Songs Of The Week (week of 25 March 2022)

While the last week’s edition solely covered a few songs, my 25th March 2022 version of the Songs Of The Week is having a quite large set of songs again. This time, I feature a nice range of genres – including some real big names of the music business. Hope you enjoy.


Soft Cell & Pet Shop Boys – Purple Zone

Soft Cell and the Pet Shop Boys – what a great collaboration. The 1980’s and 1990’s music legends gave me an easy choice to select the headlining song of this week’s selection. Enjoy the Purple Zone.


Leokane Pryor & Jim “Kimo” West – Pua Ahihi

While Jim “Kimo” West is already preparing for the 2022 Weird Al Yankovic tour, he is also busy in releasing new songs. Together with Hawaiian falsetto singer Leokane Pryor, they present their version of Pua Ahihi. High quality music – I just had to support these guys.


Christina Perri – Evergone

After her successful Jar of Hearts, Christina Perri seems to stay on the route of success. Evergone is a lovely ballad composition by the Pennsylvanian artist.


24kGoldn feat. Travis Barker – In My Head

I am typically not too much in this “modern pop” styles – but I just cannot neglect that this collaboration of the San Francisco rapper 24kGoldn and Travis Barker has a nice groove.


Mario Ferrini Meets Don Bnnr – Off the Grid

Mario Ferrini is a Swiss artist who is collaborating with Don Bnnr (you say “Don Bennoir”) for this dance pop track. Feels a bit like 1980’s Italo pop – definitely a song which is making me smile.


Alle Achtung – Himmelsteiche Ost

The Austrian band Alle Achtung wrote this song when they passed a motorway car park named Himmelsteiche Ost close to Leipzig. That’s the way writing great tracks – a fictive love story.


Linda Fäh – In der Mitte Deines Herzens

This time, I also went for two schlager nominations. The first song is the new single by Swiss artist Linda Fäh. Good and catchy tune.


Zwei wie Eins – Leben

Zwei wie Eins is a German duo doing music somewhere between schlager and pop. Theres Sallmann and Philipp Müller are the two heads behind the project. Promising.


Dan O’Clock – Gut so

Gut so is a cool song made in my home town Cologne. A song about being positive about yourself. Really good listen.


City – Die Hymne (Come Together)

City are indeed a music legends in Germany. Together with Karat, they dominated the German-speaking rock music in the former German Democratic Republic. And: these guys are still popular and on stage. City are still doing good rock anthems. Love it.


Isaak Guderian – Home

Isaak Guderian (sometimes also solely referred to as Isaak started his career as street musician. The German artist released the powerful Home this week. I love listening to the track.


Tate McRae – chaotic

Tate McRae does a beautiful new release with chaotic. Really lovely listen by the Canadian artist from Calgary. I guess this one could strengthen her international fan base.


James Bay – Give Me The Reason

A beautiful Americana rock piece by the British artist. After his big songs in the mid 2010’s, James Bay is indeed still able to release some really catching tracks. One of my favorites of the week.


Antonja – Burnout

You don’t know Antonja? You might know Antonia aus Tirol, though. The Austrian artist had quite some big songs in German speaking countries – now she is back rocking. Simply cool – and fun.


H.E.A.T.- Nationwide

Classic hard rock made in Sweden – H.E.A.T. are working towards a new album. Nationwide feels to be really promising.


Westernhagen – Zeitgeist

Having a new track by German rock legend Marius Müller-Westernhagen is always special to me. I simply love his music. Great groove in Zeitgeist.


HARDY und HEROES – Krone der Schöpfung

Hardy und Heroes are getting quite some presence during the last months. Their Idioten im Glück made it to my 18th February 2022 Songs of the Week and I featured them in my non-country Christmas songs 2021. Third time now – and another really cool German rocker.


Skid Row – The Gang’s All Here

Three reasons to party for Skid Row fans: first of all, the US glam metal band formed in New Jersey release this new track. Secondly, they will announce a Germany and UK tour soon. Finally… A new album: The Gang’s All Here will be released on 14th October 2022. Have fun!


Powerwolf – Sainted by the Storm

Some power metal from Germany – Saarbruecken to be precise: the song has a bit of a touch of folk metal / medieval metal as well. I just feel the guys around vocalist Attila Dorn do a great job here.


RORY – Kill The Girl

Rory is a British punk rock artist. Kill The Girl simply stayed in my mind after I listened to it. Enjoy the listen, especially the cool chorus.


ROYALIST – This is not a Popsong

Royalist is a pop artist from Hamburg. Funny title, but a very catchy song in my point of view.


Leo Rojas – Bad Habits

Last, but definitely not least. Leo Rojas: I just love what this guy is doing with the panflute. Great to have the Ecuador superstar in my playlist again – already look forward to his album Colors Of Nature. Second time appearance in this series – after a late 2021 nomination.



Title Picture: Soft Cell and Pet Shop Boys – Purple Zone single cover


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