The Secret Sisters – Mind, Man, Medicine

The Secret Sisters - Mind, Man, Machine



4.4/5 Pros

  • Very nice storytelling
  • Wide range of songs
  • Nice, harmonic melodies

In March 2020, I shared the album Saturn Return by The Secret Sisters with you. Now, the siblings are back and release a new set of songs. On 29th March 2024, they shared Mind, Man, Machine. I had a listen.


The Secret Sisters – About The Artists

The Secret Sisters are an Americana singing and songwriting duo. The members are the sisters Laura Rogers and Lydia Slagle. They are already active since 2009. They grew up with music, as there were bands by other family members. In 2010, they released a self-titled album, which peaked third in the US Heat and eighth in the US Folk Charts. The following album, Put Your Needle Down (2014) even topped the US Heat Charts. Overall, The Secret Sisters have released four albums so far, the latest being Saturn Return in 2020.


The Secret Sisters – Mind, Man, Machine – Track by Track

The eleven track album lasts 40 minutes.

01. Space

The opener of the album is Space. The harmonic vocals presented with quite some reverb really lead to a suitable atmosphere. A very beautiful, but rather slow listen.

I am holding space for you
And whatever you’re going through
The dance between the ocean and the moon
I am holding space

02. Paperweight

The second track, Paperweight, comes in a very different style. The song is very rhythmic. Its style is much more country-alike as well. In the chorus, the ladies state I’m a love letter, you’re the paperweight – and by that conclude the catching melody.

03. If the World Was a House

The third song solely uses percussion, but does not work with drums at all. The arrangement is rather special, featuring instruments like the rubber bridge guitar. The 4:27 minute song thereby does does head into the atmospheric sound direction. The voices of the siblings feel to be the perfect match for that.

04. All the Ways (feat. Ray LaMontagne)

For the fourth song All The Ways, the ladies are accompanied by 50 year folk-rock singer-songwriter Ray LaMontagne. The song indeed comes with a touch of folk and blues. As the guest musician is taking over vocal duties in this song, the track has a very nice touch, especially in the context of the other Mind, Man, Medicine songs.

05. Planted

Planted is a ballad with a country flavor. The song is rather vocal driven. Only a strumming electric guitar and some piano and vibraphone sounds are defining the background of this track. Nice one.

06. Never Walk Away

With 2:19 minutes, the sixth track Never Walk Away is a rather short one. Even though the song is majorly a rather calm one, the guitars and bass give a bit of a rocking touch. Towards the end, the song becomes more and more intense and thus stays in your mind.

07. I Needed You

The piano is opening for I Needed You, which leads to a very intimate touch. Using strings by a studio orchestra in the background, the song is again having a very own character. There is even a touch of classic music in it.

08. Bear With Me

After this rather intense and special listen, the typical country sound of Bear With Me even spreads some ease. The chorus is a really nice one as well.

Baby, bear with me
I’m a stranger in my skin
Baby, bear with me
Til I know myself again
Baby, bear with me

09. Same Water

Despite a rather heavy instrumental kick-off, the single release Same Water is overall a very nice and melodic track. It does not feel hard to digest musically at all. The bass leads to a nice groove.

10. I Can Never Be Without You Anymore

According to the release notes, this track has been recorded using three musicians on the acoustic guitar. Again, the duo guides the listener towards the lyrics and focuses on the vocals of the song. A rather slow, but really fine and beautiful listen.

11. I’ve Got Your Back

Bring me your buckets of rain
I’ll pour in sunshine
Bring me your mountains of pain
And I will make them mine
I can’t fix everything
But I can try
I’ve got your back and I always will

I’ve Got Your Back gently gives you a farewell from Mind, Man, Machine. Similar to some songs at the beginning of the album, the siblings sing in parallel and by that create a beautiful and harmonic good-bye.


The Secret Sisters – Mind, Man, Machine – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


The Secret Sisters – Mind, Man, Machine – My View

The 2024 album by The Secret Sisters is lovely listen. The songs come with a message. You might not like all of the songs, due to the vast variety of styles offered. However, if you love to actively listen to songs and their stories, you will definitely find your favored listens in this set of tracks.

Favorite Song: I Needed You


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