel that it is very truthful, very honest music. It also shows that country music is not only growing in Europe, especially in the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands, but also that European artist can produce music which one could imagine to hear in Nashville as well. Having worked with so many Nashville producers and doing “Don’t let me forget” with Hunter Hayes is definitely a proof that Catherine has a chance to gain more attendance overseas as well. If you are inspired by that post and maybe dare a closer listen to her track, I would like to hear your view on the review and the album.


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