Songs Of The Week (week of 29 September 2023)

Unfortunately, I had to kick out quite a lot of songs from my list, which I really liked. They just did not meet my requirement, that the Songs of the Week are new releases. Nonetheless, I feel that there is a really cool collection of tracks this time, lead by an Australian band, who sound quite like an Australian band… Explore yourself – and have fun!


The Lazys – Rattle Them Bones

Don’t these guys sound like AC/DC? To make it even more confusing, they are from Sydney, Australia. And: The Lazys are doing amazingly cool hard rock sound. The band is active since 2006 – and this song makes you feel they should add many, many more years.


Sum 41 – Landmines

So many band names have already been used. That must have been one of the thoughts when Sum 41 has been founded in 1996 – 41 days after the inception of summer. The music of the Canadian punk rock band is great without a doubt. In 2012 they even had a Grammy nomination. But also their latest song Landmines is a great listen.


Loveless – Picasso

308k followers on Instagram only – the post-punk duo from Los Angeles have really grown massively in the past years. Songs like Picasso underline their vast talent.


John Garner – Bye Bye Mr Blue

John Garner are about to release a new album. The release date of together is not public yet, but Bye Bye Mr Blue is the second feature single already. Another way of paving the way to the major release of the German folk-rock band is a crowdfunding campaign. Good luck for this one!


The Lathums – Thoughts of a Child

The next big step for the British band The Lathums is just about to incept. After they sold out their solo show, they are soon about to support One Direction member Louis Tomlinson on his European arena tour. Thoughts of a Childs might be on the setlist then – it is at least the first new track after they released their sophomore album, From Nothing To A Little Bit Love.


Heiner Lürig – Völlig ratlos

Völlig ratlos by Heiner Lürig is one of my most favorite releases of the week. The song is a straight singer-songwriter track with a good vibe and even a slight touch of country music.


Simen Mitlid (fea. Ea Othilde) – Norwegian Black Metal

The very intimate, stripped down sound, somewhere between folk, indie and pop by Norwegian Simen Mitlid is likely exactly the style of song you expect from Norwegian Black Metal. The collaboration with his countrywoman Ea Othilde works on point.


Adel Tawil – Für immer

To me, Adel Tawil is one of Germany’s finest storytellers in pop music. His new song Für Immer is simply a beautiful love ballad. He ist just about to start touring as well


Viktoria Mila – Around Around

I had quite a bunch of rock tracks this week, but many finally failed to be in line with my nomination rules (which typically means that the promoter gave a wrong release date). Thus, my section of German pop and schlager artists is a bit stronger than I felt it to happen. Viktoria Mila did a beautiful release this week. Around Around feels English, but the song is in German.


Lisa Harrer – Halt mich fest

As far as I can get from the press kit, Austrian Lisa Harrer had some absence from the music scene. However, her comeback song Halt mich fest has a nice slow song with good vibes.


Linda Fäh – Wohin dein Weg Dich führt

Swiss Linda Fäh is more and more growing her presence in the schlager scene. Her latest release is a very rhythmic schlager track with a nice hook.


Nadine Sieben – Lichterglanz

The title of Nadine Sieben’s new song translated to “Shining light” roughly. A rather classic sound, but I like the chorus. Her songs typically have a touch to me.


Sonia Liebing – Hemmungslos

The closing of my schlager section features two very powerful releases. Sonia Liebing is a rather popular artist in the genre’s scene. Very good sing-a-long track, which also works on the dancefloor.


Alexandra Hofmann – Hier kommt Alex

Hier kommt Alex has been a very successful song for the Dusseldorf band Die Toten Hosen, released. However, the Alexandra Hofmann track has – luckily – nothing in common with the song, apart from the name. Both Hier kommt Alex songs, though, are full or power and energy. Really nice song by Alexandra Hofmann, who is rather well known from their sibling duo project Geschwister Hofmann.


Ivo Martin – Diese Eine

Ivo Martin sings this lovely, fluent pop song, which is praising Diese Eine, “This one”. A lovely song about a very special person in your life. Martin seems to have quite some plans for the future: a September 2024 tour is already announced.


Leony x Nikas Dee x VIZE – I Can Feel

In March 2023, I introduced you to Somewhere in Between, the debut album by German pop artist Leony. I liked the album and also love the way she is interacting with her followers and fans on social media. Nice young lady, great song – like her new one.


Lucas Estrada & Super-Hi – Stress You

Swedish DJ Lucas Estrada released this dance pop together with the British producers Super-Hi. Nice feel-good song.


Enno Bunger feat. Sebastian Madsen – Einfache Leute

Enno Burger sings about “Simple People”. The East Frisia artist just announced a tour and a new album in March 2024. For this song, he collaborates with Sebastian Madsen – I recently reviewed the new album by Madsen’s “main band”, Hollywood.


Jan Böckmann – Sonnensegler

Doesn’t this song come a bit too late? The Sonnensegler by Jan Böckmann spreads some summer vibes. Great song by the former TV talent show candidate.


Madness – C’est La Vie

Last, but not least, there is music from one of my favorites. The British kings of humorous ska and reggae released another song this week, which is teasing their new album. Great one.



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