Emma Steinbakken – Home

Emma Steinbakken - Home



3.8/5 Pros

  • Good pop songs
  • Amazing voice Cons

  • Quite a lot of similarities

Okay, I have to give in: I really like the voice and the songs of pop artist Emma Steinbakken. The Norwegian has already been featured four times in my Songs of the Week. On 23rd June, she finally released her debut album. I have really been curious about listening to Home. Here is my review.


Emma Steinbakken – About The Artist

Emma Steinbakken is twenty year old artist from Norway. Born on 10th March 2003 in Jessheim, she started to release music in 2019 already. She is singing in Norwegian as well as in Norwegian. Her breakthrough song was Jeg glemmer deg aldri, which topped the Norwegian charts. This year, she even increased her popularity with two more chart-leading tracks. Both were taken from Hver gang vi motes, a TV show running since 2012 and is also popular in other countries like Sweden.


Emma Steinbakken – Home – Track by Track

The eleven song album lasts 32 minutes.

1. Home

The title track has already been released as a single. Very nice, slow and groovy pop music with a great focus on the beautiful voice of the young artist.

2. Used To Love You

Like the opener, fans already know this second song of the album, Used To Love You. This song has more power, more drive. It reminds me of some really big pop music productions.The heart of the song to me is the very rhythmic pre-chourus.

3. House on Fire

The first new song has a nice emotional component. The rhythm is just doing what is necessary. After the terrible fire fighter incidence in my former home town Sankt Augustin, I struggle with the chorus – but overall, the song is a good write.

We get along like a house on fire
But if we burn it to ground
And watch the flames go higher and higher
Until our ashes falling down.

4. Cold

Emma Steinbakken can also do nice songs with a folk and country-pop touch. The ballad Cold is the perfect proof for it. Unfortunately, this song is just slightly longer than two minutes. I really enjoy it.

5. Long Time Coming

Long Time Coming is a rather hymnic track. Unfortunately, the powerful melody is suppressed slightly by the present rhythm and synth elements. Nonetheless, the result still a a really good pop song.

6. Can’t Fight This Feeling

No, this is not an REO Speedwagon cover (I will have this one at Rock of Ages this weekend…). The song is a pop track with synth elements, which makes it feel a bit of too traditional. A good listen without too many surprises, if you had the five songs before.

7. Parents

The seventh song Parents is a very intimate and slow track. The key elements are Steinbakken’s voice and piano tunes. Again, the rhythm rather distracts me from this intense listen.

So I’m scared I’ll end up like my parents
I don’t wanna do that to you
And just see the kids on the weekends
Because one of us had to move
I know that staying together
Can split up a family in two
So I’ve never believed in forever
But if that’s ever gonna come true
I need somebody like you

8. Reckless Eyes

I would love to call this song a cover of Wicked Game – especially the intro of the 2:44 minute tracks feels extremely close. But then, Steinbakken is developing her own style out of that theme. The chorus feels rather weak, the stanzas are a blast, though.

9. Power in Letting Go

Power in Letting Go illustrates the struggle I have with Home. No doubt, the song is good, it is an intense modern pop track with a lot of energy. But in the context of the album and having listened to eight songs before. I am looking for something new. There is no surprise, nothing new. Even though it was good, you receive similar tunes. Bad luck.

10. Bad 4 Me

The tenth track is another vocal-and-piano ballad. The song just has a decent backing bass drum and the choir-alike vocals work well, too. Nice one.

11. Hopelessly Hopeless

And what if I never
Get over the fact that we’re over
And what if we never get closure
Not even when we’re getting older
And what if we never
Sleep in the same bed together
And nobody kisses me better
So I’m hopelessly hoping forever

Emma Steinbakken closes with a love ballad. It is definitely one of the most intense ones of the album and thus leads to a pleasing finale. Tack 🙂


Emma Steinbakken – Home – Spotify

Here is Emma’s debut album on Spotify:


Emma Steinbakken – Home – My View

Home is a collection of eleven good pop songs. Unfortunately, this does not lead to a very good album automatically. There are too many similarities. A bunch of main ideas and structures are slightly changed and repeated. To a certain extend, this is what the modern music industry is about. Unfortunately, I am very sure that this young lady deserves better and can do better as well. and Norway

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