Torres – Thirstier

Torres - Thirstier



4.1/5 Pros

  • Very versatile pop/rock songs
  • Good vocal performance Cons

  • Just one very good song

Fifth album by indie-rock artist Torres: I ran into the new release of the Florida born singer-songwriter album through a promotion platform. Thirstier has been released on 30th July 2021. Here is my review.


Torres – About The Artist

The civil name of Torres is Mackenzie Ruth Scott. She was born on 23rd January 1991 in Orlando, Florida. She majorly grew up in Georgia, though. While studying in Nashville, she released her debut album Torres in 2012. She steadily grew her fan base and quite periodically published new albums. So far, there are four Torres studio albums, the latest one being the 2020 Silver Tongue. The same year, she also released her first live album Live in Berlin, which also illustrates the worldwide distribution of her followers.


Torres – Thirstier – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 35 minutes.

1. Are You Sleepwalking?

A very interesting track at the beginning of the album. The chorus comes with strongly distorted guitars and even some notes which initially feel like sound feedback. Nonetheless, it has a nice melodic line. Somehow confusing, somehow enjoyable.

2. Don’t Go Puttin’ Wishes in My Head

The second track, Don’t Go Puttin’ Wishes in My Head is in my personal comfort zone over the full playtime. I like how Torres develops a very own, characteristic sound. This track is between indie-rock, country and even a bit of synth-pop. Very nice vocal performance.

3. Constant Tomorrowland

Third song, third very different style. Constant Tomorrowland has a lovely flow, feels dream-ish, has a strong pop touch. I am fascinated by the sound. Just asking myself if there is any intention that the last ten seconds of this (short) 2:40 minute songs are nothing but silence.

4. Drive Me

Drive Me is dark, powerful, a bit of frightening – or simply a great potpourri of musical atmosphere. With this fourth song, the album is again having a track which reminds of country-Americana tunes. Torres’ voice, the guitars and the rhythm of the track are the key elements, though.

5. Big Leap

It is hard for me to find good words for Big Leap. It is hymnic, very slow, feels very intimate. Just a special song. And other three minutes in which the album somehow fascinates me.

6. Hug From a Dinosaur

How would you musically imagine a Hug From a Dinosaur to be like – at least if it is not a Weird Al Yankovic song? Torres does it in a nice and straight indie rocker with some electronic sounds. One of the key tracks of the album. Again, the chorus has an outstanding melodic touch in this track.

7. Thirstier

The more I drink, the thirstier I get – sounds quite philosophic, doesn’t it? From the very first second, the song has that additional presence, the additional intensity. This powerful song is the heart and soul of the album – and thus I feel it has been an easy job to make it the title track.

8. Kiss the Corners

Torres can still surprise me in the eighth song of the album. The song comes with drum computer sounds and some sound effects, which are more or less the only melodic part. A very puristic song, which feels like an electro pop track.

9. Hand in the Air

The second last track comes with a nice contrast between a dreamish part and very rhythmic, powerful rock song track

10. Keep the Devil Out

Satan in the grand finale… Honestly, the last song is maybe the one which I can relate to least. Torres creates a very angry, dark sound at the end – to me, it is a bit too much, so that I also do not enjoy the contrast to rather angelic parts too much.


Torres – Thirstier – Spotify

Here is Thirstier on Spotify:


Torres – Thirstier – My View

I sometimes tend to write too much about individual songs or about the album as whole. Thus, I just do it very briefly: Thumbs up! Thirstier is a good, versatile album. Even though I don’t like the finish too much and there is maybe one one very good track (the title one), the album as a whole is definitely worth a listen.


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