Billy Idol – The Cage EP

Billy Idol - The Cage



4.4/5 Pros

  • Cool tracks
  • Very good, fluent listen Cons

  • Just four tracks

Billy Idol wrote world-famous songs like Rebel Yell or Cradle of Love. The last album release of the London-born rock musician is dated as of 2014, however. The more I guess that his fans will appreciate a short four track EP release, which Idol will share on 23rd September 2022. Here is my review of The Cage.



Billy Idol – About The Artist

The civil name of Billy Idol is William Michael Albert Broad. He was born in Stanmore, London, United Kingdom, on 30th November 1955. The artist name is originated by a mark by his Chemistry teacher, who rated Broad’s exam as “idle”. Idol started releasing music in 1981 with his EP Don’t stop, which already contained the rather famous song Dancing With Myself. His 1982 debut album Billy Idol and single releases like Hot In The City and White Wedding paved the road to his huge success in this decade. Thereby, the first market, in which Idol had Top 10 placements was New Zealand. In 1983, the album Rebel Yell followed, which made it – driven by the title track – tp the Top 10 in the USA, Germany and New Zealand, while it peaked 36th in the UK.

Despite a lot of great and famous rock works, Idol never had a number 1 hit in a larger global market in non-genre-specific charts. His key era of success was until the mid-1990’s. Thereafter, he only released two albums, Devil’s Playground in 2005 and Kings & Queens of the Underground (2014), his eighth album overall. In 2021, however, Idol released the EP The Roadside.


Billy Idol – The Cage – Track by Track

The four track EP lasts 14 minutes.

1. Cage

The feature single and title track does what you expect from a Billy Idol EP: it rocks: the rhythmic guitar is strumming from the very first second and the chorus is a blast. Great song!

2. Running from the Ghost

The second song starts very slow with a background choir. Thereafter, Running From The Ghost sounds like a powerful folk rocker. Sometimes a bit on the pop side – and the louder parts could also make metal lovers smile.

3. Rebel Like You

Motorbike sounds, hard guitar riffs – this song feels to be just ready to drive your next Route 66 Harley trip. Billy Idol is pushing the rock power forward – and you enjoy singing-a-long with him from the very first moment.

4. Miss Nobody

A touch of soul, a bit of funk.. Billy Idol proofs that he is much more than a damn boring rocker. A really cool track to close this small EP.


Billy Idol – The Cage – Spotify

Here is The Cage on Spotify:


Billy Idol – The Cage – My View

Bad luck that Billy Idol just went for four songs here. The Cage has a great range of songs, and sounds really promising. Fans will praise it – and they are absolutely right.


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