Tebey – The Good Ones

Tebey - The Good Ones



3.8/5 Pros

  • Good modern country songwriting
  • Four new tracks Cons

  • Just eight tracks / 24 minutes

Third studio album or third EP? Especially due to the fact that Tebey’s social media was not overwhelmingly active regarding his 22nd January 2021 release The Good Ones, I was not sure how to label the release accordingly. Was that the only thrill about the eight songs – or are there are lot more positive emotions about it? Here is my review – as there is a majority of sources naming it to be an album, treating it accordingly.


Tebey – About The Artist

Tebey’s civil name is Tebey Solomon Ottoh. He was born on 14th October 1983 in Peterborough, Ontario, some 125km Northeast of Toronto. Already in his teenage years, he gained some attendance in the Canadian country music scene by winning the Canadian Open Country Singing Contest twice (1990, 1994) in different age sections. This made him move to Nashville at the age of 15 – he however came back to Canada after three years. At the age of 19, in 2013, he then placed a his debut single We Shook Hands (Man to Man) into the Top 50 of the US Country Charts. It took Tebey however until 2011 before he really started to regularly publish music. That year, All About Us peaked 38th in the Canadian charts. His debut album The Wait (2012) contained two more singles charted in Canada, Somewhere in the Country (#11 country charts) was the more successful one. He established in the Canadian country music scene and his second album Two (released 2014) lead to two Top 10 hits in 2013, Till It’s Gone and Wake Me Up, feat. Emerson Drive. The latter even got Canadian gold status.

From that on, Tebey continuously grew especially in Canada, but laso in the US. His second EP Love A Girl was very successful. The first single Denim on Denim just made it to the fifth of the Canadian Country Charts, but sold up to platinum status. Thereafter, Who’s Gonna Love You was on the top of the charts. I saw Tebey live on stage supporting Scotty McCreery in October 2019 in Cologne.


Tebey – The Good Ones – Track By Track

The eight song album lasts 24 minutes.

1. Shotgun Rider

The album starts with the familiar tunes: the first three songs have been published as singles already. Shotgun Rider is a rhythmic typical modern country song with quite present rhythmic elements. I feel it is good one – without being outstanding.


2. Happened on a Saturday Night

It happened on a Saturday night
Drove a little too fast, kissed a little too slow
Turned it all the way up, burning down a back road
Spilled some paint on the ground
When we painted that town
If it happened, then it happened
On a Saturday night

Stereotype country songs are not too different, regardless if they are performed by US or Canadian artists. When you just don’t think about too much that you feel to have listened to that kind of story a bit too often in your life, you finally listen to a really good song. And maybe you give in you would love to have a Saturday Night road trip with that lady as well.

3. The Good Ones (with Marie Mai)

The Good Ones is truly a worthy title track for these eight songs. The duet with Marie is definitely one of the highlights of the album. Great collaboration.

4. Song of the Summer

To that song of the summer
Driving around with the windows down
I’ll never forget her
That shotgun smile every midnight mile
Had her hands on me, working over time
Making it hard to stay between the lines
Back when it was just you and I
And that song of the summer

Song Of The Summer is the first new song on the album. Indeed, it has a good summer vibe, so that I would not be too surprised if we hear it again in the warmer part of 2021. So far it spends a good mood during the dark and cold winter days – and does a good job with that.

5. Bad For Me

Bad For Me, the second new song on The Good Ones, is a song about love and all the feelings about it – even if your head is having different thoughts. The song is kind of mainstream, but it is good listen.

6. Good Jeans

Good Jeans is how the The Good Ones started – this single has already been published in 2019.  Indeed, it is one of the best songs on the album to. Very powerful and present. Love it!

7. See You Around

I definitely like the lyrics of See You Around. On the other hand, the very very modern produced song with recitative elements does not catch me as much as other Tebey tracks. That’s maybe why it was not in the selection of four songs honored to do the mouthwatering job for this album (aka single release).

8. Doing It Again

When Doing It Again is incepting, you on the one hand know that you just listened to seven songs and 21 minutes of country music so far. The closing track of The Good Ones is a beautiful and emotional finish – but overall, this farewell is just too early.


Tebey – The Good Ones – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget to The Good Ones:


Tebey – The Good Ones – My View

In some previews about The Good Ones I read about a “full length album”. 24 minute playtime –  just cannot call this one full length. Honestly, there were a couple of singles in the 1990’s in Germany who had a longer playtime. That is the major point of critics. Four new songs, which are all quite good (or even better) complete the overall well-done performance. I love Tebey on stage – and here, he is doing a very pleasing job in the studio as well – the curfew has just been a bit of weird.


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