The Rehats – Heart & Mind

The Rehats - Heart & Mind



4.5/5 Pros

  • Very nice range of songs
  • Beautiful blending of folk and pop element Cons

  • A few slightly weaker moments

Time to present you some music from Germany this weekend: The Rehats are doing folk-pop and already exist since over seven years. With Heart & Mind, they release their sophomore album on 3rd February 2023. I enjoyed the listen and share my thoughts with you.


The Rehats – About The Artists

The Rehats have originally been a solo initiative by Johannes Jojo Stang, who is still the singer and guitarist of the band. The lead guitar is played by Reto Fessler, the other band members are bassist and vocalist Nadine Traore and drummer Michael Simon. Despite the band self-released the EP Nothing But The Truth in 2019, it took a whole until they had regular releases. Their debut album had the same title, but has been released in May 2020. A few single releases lead to this long-play. The band is based in Freiburg is Southwest Germany.


The Rehats – Heart & Mind – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 33 minutes

1. Heart

Heart is nothing but an instrumental intro, mainly dominated by piano sounds. 50 seconds to warm up for the songs.

2. Satellite

Right after the intro, the band presents Satellite, which is already worth some smiling while listening. The song is nicely driven by the guitars, the clapping-style rhythm leads to a certain ease. A song, which feels like sun, happiness, dancing. Great vibes at the beginning of this album.

3. Find a Way

And tell me don’t you know
After all that we’ve been through
If there’s a place for me and you
We’ll find a way
We’ll find our way.

The third track even comes with a stronger profile. The guitars are strumming a bit more and the happy mood feels to be a bit stronger. Just the clapping is missing. Therefore, the song comes with a lovely melody and thus turns out to be one of my favorites.

4. Anyway

Anyway is one of three songs which have been used to promote the band and their sophomore album already. The song is a bit more pop-ish. The guitars sound more electrc and less acoustic, the drumming is rather like a drum computer. Overall, I prefer them doing “handmade style” songs, but Anyway is a good listen as well.

5. Run Now

The fifth song Run Now starts with a lot of reverb and an almost choir-style vocal part. Thereafter, the song turns into a song, which could have become a beautiful ballad. But The Rehats and their team rather went for a rhythmic and a rather pop-alike style.

6. Crazy One

I guess that’s what you call modern country music. Crazy One beautifully works with the overlapping of acoustic and electric style guitar sounds. I am a bit confused by the drum-computer style in the verses, while the rhythmic energy in the chorus much more feels like a real drum kit.

7. Saint Peter

The first notes of Saint Peter… They just feel so much like Baby when you’re gone by Bryan Adams. However, the song develops its very own profile – and becomes just a very enjoyable folk-pop song.

8. Living in My Head

Living in My Head is one of the single releases of the album – and in my point of view, this must have been a really easy choice. The song is simply outstanding, the chorus with the catchphrase I’m still living in my head just stays in the heart of the listener.

9. World Inside My Mind

The ninth song is using quite a couple of pop elements Even though I feel that the arrangement might be more striking with a bit of less of that, the song is not too bad.

10. Middle of the Morning

Even though the song is called Middle of the Morning, the song is also working out well on a cozy evening with friends. A gentle rhythm, presented by the band with a lot of energy. The song stays in your mind.

11. For This Love

The closing ballad For This Love makes me a bit of sad. The song is a beauty and I love to listen it. However, the song illustrates how beautiful the band’s sound is both vocalists, Johannes Stang and Nadine Traore, work together on the vocal side more intensively. Love it!

12. Mind

Heart & Mind is the title of the album. We started with the intro Heart… so you already more or less know what Mind is. Four seconds longer than the opener, maybe with a slightly more dramatic touch.


The Rehats – Heart & Mind – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


The Rehats – Heart & Mind – My View

Heart & Mind is a great listen. If you like folk music with the ease of pop, this album is a must-listen to you The album has a lovely variety of songs and it is just fun to listen to The Rehats. Definitely a Top Pick! one.


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