Songs Of The Week (week of 22 July 2022)

Typically, I first collect tracks for my Songs Of The Week and, once the set is complete, pick my favorite and create an order of songs. As I gather tracks for several future dates in once, I am sometimes quite surprised about the result. So was I about this week’s edition: There are a lot of German songs and German artists in this bunch of songs I felt worth sharing after I listened to them, typically either on promotion platforms or by direct promotion. Hope you enjoy this trip to my home country. And: the leading track is a German one this time as well – of course!


Daria Kaah – Ewig leben will ich nur mit Dir

A touch of schlager and a bit of pop – Ewig leben will ich nur mit Dir (“I want to live forever just with you”) just stayed in my head. Her mother, Susan Ebrahimi, is already quite well-known in the German and Austrian music scene – this song could help Daria to close up.


Julia Engelmann – Rasierwasser & Kastanien

This one was close: I struggled a lot whether Daria Kaah or this song should lead my this week’s edition of the Songs of the Week. The second time Julia Engelmann makes it into my list of songs – after Bauchgefühl in early April 2022 another beautiful German pop track


Nicole – Ich bin zurück

Even though Nicole has released so many songs, the Saarbruecken-origin artist is still majorly associated with her 1982 Eurovision Song Contest Winner Ein bisschen Frieden in her home country. This one is her new single, translating to “I am back”. Nice schlager track.


Max Prosa – Liebelei

Max Prosa is already about to release his seventh album on 16th September 2022. a lovely teaser for Wann könnt ihr endlich friedlich sein? The translation of the album title is simply “When are you finally able to be peaceful?” Very fitting to current times.


Morgenkind – Meer Berlin

This dance pop song from the Berlin based duo Morgenkind was one of the releases which made me smile most during the listen. Summer feelings from Germany’s capital.


Iuma – gutgut

Just the perfect song to listen to after Meer Berlin. Iuma is originally from Karlsruhe, now she is living in Berlin as well. Nice modern pop.


Kane Brown – Grand

Kane Brown? Wrong playlist? His new song Grand has at most sprinkles of country music influence. Nice listen for pop music lovers – I look forward to his classics when he is back on tour in Germany in January 2023.


Ronis Goliath – Fly

This song by Ronis Goliath has a very unique groove. You feel that the artist is having Cameroonian roots, even though he grew up in Stuttgart, Germany. I absolutely enjoy the listen.


Nico Laska – Add/Ict

Add/Ict is one of my favorites this week. Nico is in fact a German artist from Greater Frankfurt. He steadily grew in social media – this song feels so modern and mature, nice recording! But beware: the song duration is just 2:09 minutes.


Stray Colors – The Ancient Garden

Folk, pop and a lot of nostalgia – The Ancient Garden just makes me smile and creates a certain warmth in my heart during the listen. Hope you feel the same.


Jason William – Hope

Jason William is just 18 years old. He was born in Southwest Germany. Ain’t that a lovely ballad?



Skullcrusher – Whatever Fits Together

Don’t you feel as well that the artist name Skullcrusher feels like a heavy metal band. In fact Helen Ballentine (her real name) is a indie folk artist from Los Angeles, who is doing her very own, fascinating sound. I am really looking forward to her debut album to be released in fall – so far you may either listen to this song or read my review of her 2021 EP Storm in Summer.


Pablo Brooks – Perfume

Even though song sound very mature and rather like a British or US-American productio, there is really a bunch of German artists in here this time. Pablo Brooks, for example, is from Dusseldorf. Lovely emotional song.


Fletcher – Becky’s So Hot

This one is in fact a US-American act – needless to introduce New Jersey artist Fletcher to you. Great pop song with an indie rock texture.


The Amazons – How Will I Know?

The rock level is steadily increasing now. The Amazons are a British rock act from Reading. They will be touring Germany in fall – this song is a reason to think about buying a ticket.



Havet – Toxic

Havet are two sisters, Mimi and Josy Vogler from Augsburg, Northwest of Munich. Most peple know them simply as Mini & Josy – the name under which they won The Voice Kids in Germany in 2019. Mimi just turned 19, Josy is two years younger. Very promising song.


Ozzy Osbourne x Tony Iommi – Degredation Rules

Ozzy meets Black Sabbath – or at least Frank Tony Iommi. Degredation Rules is the second single of the British rocker of his upcoming allstar rocker album. How could you dare not to love him?


A Day To Remember – Miracle

A Day To Remember deliver the rock climax of this week’s posting. Miracle is a beautiful hardcore recording by the Florida band. Great one.


Tanzos – Mood Swings

Tanzos is a Vienna artist. With his new single Mood Swings, he is surprisingly rocking. I love it!


Eloy de Jong – Ich sage ja

I am always fascinated when I run into an Eloy de Jong song nowadays. I still see him as one of the Caught in the Act guys – but now the Dutch is doing bloody German schlager – and closes my list of songs for this week.


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