Loving – Any Light

Loving - Any Light



3.7/5 Pros

  • Very nice second part of the album
  • Characteristic sound Cons

  • Rather slow start
  • Rather short

I read the lovely description long-distance recording project about the Canadian band Loving. Indeed, parts of the folk-pop-rock band are located on the West Coast of Canada (Victoria, British Columbia), while other members of the trio are based in Toronto. No matter how they do it – they already release their sophomore album Any Light on 9th February 2024.


Loving – About the Artists

Loving is a trio, which has been founded in British Columbia. The three band members are multi-instrumentalist and producer David Parry and the brother Lucas and Jesse Henderson. The latter work rather on the lyric side of the Loving songs and share the vocal part. The trio’s first major release was a self-titled EP in 2016. In January 2020, they released their debut album If I am Only My Thoughts.


Loving – Any Light – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 29 minutes.

1. Any Light

The three minute title track grants itself an almost two minute instrumental intro, before the song is briefly enriched with some vocals. Overall, Any Light is a prolonged intro track to me.

2. Medicine

The waltz-rhythmic song Medicine has been picked as a single release by the Canadians. A warm, gentle pop song with a fine and cozy touch. You feel comfortable during that listen. However, the song again feels a bit too long to me.

3.Uncanny Valley

The third song Uncanny Valley is indeed a beautiful one. The track has a folk music touch – a rather common characteristic in this listen. I like the plot of this song.

4. No Mast

With No Mast, the Any Light album has its first real highlight. The howling guitars create a strong link throughout the song. On the other hand, there is the very gentle vocal performance, which even has a dream pop touch. The fairy-alike melody is an additional factor why this fourth track stays in your mind.

5. On My Way To You

Compared to the predecessor, On My Way To You feels very different. However, the song is another highlight of the album. The slow track with a touch of blues simply makes you listen to its lyrics and dream into its story.

6. Gift

Welcome to the peak of Any Light. One good song follows the other. Gift is a slow folk-pop song. The rhythm could also be supporting a slightly sedated jazz song. In this track, Loving is working with a rather wide range of melodic elements, which leads to a beautiful listen during the vocal as well as during the instrumental parts.

7. To Turn

While the first tracks gave me a rather bumpy start, I am now fully into Any Light. This seventh track has a very similar character compared to the one before. I feel a bit of nostalgia in the vibe of To Turn. A lovely song for a gig in a rather intimate venue.

8. Ask Directions

With 2:18 minutes, Ask Directions is a rather short listen. A touch of progressive rock of the 1970’s, but in a very slowed down and relaxed atmosphere. The guitar almost feels like a harp in here and is the main ingredients to a dreamish melody.

9. The Light In You

The sequence of songs is now really quick, as The Light in You is just 95 seconds long. The melody of the track is rather close to Ask Direction. However, the song just takes the role of an interlude, right before the final track.

10. Blue

The closing song Blue presents another beautiful melody, which is very atmospherically produced. Thus, this song makes sure you have some good memories of Any Light before you are done with the album.


Loving – Any Light – Spotify

Here is Any Light on Spotify:


Loving – Any Light – My View

The album starts kind of slow. Luckily, the Canadians show their potential in the later parts of Any Light. Maybe, one or two more songs would have been better, though. Just when you are impressed of the music by Loving, the album is over.

Favorite Song: On my Way to You


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