Silbermond – Auf Auf

Silbermond - Auf Auf



3.4/5 Pros

  • Solid album with few highlights
  • Some really nice vocal performances Cons

  • No catching element

It’s already some four years ago since Silbermond released their last album Schritte. Even though the chart placements were fine, it could not connect to the successful times of the German band, which is doing a characteristic pop-rock mix. On 2nd June 2023, they go for another long-play. Silbermond’s seventh studio album overall is named Auf Auf (“Up Up”, also roughly “Come on, come on”).


Silbermond – About the Artists

Silbermond have been founded in 1998 in Bautzen in East Saxony, Germany. Their initial band name has been Exakt, followed by JAST. They use the band name Silbermond since 2002. The most famous band member is likely singer Stefanie Kloß. Her band mates are Johannes Stolle (bass), Thomas Stolle (guitar, kys) and Andreas Nowak (drums). Doing German language pop-rock, their chart success has majorly been limited to German-speaking countries. Especially their first three album were successful. Laut gedacht (2006) received platinum records in all three markets, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The following album Nichts passiert topped the album charts in all three markets. Their key single releases are taken from that era as well. The most famous song is likely the 2006 release Das Beste.


Silbermond – Auf Auf – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 37 minutes.

1. Auf auf

Silbermond fans already know half of the album tracks as single releases. The title track is one of them. Nice, catching pop rhythm with some summer vibes (not too surprisingly, the song is a July 2022 release). Overall, it feels a bit too thin to me, though.

2. Verletzen

The second song is a typical Silbermond pop-rock track. Nice drive and a rather uptempo speed. The song comes with a nice level of vocals. Finally, the Stefanie Kloß feels to familiar. These guys made Germany love their sound some two decades ago – and, somehow, we simply still do.

3. Wenn’s am schönsten ist

“Let us stay when it is most wonderful” is the key message of this single release. The song creates a nice atmosphere, which is nicely underlined by Kloß. It stays in your mind, even though I would not necessarily rate it to be one of the highlights of the album.

4. Sophie

With the very present dance rhythm, which just feels a bit too present to me, Sophie is a song which feels closer to schlager than rock to me. I somehow like the track – but again, I feel that it does not reach its full potential.

5. Hey Ma

This song is looking back to childhood life and praising the mother(s). Hey Ma is also looking forward to the moment when the parental support is no longer possible. Hey Ma, danke für alles – auf Dich und auf ein langes Leben (“Hey Ma, thanks for everything – on you and on a long life”). The first emotional highlight of the album, beautifully produced and focused on its message.

6. Lieber lauf ich davon

The title of the sixth song translates to “I’d rather run away”. The song is a rather straight pop song with synth elements. Towards the middle of the 3:27 minute song, the song also introduces stronger guitar elements.

7. Offenes Buch

The section of three previous single releases is closed with Offenes Buch. The single has been released just the week before album and since then had roughly 100k Spotify streams. Not too bad, but Silbermond can do better. The song has a good storytelling, but could be more catching on the melodic side.

8. Vorbei ist vorbei

The eighth track is one of the most catching songs, which have not been released before the album. It is simple and has some strongly repetitive elements. However, towards the end, it has a nice dramatic increase.

9. Zusammen Abschied

Zusammen Abschied is my favorite song of the album. Again, it is a very personal, emotional song, which is about friendship, a farewell. Great write and beautiful atmosphere. Last, but least, you have to mention the beautiful vocal performance here.

10. Kleid aus Hoffnung

Kleid aus Hoffnung is having a quite nice plot and a straight structure. I like that the band is trying out creating some more virtuous, louder melodic elements. This leads to a special touch and characteristic element of the song.

11. Sexy

Silbermond is doing dance pop (again). The song is not that bad, but you also feel that this sound is not the very core of the band’s comfort zone. The description of a party night is actually not too bad.

12. Nie wieder schlafen feat. 1986zig

1986zig had some successful releases in Germany and Austria the last two years. Especially his Kopf aus, a German and Austrian golden record, worked out well. Silbermond collaborate with the artist, who grew in social media, in their 2023 album closing song. I have to admit that I love the vocal parts of the guest musician most in this song.


Silbermond – Auf Auf – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Silbermond – Auf Auf – My View

When you listen to Auf Auf the first time, it feels like a really nice album. No highlight song which makes you stop doing other things and listen to this music, but a solid and entertaining set of songs. Unfortunately, apart from some hidden gems like Zusammen Abschied, the album does not offer too many of these smaller or larger highlights, wich make you listen to it more closely. Thus, it is nice – but that’s just above average.


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