Gaby Jogeix – Meanwhile in New Orleans

Gaby Jogeix - Meanwhile in New Orleans



3.6/5 Pros

  • Nice blues rock album
  • Comes with a Southern State touch... Cons

  • ... But could be even feel more like the city of Mardi Gras
  • Song have a very similar style

Bluesrock from Spain – when I listened into Meanwhile in New Orleans by Gaby Jogeix, I felt I should share that new album with you on I just liked the powerful and present sound of the songs. The album will be released on 16th April 2021.


Gaby Jogeix – About The Artist

Gaby Jogeix is a Spanish artist from Getxo at the Biskaya coast in the North. He is born in 1978. Even though the blues rocker already released his first album in 2006, I did not find that much bio information about him. It is his first album since Hermosa Beach, which has been published in 2013. As likely not that hard to guess, the album Meanwhile in New Orleans has been recorded in the Lousiana metropolis. Apart from Jogeix himself singing and playing guitar and lap steel, the album features Eddie Christmas (drums), Kennan Shaw (bass), Tom Worrell (keyboards) and Dana Abbott and Jamey Saint-Pierre as additional vocalists.


Gaby Jogeix – Meanwhile in New Orleans – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 49 minutes.

1. Right Way To Love You

The opener starts with guitar riffs and stomping drums. The song enters a nice blues groove soon which caught me from the very beginning. Jogeix also has a nice dark and clear voice, which makes it easy to follow his stories. Nice one!

2. Fair Green

The guitars are more present in Fair Green. For sure, there is still a touch of blues in this song, but the second track is much more energetic than the first one. The voice is however slightly distorted, what I do not prefer that much.

3. Got A Baby Coming

If you would play Got A Baby Coming to me and tell me that it is a song by a Spanish blues rock artist, who even has some jazz relation, I could hardly believe you. The song feels so American, so international. There is also a touch of soul for the first time on this album. Superb song.

4. The Other Side

The Other Side is just a very classic blues rock track. The song could be a Joe Cocker one or a Bonamassa track. This also means that it is an extremely good song – how could Jogeix get away with not publishing a new album for eight years? It is awesome music.

5. In My Dying Hour

Im My Dying Hour with its catching chorus even spreads some gospel feeling to me. The song is however very rhythmic and thus comes with a nice Southern States touch as well.

6. Shine On You

Shine On You features groovy bass vibes and nice melodic elements on the keys. Let the music shine on you – easy if a song is made up as good as this one.

7. Feel Like Making Love

Feel Like Making Love is a very powerful track with dark guitar sounds. Again, Jogeix creates a nice groove in the background, the vocals are a really nice listen. Cool.

8. The Moon Is Here

The Moon Is Here starts slow and quiet, but then got a nice hook in the chorus. The song has a good flow as well, which makes it really beautiful to listen to. When the backing vocals sing The Moon Is Here, you finally have no other option than to listen to these tunes.

9. I’m Gonna Get There

I’m Gonna Get There feels a bit of surprising: the song starts with piano sounds and then has very powerful rock parts, which have a gospel-alike background. For the verses, it still keeps its aura, but nonetheless breaks into a quiet atmosphere. Really enjoy to listen to these tunes.

10. Preaching

Preaching is darker, it almost feels angry. Jogeix’s vocals almost feels a bit of oversteered, which increases the effect. On top of that, the guitars play their chords in an unstoppable monotony. One of my favorite arrangements on the album.

11. I’ll Get Back Again

If you don’t like blues to be too rock-ish, I’ll Get Back Again is your wisest option to start the album with. It still got the Latin energy of the artist, but the guitars are a bit more moderate and the drums play a relaxing rhythm. Nice.

12. Keep Your Lamps

Clapping rhythm, guitars – Gaby Jogeix says bye-bye from New Orleans in style. The closing track stays in mind – great motivation to start from the very beginning.


Gaby Jogeix – Meanwhile in New Orleans – Spotify

Even though the artist is linking to his accounts there, I could neither find the album on Spotify nor or Amazon Music. You may find the album on Apple Music, definitely.


Gaby Jogeix – Meanwhile in New Orleans – My View

I really like Meanwhile in New Orleans. The album comes with really good tracks – even though I have to say that I would have loved to have more variety and maybe even a stronger Southern State touch here and there. Blues rock fans will still praise this album. Good vibes.



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