Morris Jones – Out & About

Morris Jones - Out & About



3.8/5 Pros

  • Nice nostalgic feeling while listening
  • Some really great tracks Cons

  • Quite weak spots in the second half of the album

Synthi pop with an Eurodance / 1980’s touch? If there is press kit information like this, there is always a good chance that I just cannot stop myself from having a deeper listen. This description was written about Out & About, the 24th December 2021 release by Morris Jones. Here are my thoughts.


Morris Jones – About The Artist

Even though Morris Jones sounds like quite an international act, it is a German musician. Morris Jones – or Peter Kunz, which is the civil name of the 1971-born, is a multi-talented entertainer. He is working as a DJ and producer, but also as a radio host and comedian. The first Morris Jones album I found was the 2014 Love Me Loud. Out & About is already his sixth album release. However, his previous one, Chillout Lounge Mixes, is dated as of 2017. Morris Jones is a passionate fan of the soccer club SV Darmstadt and was the stadium voice of the club for 15 years. He even was part of a club anthem production, Lilie auf der Brust.


Morris Jones – Out & About – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 37 minutes.

1. NINA (feat. Menno)

1980’s? NINA feels like a rather modern with quite a strong R’n’B touch. Very good listen with a major radio potential. Good starter for Out & About.

2. My Heart (feat. Kim Greene)

Compared to the opener, My Heart is definitely a step back in time. Very cool synth pop track with a late 1980’s / early 1990’s touch. Could have been a cool track for the farewell party from my high school some 25 years ago. Simple, but very catchy. And Morris Jones makes be smile and move to the rhythm with this tune.

3. Whistle While I Dream (feat. Fab)

Whistel While I Dream comes with that catching whistling in the background. Fab has been one of the key musicians behind the Out &  About. Like the opener NINA, this single has a significantly more modern touch. Pop music recorded to make you feel happy. Good stuff.

4. Happy Tears (feat. Kim Greene)

Happy Tears is a rather slow track, which nonetheless has a very nice groove. Again, Morris Jones does rather simply-feeling pop music, but the song just has these catching moments, which stay in your mind – you simply want more, even when the 3:07 minutes are over. Some reason for the “explicit lyrics” marking, in the bridge, by the way:

What about you?
Don’t you play tricks?
I know you playing for the motherfucking kicks.

5. Breaking Fee (feat. Sherita)

Breaking Fee is straight Eurodance sound. We loved that sound over here – and somehow we still do. This track could have been a music biz’s favorite in the early to mid-1990’s. Good one.

6. Run (feat. Kim Greene)

Everybody run
Through the gates of paradise
Everybody run
As far as you can go

The a bit of dream-pop alike synth song Run is the first one which feels so 1980’s to me. Absolutely love to listen to Morris Jones production. Very good, authentic production.

7. Hold On Me (feat. Menno)

Out of the four songs selected as single releases, the melodic Hold On Me is my favorite. Really cool song with that “simply stays in your mind” touch.

8. Tension (feat. Kim Greene)

I can feel the tension, do you feel it too? – if you like deep and thoughtful lyrics, you very likely did not even make to this eighth song of the album. Good synth lines and a very present rhythm.

9. One Day at a Time (feat. Kim Greene & Sherita)

The special character of this song is majorly majorly based on the two female voices Kim Green and Sherita. Apart from that, the song is rather thin in my point of view.

10. Mirror Mirror (feat. Kim Greene)

In the third last track of the album, the German producer is going to the world of fairy tales and asking the Mirror Mirror on the wall. The chorus has a nice touch, but it cannot connect to some of the nice songs before.

11. Turn off the Lights (feat. Matthew Tasa)

The sound of Erasure sung by Morten Harket from A-Ha – that’s about how I would describe Turn off the Lights. The voice by Matthew Tasa gives a new nice touch to the album. One of the best songs of the album to me.

12. Too Much (feat. Kim Greene)

Overall, Kim Greene gave her voice to seven of the tracks of Out & About. Thus, it feels well-deserved that she is closing the album. Even though I like the chorus, I overall feel that the song is a bit of slow, almost lame.


Morris Jones – Out & About – Spotify

Here is Out & About on Spotify:


Morris Jones – Out & About – My View

There is a lot of good potential in Out & About. Overall, I liked listening to it, even though there are some weaker spots in the second half of the dozen of tracks. Thus, this album cannot be in the top rating range, but it is a really solid one with a very nice nostalgic feeling. in Frankfurt

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