Wally – Alles halb so wild

Wally - Alles halb so wild



4.6/5 Pros

  • Nice blues rock vibes
  • Very versatile, hiarious stories

Artists like Wally from Germany are musical encounters which make me enjoy creating contents for I ran into his debut album Alles halb so wild on a promotion platform. The vibe of the songs caught me and I just felt that I have to share my thoughts about these tunes with you. Here is my review of the 28th October 2022 release.


Wally – About The Artist

Wally is the nickname of the German musician Andre Wahlhäuser. The Mannheim-origin musician already worked with several bands, before he also started to do solo recordings. Unter Deinem Licht was the title of his 2019 first solo EP. Wally’s music is typically a mixture of blues, folk and rock tunes.


Wally – Alles halb so wild – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 47 minutes.

1. Hey, Mr. Bankmann

Hey Mr Bankmann, ich brauch nen Kredit
Das Leben ruft hier Preise auf
Da komm ich nicht mehr mit

(“Hey Mr Bank Man, I need loan,
Life is demanding for price tags
I just cannot finance any more”)

The first song already comes with nice blues and folk vibes, a country touch and a good rock feeling. Definitely starting this release with good vibes.

2. Caroline

Wally is going straight for a blues rock song with great vibes. The song is about struggling to love Caroline – I definitely have less issues with loving this listen.

3. Hin und wieder

The first chord of this album is already a steel guitar one. The song is in slower mid-tempo range and has a nice level of irony. Very good 5:28 minute write.

Für ein bisschen Frieden
Für ein bisschen Zeit
Für ein bisschen Einsicht
Oh, ich bin mich leid
Hin und wieder
Und dann schreib ich solche Lieder

(“For a little bit of peace
For a little bit of time
For a little bit of sense
Oh, I am tired of myself
Here and then
And then I am writing songs like this”)

4. Lauf Hamster, lauf!

The song title translates to “Run, hamster, run”. It related to a German phrase having a life in a hamster wheel, meaning that you are always life under high pressure to achieve things. The angry and fast rocker is a perfect match for this topic. Great listen – one of the key songs of this album.

5. Alles halb so wild

The title track is another five and a half minutes one. Wally wrote a beautiful blues rocker with a very present groove. A very biographic song, which is also allowing for a lot of space to showcase the instrumental talent of Wally and his bandmates. Great song, if you like slow blues rock tracks.

6. An den Kragen

“Oh no, that cannot be, there are still lipstick marks on the collar” – Wally beautifully creates an entertaining story around this key phrase of the chorus. Nice blend between blues and rock’n’roll elements.

7. Wecker, Wecker

Wecker, Wecker has a touch of reggae and ska vibes – at least, the song has a lot of nice summely vibes. The topic is about his relation to his alarm clock – just when he does not like to wake up. Hilarious write.

8. Dein Lied, das ich nie schrieb

The title of the eighth song is already promising. Das Lied, das ich nie schrieb translates to The Song I never wrote. The song is a slow rock track with a very present piano line.

9. Wenig Gepäck

The seven minute track sounds like a song of my range of expertise. It translates to “Little Luggage”. However, the song is rather slow and melancholic with some really angry rocking sections. Great work on the organ and bass and a lovely composition overall.

10. Klaus

Klaus is closing Alles halb so wild. Another hilarious story about a failed life. Klaus started as a bullied person – and now he is the policeman of his district. But… He is not faithful. Don’t want to tell you too much. A great 4:34 minute musical biography, which is presented by Wally in an amazing way.


Wally – Alles halb so wild – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Wally – Alles halb so wild – My View

Alles halb so wild is a really fun listen. You might definitely enjoy it more if you speak German and enjoy Wally’s great storytelling – but I am sure, you will have an enjoyable listen anyway. Very versatile songs and stories. Thumbs up – this one is a Top Pick! to me.


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