Heinz Rudolf Kunze – Der Wahrheit die Ehre

Heinz Rudolf Kunze - Der Wahrheit die Ehre



4.9/5 Pros

  • 14 songs, over one hour playtime
  • A lot of very current topics, very political album
  • ... but still some comparably easy listening songs Cons

  • Heinz Rudolf Kunze is just too underrated.

Heinz Rudolf Kunze is one of the biggest songwriters and rock musicians in Germany. Already in the 1980s, he had some remarkable hits.  On 21st February 2020, “HRK” released a new album, Der Wahrheit die Ehre (“Honor the Truth”). Definitely time to have a look into his new songs.


Heinz Rudolf Kunze – About The Artist

Heinz Rudolf Erich Arthur Kunze was born on 30th November 1956 in a displacment camp in  Espelkamp in very Northern Northrhine-Westfalia in Western Germany. He is one of the most active songwriters in Germany. Wikipedia states more than 1700 published literary texts and 475 published songs as at the end of 2018. The family moved multiple times in Kunze’s childhood and finally settled in Osnabrück. His first song published on a record is a 8:27 minute track, which he wrote as part of a music talent competition in 1980. Due to that song, he received his first record deal and released his first album in 1981. The list of publications is amazing – Der Wahrheit die Ehre is already his 28th album, nearly all of them are listed in the German album charts. His breakthrough was the 1985 single Dein ist mein ganzes Herz (“My whole heart is yours”), which also made it to the Top 10 in Germany. A lot of his songs is very politic and describes society situations.


HRK – Der Wahrheit die Ehre – Track by Track

Der Wahrheit die Ehre has 14 tracks. The playing time is 1:01 hours.

1. Prediger

The album starts with a very speedy and strong song. Heinz Rudolf Kunze warns the listener that the Prediger (“Preacher”) is everywhere in Germany. Bold and simple messages with a bad background can hit you everywhere. Populism will be a key topic of this album.

2. Völlig verzweifelt vor Glück

Before there are more political and social-critic songs, this track (“Completely desperate because of good luck”) is a track which thanks for Heinz Rudolf Kunze’s life and the support  he receives for his word.

3. Spießgesellen der Lüge

This five minute song is a typical HRK one. His songs are meaningful and very often deal with poltiical topics. In this song, he deals with the fact that we all close our eyes to what is really going on in the world – by that, we become “Henchmen of lies”.

4. Mit welchem Recht

This song focuses on the current refugee situation in Europe. “Which right allows us to refuse people to come to us just to survive” is one of the lines of the chorus. Very clear and direct lyrics, by that one of the core songs of the album to me.

5. Nimm mit mir vorlieb

This track (“Make do with me”) is lovely and soft love ballad. A musical vow to be faithful. When this kind of song is written by Heinz Rudolf Kunze, it still feels very special.

6. Heute ist gut

This rock track is a fast good-mood song. Good to have some relaxation after a couple of deeper songs.

7. Nackter Fischer

Literally translated, Nackter Fischer means “Naked Fisherman”. A very atmospheric, intense rock ballad. Really lovely song, which (like many HRK songs) does not need too much instrumentation and arrangement to sound great.

8. Pervers

Pervers (“Pervert”) is a appeal to be stronger against poltiical structures and trends if they oppose our life. We have the power to change things in Heinz Rudolf Kunze’s eyes.

9. Wenn du ohne Liebe bist

Another strong ballad on this album. A song about being lonely and being “without love”.

10. Ich bin so müde

Though the rhythm and the melody of the song has a quite happy and funny component, the song itself (“I am that tired”) is about being very exhausted and tired of the current living.

11. Ein sorgloses Leben

The melody of this song reminds me quite much of one of Heinz Rudolf Kunze’s classics, Eigene Wege. However, this ironic track is about a guy who is committing a robbery in order to impress a girl with the money – but the girl is gone and does not love him any more. Kunze gives you moments to think and moments to smile – this is one of the happy moments of Der Wahrheit die Ehre.

12. Die Zeit ist reif

Die Zeit ist reif (“Time is ready”) is one of the songs, which has been released before the album. It is not only one of the best tracks on the melodic side. The song postulates that times are changing and that you should go for new values, so that you can create a world which you can still live in.

13. Der Wahrheit die Ehre

The title track of the album has an amazing duration of 6:42 minutes. Needless to say that it is the longest track of the whole album. The song is a critic how people nowadays act without reflection and just do things, which look good rather than that they really are.

14. Die Dunkelheit hat nicht das letzte Wort

The last track is a quite slow piano track. It is another very political song dealing with too easy messages and poltiic extremes. It is still a quite positive track, as the title means that the darkness will not finally beat the good soul.


HRK – Der Wahrheit die Ehre – Spotify

Here is the link to the Spotify playlist:

HRK – Der Wahrheit die Ehre – My View

While I was finishing the last technical details of the review of the Ozzy Osbourne album, I already listened to Heinz Rudolf’s new album – and before I wrote any word of the review, the posting already had the Top Pick! banner on top. HRK proofs again that he is one of the best reputed, but still most underrated German artists. What an amazing masterpiece of Rock Music made in Germany. I feel a bit sorry for you if you cannot reconcile the deep and amazing lyrics, but also the wide range of sounds is just awesome. Heinz Rudolf Kunze’s music is simple, straight, truthful, but simply great. Wow!


Heinz Rudolf Kunze – Tourdates

Heinz Rudolf Kunze is typically covering different formats. First of all, there is a tour featuring the current album with band:

Fr 17.04.2020 Leipzig, Haus Auensee
Sa 18.04.2020 Cottbus, Stadthalle Cottbus
Su 19.04.2020 Erfurt, Thüringen-Halle
Fr 15.05.2020 Neuruppin, Kulturhaus Stadtgarten Neuruppin
Sa 16.05.2020 Nuremberg, Serenadenhof
Su 17.05.2020 Munich, TonHalle
Tu 19.05.2020 Suhl, Congress Centrum
We 20.05.2020 Hanover, Capitol
Fr 22.05.2020 Hamburg, Grosse Freiheit 36
Sa 23.05.2020 Rostock, moya Kulturbühne
So 24.05.2020 Magdeburg, AMO Kulturhaus
Th 04.06.2020 Dusseldorf, Capital Theater
Fr 05.06.2020 Mainz, Frankfurter Hof
Su 07.06.2020 Blieskastel, Paradeplatz
Sa 20.06.2020 Leinefelde-Worbis, Burg Scharfenstein

Furthermore, his solo tour dates are more intimate:

Th 27.02.2020 Brunsbüttel, Elbeforum
Sa 29.02.2020 Fulda, Orangerie Maritim Hotel
Su 01.03.2020 Lübeck, Kolosseum
Sa 14.03.2020 Gersthofen, Stadthalle
Su 10.05.2020 Greiz, Vogtlandhalle
Sa 06.06.2020 Monheim am Rhein, Aula am Berliner Ring
Mo 20.07.2020 Tönning, St. Laurentius Church
Sa 15.08.2020 Rendsburg, St. Marien
Su 16.08.2020 Plön, Nikolai Church
Sa 29.08.2020 Stralsund, Kulturkirche St. Jakobi
Su 30.08.2020 Binz / Rügen, Kurhaus-Saal
Sa 26.09.2020 Gütersloh, Martin Luther Church
Fr 02.10.2020 Siegen, Siegerlandhalle (Leonhard-Gläser-Saal)
Sa 03.10.2020 Arnsberg, Sauerland-Halle
Sa 10.10.2020 Daun, Forum
Fr 16.10.2020 Nienburg, Theater auf dem Hornweg
Sa 17.10.2020 Espelkamp, Bürgerhaus
Su 18.10.2020 Cuxhaven, HAPAG-Hallen
Fr 30.10.2020 Gotha, Gothaer Kulturhaus
Sa 31.10.2020 Dessau, Huga-Junkers-Saal
Su 01.11.2020 Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Stadthaus


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