Songs Of The Week (week of 26th January 2024)

In the relations of my home town Cologne, we are celebrating a big Songs of the Week anniversary with this edition. My 26th January 2024 post about new releases is nothing but the 111th posting of this series. More than two years of scanning music releases – and I somehow still don’t get the mechanisms behind release strategies. For example, the long list of new songs which I felt worth sharing was rather short already – after I reviewed it, there were even less songs left. A comparably small set of songs – with some nice gems in it.


Nicki – Bleib wie du bist

In the mid-1980’s (whose civil name is Dora Andre Hrda, by the way) was a darling of the German schlager and pop music scene. Several of her songs made it into the German and Austrian charts. She is still rather active and also releases songs from time to time. This new release (“Stay as you are”) is a really energetic one, criticizing the influence of social media and obsession with being beautiful. Really love what she is doing in here.


ADMT – North

ADMT sounds like some sort of band name, doesn’t it? Andy, Dan, Michael, Tom? Not at all – it is an abbreviation of the name of a British artist, Adam Taylor. In North, he is praising Northern England. Have you every been to Yorkshire? are the first words of this new release. I have been there – and this song makes me think about having another trip, indeed. There will be an EP this year as well.


Sobi – Happy At Last

Sobi is the artist name of Sobini Böhm. Se grew up in London, but her surname already suggest that she is having German background. Music has always been a big part of her life. While her 2020 single release Pearl comes with almost half a million streams on Spotify only, Happy At Last has a lot of potential for a viral listen as well. Would love to visit her tour through Germany in March 2024, indeed.


Allie Farris – Jenny

Nashville-based US artist is back from a baby break hiatus. The press kit describes the talented songwriter as  mixture of Sheryl Crow and Brandi Carlie. After giving birth to her two kids, Lillie-Rose (born 2021) and Orson (2023), she is now back in the music business – and underlines the beauty of her songs with Jenny.


The Cumberland River Project – What You Said

Frank Renfordt and his The Cumberland River Project is more and more departing from country and heading towards pop music. This week, the Ruhrgebiet songwriter released the beautiful What You Said.


Eske – Du bist perfekt

Just 2:01 minutes – that’s all the duration a modern pop song nowadays needs in the short attention span of TikTok and reel consumers. Germany’s Eske does not only state Du bist perfekt (“You are perfect”); but also makes perfect use of this short bit of time. The message Du bist perfekt so wie Du bist – “You are perfect just as you are”. Another way of spreading the message Nicki gave in her leading song of this week as well. Love tune by the artist, who is originally from East Frisia.


Florian Künstler – Das größte Kompliment

Not just due to his fabulous first name, Florian Künstler gets more and more into my musical focus. Das grö0te Kompliment is another great, emotional pop song. His characteristic voice adds a lovely touch to it.


Mina Richman – Something to Rely On

No, this one is not a cover of Keane’s Somewhere Only We Know. The laid-back, groovy soul-pop song is a great feature song is a great teaser to her debut album Grown Up, which is scheduled for March 2024.


Nie und Nimmer – Kleines Pflaster

Nie und Nimmer are celebrating their tenth band anniversary this year. The Berlin duo combines pop, rock and hip hop elements. During the last years, they regularly released songs which attracted quite significant attention in the German music scene. I really enjoy this collaboration between singer Hayat and rapper Mo.


Bruce Dickinson – Rain on the Graves

Bruce Dickinson fans look forward to a great year 2024 with their star. His solo album The Mandrake Project is about to be released in just a few weeks (1st March 2024), followed by a huge world tour which kicks off in Mexico in mid-April 2024 and (according to the plans so far) finishes in Greece in late July 2024. This song is another appetizer to all these events.


Vlad in Tears – Broken Bones

I got a bit of confused about this act. Vlad in Tears, dark rock band, used to be based in Italy, but now they are located in GErmany. Their new album Relapse just takes a few more weeks to be released, coming with a tour through Germany in March.


Serpents – The Void

The closing song this week comes from Sweden. The black metal band Serpents released their new song The Void this year. I love the wide range of piano and fiddle parts on the one hand and really energetic powerful guitar parts on the other. Nice.

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