Songs Of The Week (week of 1st December 2023)

After my previous Songs of the Week editions were rather pop-alike, I was rather surprised that my release radar this time is rather rocking. The list is lead by two legends of hard rock. Of course, there is also some more pop and gentle sounds – including two songs, which have quite a lot of country music vibes. Enjoy!


Ace Frehley – 10,000 Volts

My leading song this week is by Ace Frehley. The former lead guitarist of KISS released his new single this Tuesday. I love the sound of 10,000 Volts – the US-American artists does rock’n’rock – dirty and hard.


Bruce Dickinson – Afterglow of Ragnarick

Airline owner, pilot… and member of Iron Maiden. British Bruce Dickinson released another solo song. Afterglow of Ragnarick is the first solo release since the 2018 single Eternal (all releases thereafter have been compilations). Nice one.


Montreal – Am Achteck nichts Neues

Punk-rock made in Germany: the Hamburg band Montreal had their twentieth band anniversary this year. The song title of their recent release translates “Nothing new at the Octagon”. Regardless of the title, the song has a lot of beautiful energy, love it!


Drangsal – Life Is A Killer

Drangsal is the alter ego of Max Gruber. His music is somewhere between post-punk and indie-pop. After a hiatus of some two years, Life Is A Killer (which majorly comes with German lyrics) is a really nice listen.

Falk – Davon geht die Welt nicht unter

Falk is the artist name of Sebastian Falk. I really like his new song, which has nice flavors of blues and rock. By the way, another artist from Hamburg – the Northern German city feels to be an center of good music.


Alexander Martin – Gibt’s da oben auch Liebe

Is there also love up there? asks German schlager artist Alexander Martin in his latest release. I feel that the song, which comes with nice rock music elements is a really nice one – hope you enjoy listening to it, too.


Nadja Amia – Jaqueline

The press kit states that Nadja Amia is hooked on the energy of the audience. Do I feel some country vibes in the single by the Rheinland area artist? Very nice schlager listen.


Robert Grace – Nice Guys Finish Last

The song title might have different interpretations, but in fact it is about being aware of your own value. Very good song by the Irish singer-songwriter.


Möwe – California

Literally, Möwe translates to “seagull”. At least, California is spreading some summer vibes in the cold and dark winter times. By the way: the song comes from a place where seagulls are comparably rare: Möwe is the artist name of the DJ duo Melanie Ebietoma and Clemens Martinuzzi. They are based in Vienna, Austria.


Lana del Rey – Take Me Home, Country Roads

I was really struggling what to do with this song. Should I put it into the country playlist or share with you in here? I finally went for the Songs of the Week. One of the most special ways to sing the John Denver classic. A typical Lana Del Rey track. Great one by the New York – origin artist.


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