Premier Inn Swansea City Centre

Premier Inn Swansea City Center



3.4/5 Pros

  • Large room
  • Nice location, even though area is run down
  • Nice breakfast staff Cons

  • Staff refuses to handle technical issues
  • Long walking distances within hotel

The very last Rock of Ages shows under the British DLAP production – I just did not feel like doing too much when being in Swansea in Wales for two nights in June 2023. However, I just had to find a place to sleep. If I just follow the google and other hotel reviews, they suggest that I even went for the best spot in city center. There are nicer options in other parts of the Welsh city, though. Let’s have a look what I felt about the hotel. And, just in case you haven’t guessed it: I stayed at the local Premier Inn.


Premier Inn Swansea City Centre – Location

The Premier Inn hotel is located in the Southern part of Swansea. It is not too far away from Swansea Bay and the sea. The location is actually quite nice. The party and the shopping district is close, there is also a mall with an Aldi and the Plantasia Tropical Zoo in short walking distance. The area also features a few museums and restaurants. Walking distance to Swansea Grand Theare has been some 15 minutes.  Overall, Swansea feels a bit of run down, including the area aroudn the hotel.

The traffic situation is not that ideal, though. There are various buses leaving from a bus stop closeby (Sainsbury’s Quay Parade), but neither of them connected to the railway station. The walk to the station is uphill, some 15 minutes, which is doable (quite a lot of pedestrian area), but bothering with luggage. There are several car parks and parking garages in the area of the hotel.


Premier Inn Swansea City Centre – Room

I had a two night stay in Swansea in June 2023. The flexible rate, including breakfast, was 229 GBP. The architecture of the hotel is a bit of weird, unfortunately. The reception is on one side of Wind Street, most of the room are in a long building next to a main street on the opposite side on top of bars. Despite the hotel was rather empty they gave me a room at the end of the aisle. This meant that walking to the reception was roughly three to five minutes already.

The room did come with the typical Premier Inn interior. However, I had a really large room, which was very comfortable. The state of the room was really nice. In line with Premier Inn policies, there is no fridge or similar facilities. Unfortunately, the proximity to Victoria Road turned out the room to be rather loud.

The combined shower and bathtub bathroom was a nice treat as well. Again, the room felt absolutely fine is size. The maintenance and housekeeping of the room was very good.


Premier Inn Swansea City Centre – Breakfast

As I said, the hotel has not been too well booked during my visit. Thus, the breakfast on the first day was a buffet, while on Sunday, they made the breakfast fresh on order. Unfortunately, the hotel did not announce that before, so that I could have accommodated to the significantly longer waiting times. The service in the restaurant was very charming and friendly, though.


Premier Inn Swansea City Centre – Service

Overall, the staff was really nice. I especially loved the lady at breakfast. However, the internet was very painful. Even though I paid 5 GBP per day for the faster Ultimate WiFI, I had an upload speed between 0.01 and 0.05 Mbit/sec. When I claimed that at the reception, they only solution they saw was potentially refunding me. Furthermore, they urged me (as a foreign person…) to contact Vodafone directly. I have to say that this Vodafone hotline is really helpful and they finally also could improve my situation a bit. Really working on travel postings, uploading pictures etc. was impossible though. As always, the Premier Inn does not feature a gym or similar facilities.


Premier Inn Swansea City Centre – My View

You just don’t find a well-rated hotel in this part of Swansea. Thus, the Premier Inn Swansea City Centre could have been a really pleasing stay – if there was not that WiFi issue. As a hotel guest, I am not responsible to fix the hotel’s technical issues. Working internet access is a key service of accommodation nowadays, so that I felt that their behavior was not acceptable. Last, but not least, the price for the hotel has been ridiculously high compared to the location and quality of the stay.


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