Songs Of The Week (week of 08 April 2022)

Oh, I feel that the Songs Of The Week are really a tradition on now. More than three months since I introduced this category. This time, there is a lot of rock – but other genre have their share as well.


Suki Waterhouse – Wild Side

Sometimes, I really struggle to find the right leading track of the Songs of the Week. This time, I had this track even before Friday: when I ran into Suki Waterhouse’s Wild Side, I just had to put it on the top of my list way before I knew all releases of the week. A great song by the British artist, who is also working as a model and actress.


LAUV – All 4 Nothing (I’m So In Love)

Being the support act of Ed Sheeran, playing in the Jimmy Kimmel show – LAUV is truly a successful artist. If you haven’t heard of him (which is rather unlikely, he is multi-platinum) – this song by the San Francisco artist is a great proof of talent and quality.


Chris de Burgh – The Man With The Double Face

I of course knew that Chris de Burgh is an British-Irish artist – but I did not know that he in fact has been born in Argentina. In 2022, Chris de Burgh is doing Chris de Burgh songs. Rock with a touch of folk. The Man With Double Face even has a bit of medieval rock touch to me. I love it!


H.E.A.T. – Back To The Rhythm

I had one H.E.A.T. single teaser for their 5th August 2022 album release Force Majeure in my 25th March 2022 Songs of the Week – now there is the next one. I really love what the Swedes are doing. Powerful track.


Deine Cousine – Bang Bang (Mein Herz schlägt krass für Dich)

I have to give in that the lyrics of this song feel a bit simple. But ain’t that a powerful, cool punk rocker? Especially the chorus is hot like fire – I would love to see one of the shows these guys are playing in summer, including supporting Die Toten Hosen and playing the Wacken Open Air.


George Hennessey – All Or Nothing

Britpop and britrock from London. I don’t really have to say too much more. If you need some Oasis feeling in your heart, that’s your listen of the week.


Bobby Stoker – Waiting for the Night

Bobby Stoker’s civil name is Stöker – and that already hints that this is not a US-American (I personally think he feels like one) – but a German artist from Frankfurt. The song is labelled as “Classic Rock” – and there would be no better description for this one. Cool voice.


Turbo Lovers – Should’ve Known Better

Not only the step back into the golden video gaming area in the music video is a great reason to give Should’ve Known Better is a good reason to grant this song a listen. Really fun one by the Ohio band


Robert Jon & The Wreck – Waiting For Your Man

This is US rock! Robert Jon & The Wreck go for full force – the song feels like just made for big stadium tours. Love it!


Vance Joy – Clarity

This new release by Vance Joy came on the promotion platform I use without any information. Vance Joy is an Australian artist. I am sure you know his very first single Riptide, which has been a global blast (twelve times platinum in Australia, six times in the USA). This one is a really cool, catchy pop track


Tokio Hotel – HIM

I am not at all a Tokio Hotel fan – and I have even less been a fan of their recent releases – but HIM feels to be catchy again. A bit of pop, a but of rock. Let’s see in which direction their musical career is heading on to.


Schürzenjäger – Neue Zeit

The Schürzenjäger (or formerly: Zillertaler Schürzenjäger) have been one of the most successful Austrian bands, before they broke up in 2007. The new lead singer is Dominik Ofner. Sounds so much like two decades ago, sounds so good!


LEEPA – blood

Also due to the way I compile my Songs of the Week, there is always a certain focus on German artists. LEEPA, for example, is from Berlin. Very nice pop song with an international vibe.


Christina Martin – In Control

Christina Martin’s In Control reminds me of the big rock-pop ladies of the 1980’s. I love the 80’s. Thus, the Canadian just cannot be wrong with her new release in my point of view.


Florian Künstler – Tausend Raketen

What a great deep song by Florian Künstler, who is praising his passed away grandparents. Great songwriting from Lübeck in the very North of Germany.


Shine – Radio Star

The main musician behind Shine is Gregor Glanz, who became famous as an Austrian schlager singer. Radio Star is, however, a mixture of rock and country music.


Metteson – Second Heart

The press information to this release by the Norwegian artist Metteson calls this ballad a praise to Toni Braxton, Celine Dion and Whitney Houston. Maybe a bit too much at the time being – but a nice, emotional release, indeed.


Michael Lane – Days Can Last Forever

It’s just less than two months ago since I reviewed Michael Lane’s last album release, Take It Slow. This song is not included – this guy is really amazingly productive.


Perlregen – Du selbst zu sein

I had a review of the German pop act from Saarbruecken not too long ago as well: in August 2021, I listened to Drei and went for the Top Pick! Du selbst zu sein is a bit of schlager-esque, but just due to its fascinating ease.


Revelle – kein ja / kein nein

Revelle is a pop singer-songwriter from Hamburg. Lovely voice, great song, which is already her second release in 2022.


Zeitflug – Echte Freunde

Zeitflug is a schlager boy band. Quite commercial, but I feel their new song is nonetheless a good listen.


Arina – Come Over

Arina is an Austrian pop singer-songwriter, born in Feldbach. Nice pop song with R&B vibes. I liked the nice groove and happy vibe of the song.


Wilhelmine – an all diesen Tagen

Another Berlin artist is closing my selection of songs this week. I like Wilhelmine’s high voice and the present rhythm of the song. Good one!


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