SixForty1 – Started Right Here EP

SixForty1 - Started Right Here



3.7/5 Pros

  • Straight country pop
  • Very good vocal strength Cons

  • Some songs too similar

SixForty1 here and there popped up in my playlists with country-pop songs with a signature, memorable style. Thus, their 22nd October 2021 released fourth EP Started Right Here has been a rather easy selection for the list of my reviews for that day. Here are my thoughts about the six tracks.


SixForty1 – About The Artists

Brooks Hoffmann and Austin Gee originally met at Murray State University in Kentucky. At adjacent highway 641 was giving the title to their debut EP, which they released in 2016. Some two years later, they decided to relocate to Nashville. Since then, they regularly release music and – apart from an additional acoustic session EP – released two more studio EPs so far. Picture This has been released in 2018, while their self-titled EP (2020) also included their biggest song so far, Somebody’s Gonna, which has gained over two million Spotify streams.


SixForty1 – Started Right Here – Track by Track

The six song EP lasts 18 minutes.

1. Bad

The EP starts with Bad, which is actually a really nice song. If you have listened to SixForty1 songs before, you already feel quite familiar. They have a certain style, this song is just within these expectations. Let’s see what the other five songs will be alike (or at least the two other songs, which have not been published yet).

2. Never Gets Old

Never Gets Old was the last song before the EP release to be published by the duo. A very straight SixForty1 sound: country-pop which stays in your mind. Nice recording.

3. Started Right Here

The title track was the first appetizer for this EP, released in mid-June 2021. The song feels a bit more modern than the two songs before, also because it works with stronger contrasts between the verses and the chorus. But overall, there are strong similarities.

4. Not Me Missing You

The song feels like a ballad at the beginning, but I would rather see this love song as a beautiful one to listen to with friends at the end of a good night togehter. SixForty1 nice way to merge their two voices into one harmonic sound works so beautiful in a rather quiet setup – I would even say that this song is my favorite in the album.

5. Me and Your Memory

Right after my favorite song, I would say that Me and Your Memory is the song I struggle with most. I don’t really feel that it is a song which is worse than some of its predecessors. The arrangement disturbs me. A lot of sound in the background to the vocals – I can’t really decide whether I should listen to the instruments or the lyrics. Finally, I neither listen to one or the other.

6. All Night

If you look at Spotify streams or YouTube views, this is the most popular of all three singles released so far. Again, I struggle a bit what they did with the song. I feel it could be great country party song, a track made to have fun with your fans. But the album style is a bit to quiet, lacks energy. Maybe there is more force when they perform the songs on stage.



SixForty1 – Started Right Here – Spotify

Here is Started Right Here on Spotify:


SixForty1 – Started Right Here – My View

Honestly, I expected a bit more of Started Right Here. There is no doubt that SixForty1 have a lot of talent and that they nicely work while adding their two voices to one signature sound. But I feel that there is much more potential in this duo than they show in this 2021 release. Dare to be more versatile, dare to have fun with your music – and dare to make your fans listen to deep, catching stories, please! Started Right Here is a pretty nice listen, but no must-listen.


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