Songs Of The Week (week of 24th November 2023)

London, Faroe Islands, another trip tp England, Sweden, USA – the last weeks of 2023 involve quite a bit of traveling for me. I am looking forward to the trips, indeed. This week’s songs in my new release radar rather represent the cozy winter time already. Enjoy the listen.


Iggi Kelly – Heard It All

Whenever you hear the surname “Kelly” in Germany, you think about the legendary US-American-Irish Kelly Family. And, indeed, Iggi Kelly is part of the musical family clan. Namely, he is the son of Patricia Kelly. The 20 year old artist released Heard It All on Friday – and the song is an amazing catch. Iggi Kelly was born in Dusseldorf, where he is still living today.


Patricia Kelly – Christmas With You

Okay, it is just too tempting to choose this song on the second position. After Iggi, here is his mother Patricia – and she recorded a really energetic, uplifting Christmas song.


Sugar Vox – Miss You

Sugar Vox is the alter ego of Heike Bach. As Heike Strobel, she already had a quite famous hit with Und die Sonne Brach Durch die Wolken in the schlager business of the early 1980’s. Miss You, however, is a beautiful, gentle pop ballad. A lovely tune during the emotional winter time.


ADMT – Best Friend

ADMT is a British musician, who initially grew with emotional cover songs. After he also started to write own songs, he is now releasing one of his very first tracks, a new version of the 50 cent classic. Great listen.


Sinem – Salt in my Blood

In 2020, the German-Turkish singer won the German Rock & Pop Award in several categories including Best Voice. Originally from Schmallenberg in the Sauerland region, the artist is nowadays living in Berlin. And records songs like the amazing Salt in my Blood.


Paloma Fait – Bad Woman

The title of the sixth album by British artist Paloma Fait will be named The Glorification of Sadness. No reason for sadness when you listen to her new release Bad Woman. The song is a very powerful song. On top of the song, Fait also announced a 2024 tour. Unfortunately, she will only be on stage in the United Kingdom and Ireland.


Parallel – Slo-Mo

Parallel is a German pop duo from Stuttgart. Koray Cinar and Francesco Caruso met as street musicians.Glad that they now have a chance for a wider audience.


Isabella Frisch – Engerl

The Austrian singer-songwriter Isabelle Frisch started to write this song at the age of 14 already. She is nowadays the lead singer of the band RockaBella. Engerl (“Angel”) is her debut single.


C.B. Green – Good Love (qu’est-ce que c’est)

C.B. are actually the initials of the civil name of this Southern German artist. His new Good Love (qu’est-ce que c’est) is a very groovy pop song. C.B. Green is currently touring as special guest with Bonnie Tyler.


Vince Freeman – Powers

One of my favorites this week is Powers by the British singer-songwriter Vince Freeman. Even though he already shared stage with artists like Ed Sheeran and Eric Clapton, he is about to release his solo debut album in March 2024. Powers is definitely a great teaser for Scars, Ghosts & Glory.


The Cumberland River Project – Your Man

Maybe not too much country music, but a really lovely listen by Frank and his The Cumberland River Project. For this songs with a blues and soul touch, he even recruited his own son as solo guitarist. Lovely one.


Cry Club – Wanna Wanna Wanna

Christmas time is also the best time to re-release an album, add a few tracks and call it a deluxe version and re-sell it. This is the story of Wanna Wanna Wanna by the Australian band Cry Club. Wanna Wanna Wanna is the single release teasing the deluxe version of Spite Will Save Me.


Smash Into Pieces – Venom

The press kit names Smash Into Piece the Swedish cinematic rock sensation. I would not go that far, but they definitely go for a straight, very good rock style. And Venom is a powerful chucker-out for this week’s playlist additions.


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