OH FYO! – Level 3: Discovery

OH FYO! - Level 3: Discovery



4.2/5 Pros

  • Very good mainstream pop productiion
  • Very fluent, entertaining sound, Cons

  • Lack of special, catching songs

The music of OH FYO! is described as a mixture of pop and hip hop elements. I received their album Level 3: Discovery before its release on 24th February 2023 and enjoyed the listen. Here are my detailed thoughts.


OH FYO! – About The Artists

Oh FYO! is a band from Lübeck in Germany. The two members are Flix Flyks Highfield and Marius Evan, who have founded the band in 2017. They also tour with a major band setup. Their first releases are dated as of 2017, namely the EP Covered In Gold and the album Bravery. Their biggest success so far is a remix of A True Story, which has over one million Spotify streams. Walls of Utopia, which has already been part of their debut EP, is their most successful studio version in that regard.


OH FYO! – Level 3: Discovery – Track by Track

The fifteen song album lasts 43 minutes.

1. Pay Me

The opener comes with hip-hop vibes, while the chorus is rather like a summer pop track. Pay Me makes me smile.

2. Let Me Down Again

Let Me Down Again is even more pop-ish than the first song. You spot hip-hop elements at most in the pre-chorus phase. Also due to a nice, groovy bridge, this song feels very “complete” and well-produced to me.

3. Black Hole

The rhythm of Black Hole is rather hi hat-driven. The chorus is one of my favorites of the album. Where am I supposed to go, when everyone is far from home? This question stays in my mind while listening to other songs.

4. Glorified

Level 3: Discovery is a typical pop album. You don’t get into too deep stories. But the Northern Germans do a good job and create versatile, entertaining listens. Like Glorified, whose chorus is even a bit of hymnic. The synth section in the bridge is a nice one as well.

5. Misfit

Misfit strongly plays with hip-hop elements, in the verses as well as in the chorus. This leads to a very groovy listen. Nice one.

6. Lullaby

The 2:25 minute Lullaby is indeed a slow-down in speed. The song majorly works with keyboard sounds and vocals. A bit of a hard ending – overall, I feel that song has more potential.

7. Broken But Alive

Songs like Broken But Alive are where the German guys feel to perform best: The song has a groovy base which nice vibes in the verses. On top of that, they put a chorus, which is sufficiently good that you want to dance to the music. Finally, another 2:29 minutes are in the books. And you feel you invested them well.

8. Silence Is Gold

With brass-alike sound elements and quite some focus on the instrumental parts, Silence Is Gold definitely feels unique.

9. Loser

This song lead my Songs of the Week on 30th December 2022. So I have to like it somehow. And I still do. Nice summer vibes.

10. Another Heart

Another Heart has a nice flow. I partially feel that the song could even be harder, more accentuated. Nonetheless, it is working fine.

11. Falling On My Face

Another songs, which spreads happy vibes and good mood. I am not getting tired of this selection of rather short, mainstream-alike pop songs.

12. Trouble

The twelfth song is another groovy song. Towards its end, the song even shows some rocking qualities. The song surprises with significant contrasts.

13. Run

The very melodic song introduces a touch of folk-pop, when the guitar strumming is added in the background to the vocals. This Run is rather a short spring on the album (just 2:12 minutes). Overall, it does not impress me as mich as other songs.

14. Stiring Up Hope

The very present synth melodies lead to nostalgic feeling, especially in the instrumental parts, Dancing like in the late 1980’s – why not?

15. You

You is a nice farewell song. The synth chords are the linking elements of this song and make it stay in your mind.


OH FYO! – Level 3: Discovery – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


OH FYO! – Level 3: Discovery – My View

Fifteen songs – and the album does not get boring. OH FYO! indeed put up a great set of songs, which has a lot of positive energy. Thumbs up for them, very nice album.


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