Easton Corbin – Didn’t Miss A Beat EP

Easton Corbin - Didn't Miss A Beat



3.9/5 Pros

  • Two very good singles
  • Nice range of six songs, all pretty well done Cons

  • First two tracks are better than the four songs thereafter

Easton Corbin won the musical hearts of Nashville comparably quick after he moved to the city from Florida in 2006. Already his first album performed great. His 13th November 2020 release, Didn’t Miss A Beat, is just his second EP overall and the first major release since five years. Here is a review.


Easton Corbin – About The Artist

Dan Easton Corbin was born on 12th April 1982 in Trenton in Northern Florida. He grew up on the farm of his grandparents and also later received an agribusiness degree by the University of Florida’s College. Quite late, at the age of 24, he decided to move to Nashville. Just three years later, in 2009, he signed a record deal with Mercury records. Already his debut album Easton Corbin was a huge success and sold some 370,000 units in the US only (#4 US Country Charts, #10 overall). Two songs were especially successful, A Little More Counrty Than That and Roll with it. Both topped the US Country Charts, the latter one was also #1 in the Canadian country charts. Even though the following album, All Over The Road (2012), was quite successful and also featured some well-performing singles, these two songs stay his only Number Ones so far. However, his 2015 album, About to Get Real topped the US country album charts. After that, there just have been single releases by Easton Corbin. He has over one million followers on Facebook only.


Easton Corbin – Didn’t Miss A Beat – Track by Track

The six track EP lasts 18 minutes.

1. Turn Up

The EP starts with the two previously released tracks – Turn Up has been published in late spring already. It is a really cool track – rhythmic and powerful, with a lot of character. A great song with stays in your mind.

2. Didn’t Miss a Beat

The band played on
And we danced to every song
Another one of those nights
Where we didn’t wanna leave
Kissing like you never left
Got my heart back in a wreck
Spinning under those lights
Like a record on repeat
Right on time
In the groove, you and me
Like we didn’t miss a beat

The song is in fact a bit slower than Turn Up – but, again, it is really good modern country with strong love for the electric guitars. A lot of fun!

3. Back to Me

In Back to Me, Easton Corbin is showing himself from a softer, (even more) emotional side. Beautiful song to gently hold your beloved one.

4. Old Lovers Don’t Make Good Friends

While the electric guitars were quite dominant in the first tracks, the next two ones have a lot of more classic instrumentation. The steel guitar is more present in Old Lovers Don’t Make Good Friends, for example. The song just has a great country groove, love to listen to it.

5. Before You Wish You Had

The fifth track is a beautiful slow country ballad. You’ll only do it, while you got that chance // Before you Wish you had. Don’t be too hesitant in life – and in country music. Listen to it. It’s a good one.

6. Here’s to the Next One

Here’s to the Next One – also a way to write a track about love. The song is very rhythmic, the beat makes you move to the music – but the guitars get their share in the song as well. Nice one.


Easton Corbin – Didn’t Miss A Beat – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget to Didn’t Miss A Beat:


Easton Corbin – Didn’t Miss A Beat – My View

The first two tracks of the Didn’t Miss A Beat EP are very powerful and promising. On the one hand, they just show one aspect of Easton Corbin music – the other tunes have a less rocking and more traditional country touch. On the other hand, I just have to say that I feel that these two songs are also more catching than the other four songs on the EP. Overall, the EP offers a good selection of songs – I would however loved to have another really catching one to assign a top rating to it. It is still a really good listen, though.


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