John Hiatt With The Jerry Douglas Band – Leftover Feelings

John Hiatt With The Jerry Douglas Band - Leftover Feelings



3.8/5 Pros

  • Nice vocal performance
  • Great stories
  • Nice sound between country and blues Cons

  • You need to love rather traditional sound

If you are a nine-time Grammy nominee, you are truly successful in the music business. John Hiatt can look back to this nice number in his career. The singer-songwriter, who has been active in the rock and Americana genres majorly, thereby worked with several big names, like Rosanne Cash, Keith Urban, Jimmy Buffet or Eric Clapton . He has already released 24 albums (incl. live and best of albums). On 21st May 2021, he will release a new long player, Leftover Feelings. Here is my review.


John Hiatt – About The Artist

John Robert Hiatt was born on 20th August 1952 in Indianapolis. When John Hiatt was ten years old, his elder brother committed suicide. Two years later, his father died. At the age of 18, he moved to Nashville to pursue a career as a songwriter.  In the mid-1970’s he also started writing and releasing own music. Even though he regularly published albums, his popularity grew slow, but steady. The 1995 album Walk On was the first one to make a Top 10 placement, when it reached this place in Belgium. His albums also regularly reach reasonale chart placements in other markets, including his home country.


John Hiatt With The Jerry Douglas Band – Leftover Feelings – Track by Track

The eleven song album lasts 41 minutes.

1. Long Black Electric Cadillac

The way John Hiatt almost aspirates I got a long black electric Cadillac into the microphone as the first words of the album caught me from the very first moment. A cool blending of a song, which sometimes feels like a country classic, but then has its strong blues moments. Should I mention a rock touch as well? Catching.

2. Mississippi Phone Booth

Mississippi phone booth
In the middle of the night
Bugs flyin’ everywhere
Crazy in the gas station light
Heart pounding through my t-shirt
Pumping change in a call to you
Mississippi phone booth
Operator could you get me through

The second song of the album beautifully illustrates the skills of John Hiatt and his Jerry Douglas Band on this album. First of all, there are lovely, picturesque lyrics. But then, there is a beautiful work on the instruments as well. No part of the song feels intrusive – it is done just right. Cool.

3. The Music Is Hot

This song is a rather slow track, which comes with a very nice country sound. A lovely way to describe a beautiful song.

You got a story ‘bout twenty miles long
You got a tune like a number one song
You got the sweat like the shirt off my back
You got the heart let me open it a crack
Fiddles and steel takin you higher
Passed cotton fields and telephone wires
Out to the church and the gospel choir
And you’re gone

4. All The Lilacs In Ohio

This album is never really loud. You don’t have country rock which makes you feel just too tempted so that you have to bang you head. It is still inspiring. Songs like All The Lilacs In Ohio make me move, make we want to dance. Even if it just the good, old contrabass in the background, which is creating the lovely vibe.

5. I’m In Asheville

A song about being away from your love and reflecting about the time together. And about just going away. Not in Nashville, but in Asheville. I simply enjoy the unagitated style of this song and listen to its story.

6. Light Of The Burning Sun

I could write exactly the same words about Light Of The Burning Sun, what I just wrote about the song before. Of course, it is another story. It is more intimate, more personal, more catching, though. So simple in melody (but on point), so catching in the story. I got goosebumps.

My brother was dead
By his own hand
A gun in the glove box
‘Cause he carried money
For the old man

7. Little Goodnight

I wrote above that the album never gets really loud – but it got its vibes. Little Goodnight is one of them, where the spirit of Rock’n’Roll feels to meet the Leftover album. After the deep and sad lyrics the song before, nice to have some rather enjoyable tunes.

8. Buddy Boy

Buddy Boy is a song, which comes with stronger blues elements again. I would even some flavors of soul music here and there. This leads to a quite different character of the song, which is definitely appreciated

9. Changes In My Mind

I wake up as it clears and I feel to hold you near
And in your heart I find
Changes in my mind

Love and living in a reliable relationship is the key topic of this song. Two very slow songs one after another. Both are good songs, but the slower songs definitely dominate Leftover Feelings.

10. Keen Rambler

Keen Rambler has more power and energy than the songs before. However, it is mid-tempo at most – which already feels like a power track in the context of this album.

11. Sweet Dream

Sweet Dream is a nice closing track. The song may not be liked by modern country fans – it is just too traditional in style for that. Again, the song gains its beauty from John Hiatt’s voice – even though the bridge is a very nice one.


John Hiatt With The Jerry Douglas Band – Leftover Feelings – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


John Hiatt With The Jerry Douglas Band – Leftover Feelings – My View

There are some “definitely”s about this album. On the one hand, it is definitely a very good production. The instrumental part is not living from wide arrangements – it is just on point. The raspiness on John Hiatt’s voice is definitely a key reason why I love the album. On the other hand, you definitely have to love traditional country music tunes. The songs are rather slow, no catching riffs or songs which really wake you up and get back your attention. This album wants to receive love – you definitely have to give it to him. Otherwise it may feel like a fail. in Indianapolis

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