Jon Muq – Flying Away

Jon Muq - Flying Away



4.4/5 Pros

  • Very nice range of songs
  • Very characteristic style and blend of different genres

From Uganda to Austin, Texas – that’s the story of Jon Muq’s life in five words. In some more words, he is releasing Flying Away, his debut album, on 31st May 2024. I received the album through a promotion agency and felt that I had to share it with you.


Jon Muq – About The Artist

Jon Muq’s biography indeed reads like a fairy tale. He grew up in the streets of Mutungo, a small village close to Uganda’s capital Kampala. One day, he ran into the CD We Are The World and leaned to sing the notes and sing like all the singers. After he learned to play the guitar, a video of him made it to a cruise ship company who hired him as an onboard musician. Nowadays, the artist who is doing a very unique mixture of African folk, pop and some soul elements, is based in the United States. He is an established artist in the Austin music scene and already opened for stars like Billy Joel.


Jon Muq – Flying Away – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 38 minutes.

1. Runaway

I feel like a runaway – the opening song feels like the perfect lead into the music of Jon Muq. The song feels very personal, you enjoy listening to the young artist. The song has a lovely groove, which feels special and unique. The collaboration with producer Dan Auerbach definitely gave this musician the freedom to develop his own music style – not only this song profits from that.

2. One You Love

The rhythm of One You Love is defined by fine percussion play. Jon Muq states I just wanna be the one you love in this song. The blending of different music genres and the intense emotional touch turn this song into a lovely listen.

3. Shake Shake

From the very first moment, the bass groove of Shake Shake catches you. You just cannot prevent moving to the vibes of this song. The rhythm reminds of African music and the song feels like summer. I love it.

4. Lucky Love

This 02:19 minute track is the first one of the album, which has not been released yet. The song more or less just uses an acoustic guitar and Muq’s voice at the beginning. The song almost develops some typical Austin vibes later – I feel a strong Americana touch in here.

5. Bend

The fifth song Bend is having a very soulful touch. The first part even has some jazz-alike episodes. However, the song rather develops some pop attitude in later parts.

6. Love, Love, Love

While four of the first five songs have already been featured as single releases, there is just one more known song in the remaining album. The first song in this block of new tracks is Love, Love, Love. The song is a lovely and harmonic one with a rather nostalgic sound and a touch of beach music. A nice and gentle, enjoyable listen, which does, however, not have a that strong character as some predecessors.

7. Crying, Laughing, Loving, Lying

The seventh song on Flying Away feels very North American to me. The song song does have some virtuous percussion work, though. A nice track, which adds another new flavor to the album.

8. Butterflies

The title Butterflies unavoidably reminds me of Kacey Musgraves. There is indeed also some dreaming touch and even an Americana vibe in this song. That’s the only thing which may make you compare the two artists, though. A really nice song.

9. Hello Sunshine

Hello Sunshine comes with a very nice, harmonic melody. Hello sunshine, good-bye rainy day. The song is a beautiful folk-pop listen.

10. Dark Door

This one is a ballad-alike song with a smooth,slow rhythm. This also means that the song is another very emotional experience. Jon Muq is just great in this kind of music.

11. Flying Away From Home

I guess you can call Flying Away From Home the title track of the album. The song is very autobiographic. It tells from the first steps into the international career of the artist, but also about struggle and conflicts around. A nice melody, which finally does not need too many instruments to stay in your mind.

12. Riding

Jon Muq’s debut album closes with the song Riding. The song is a lovely, personal folk music finale. A really nice way of closing Flying Away.


Jon Muq – Flying Away – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Jon Muq – Flying Away – My View

What an incredible biography – and what a jewel of a musician! Even though there are some weaker spots in the album, Jon Muq releases an strong debut statement with Flying Away. I really enjoyed the versatile style and the beautiful vibes in these songs. Definitely an artist to look out for in the future – and an album worth listening!

Favorite Song: Shake Shake


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