Karo Lynn – A Line in My Skin

Karo Lynn - A Line in My Skin



3.7/5 Pros

  • Unique voice
  • Nice arrangements and plots Cons

  • Very individual sound here and there

A Line in My Skin is a new album by the German artist Karo Lynn. I guess it has been the album in 2022, which have received through most channels as a promo copy before release. I just could not say not to it (and also felt it is a very interesting listen) – the album has been released on 25th November 2022.


Karo Lynn – About The Artist

Karo Lynn, who is name Karoline in civil life, is an indie-folk artist from Leipzig. Her voice is very characteristic and also lead to very positive critics when she released the album Outgrow in 2020. Unfortunately, I do not have precise information whether this has been her debut or sophomore album – different sources lead to different information.


Karo Lynn – A Line in My Skin – Track by Track

The eleven song album lasts 41 minutes.

1. When all is still the same

The album starts with the slow, dark When all is still the same. If you haven’t listened to the German yet, you will be caught by voice. A rather low voice, a lot of volume, but still warmth in it. I read in some reviews that people compare her voice to Amy McDonald, for example. Very intense song, indeed.

2. Elephant

Elephant is a bit more melodic than the opener and overall feels sligthly stronger like a folk track. The collaboration with Johanna Amelie is a lovely treat on the album and leads to a great listen.

3. Still, staring ahead

The third song on the album combines Karo Lynn’s sound of the first two songs with nice pop rhythms. This nicely leads of a blend of her signature sound and a certain ease. Still, the song is very atmospheric.

4. You inside me

Electronic distortion and synth effects are dominating You inside me. On the one hand, this leads to a very unique sound. On the other one, it is also a bit too much and almost a bit of psychedelic to me.

5. It’s breaking the ice

It’s breaking the ice is slow, melodic, working with a lot of echo in the sound. Karo Lynn is showing a great variance of different tunes on her album. However, she is always focusing the sound of her tracks on her voice, which also gives a nice common style touch.

6. Lose in the dark

Lose in the dark is another slow song, which works with a lot of atmosphere. I first felt it to be rather melancholic, but the rhythmic accents here and there rather lead to a dramatic feeling. The song is reaching its climax almost at the very end of the 3:36 minutes playtime.

7. The city soaked in grey

3:36 minutes is a song duration worth mentioning. The city soaked in grey closes a set of three songs in a row with the same length of the song. The city soaked in grey in general has an increasing dramatic plot, but also works with a lot of breaks. Some parts feel like a side story told.

8. A line in my skin

This single release is one of the best listens to me, especially if you focus on Karo Lynn’s voice. Very atmospheric song, which spreads a lot of energy.

9. When I think I’m close

A Karo Lynn song with a high airplay potential? I feel that When I think I’m close would be worth a try, definitely. The song has a nice melody, even though it still has this mysterious signature you find on other songs of the album.

10. Right words

Not only due to the acoustic guitar, Right words definitely does qualify as a good listen for rather traditional folk music listeners. Nice vocal performance as well.

11. Sun hues on water

The four minute song Sun hues on water closes the 2022 Karo Lynn album. The song surprises with some very dramatic, almost choral parts. Nice plot at the end of A Line in My Skin.


Karo Lynn – A Line in My Skin – Spotify

Here is A Line in My Skin on Spotify:


Karo Lynn – A Line in My Skin – My View

Albums like this one make me struggle. On the one hand, I just cannot deny a nice musical quality. And, maybe even more than this, Karo Lynn is doing her thing, creating her sound. Each song sounds like Karo Lynn (and not like Amy McDonald). On the other hand, some songs are just a bit “too indie” to me and it is hard for me to relate to them. Karo Lynn’s voice only would be worth to recommend you to dare a listen, though. There are not too many female vocals like hers in the world of popular music.


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