Marquess – Turbulento

Marquess - Turbolento



3.4/5 Pros

  • Summer feeling made in Germany
  • Spanish tunes, even some German words Cons

  • Would love to have a wider selection of songs

Marquess is a very popular band in Germany and the neighboring countries. With Turbulento, they are back in the record stores, featuring Spanish sunny pop songs. The album has been released on 3rd July 2020.

Marquess – About The Artists

Despite Marquess have a Spanish-sounding name and sing in Spanish, the band is a German project. The band originally consisted of four members. The lead singer Sascha Pierro (1972) fronted the project, Marco Heggen (1971) played the bass, Christian Fleps (1972) was in charge of the keyboard and Dominik Decker (1968) was on the guitar. Only one of these original members, Heggen, left the band in the meantime. Their 2006 debut single El temperamento already made it to the German Top 10, before they released their biggest hit so far, Vayamos companeros (2007). The song made it to the second spot in the German charts and topped the Swiss singles charts. The album was part of the Frenetica album, which was also very successful. While Marquess was fading over the years in the singles charts, they still did strong in albums. Their recent album, En movimento (2018), placed 11th in Germany.

Overall, the band made it to the Top 10 singles charts in eleven countries. There was also some criticism around the band, as they are said to do Spanish grammar and other language mistakes regularly in their songs. Turbulento is their ninth studio album


Marquess – Turbolento – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 41 minutes. Unfortunately, my understanding of the Spanish language is too limited to translate the songs.

1. Pista de Baile

The album starts with – likely – its strongest song. Pista de Baile is a powerful and ryhthmic sing-a-long with a lot of summer vibes. That’s what Marquess made a good band. Well done!

2. No me Ilevas

The second track is a bit slower, but finally follows the same line: Spanish pop, feeling like summer, like dancing, smelling like beach… Sangria,per favor!

3. Abre tu mundo

Trio completed – Abre Tu Mundo closes the set of three songs which has been released before the album publication. I have to admit that the song partially reminds me of Cologne carnival rock band Brings. Apart from that the three songs feel to be in decreasing order (best one first), there is not too much variety in it. Characteristic Marquess sound, part III. Definitely a good one for an evening at the playa.

4. Mama

The song is a bit slower, but far from having some sort of “ballad-alike” character. More like the last dance on your beach party… Maybe it hurts a bit less on your feet…

5. Plaza Principal

So important to have the slower Plaza Principal, which even feels a bit like flamenco dancing. There were too many similar songs on that album already. The “Main Square” in the world of Marquess definitely feels to be a different place.

6. Autopista

Song number 6… and we are on the motorway! Definitely not a left lane drive, overtaking everbody – the song feels a bit like Barcelona traffic at the end of rush hour. The easy and light oh oh oh oh in the chorus somehow does not feel to fit too well to the darker moments of this song.

7. Vuela

I like Vuela, not only because the track seems to tell something about flying. Nice melodic song, which has its very own character. Nice!

8. Morena

I cannot really describe the strange female singing as part of the chorus – the more, the track surprises me… as Marquess is partially singing in German. Does not really lift this one on a higher level than average.

9. El Tiempo

El Tiempo feels to connect to the first tracks of the album, it is just significantly less powerful to me. El Tiempo may mean the time or the weather. Finally, it does not feel like sunshine on a summer day to me. Rather slight rain short before the fall is coming.

10. La Rima

The instrumental bridge is definitely the coolest part of this track, which overall brings much better summer feeling again. Good song!

11. Mirala

Yeah, not bad. The album started quite well, even though being a bit boring – now it is getting better towards the end. Again, there are German lyrics. Unfortunately, that parts of that feel a bit too soupy to me. I feel that Marquess are better in Spanish (maybe also because I do not understand their songs then…)

12. Adios

The album finishes with a lovely and intimate ballad. Adios, Marquess!


Marquess – Turbolento – Spotify

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Marquess – Turbolento – My View

This is a typical in album, which individually has some really nice songs, but overall, the variety is just a bit too thin. Nevertheless, Marquess are a good listen on a summer evening when you feel for some beach feeling and dancing rhythms. Turbulento is definitely much better than average.


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