Songs Of The Week (week of 23 June 2023)

Traveling out of nowehere: I compiled this set of songs in Swansea in Whales, watching the very last Rock of Ages UK Tour shows. Maybe that’s also why of the biggest names in the German rock music scene is heading my Songs of the Week this time. Enjoy rocking… and if you scroll down a bit or listen to the playlist, there is also quite a bunch of other stuff in this wide range of new releases.


Doro – Time For Justice

I recently met Germany’s metal queen Doro Pesch at the opening night of the Rock of Ages musical in Munich – she is also featured on the red carpet posting. This reminded me again what a wonderful heart this lady is. I immediately felt sorry that I missed to pay for her fan club a few years ago. But I simply love what she is doing. Her new single is great – already look forward to her new album Conqueress – Forever Strong And Proud, which will be reelased on 27th October 2023.


Arella – Deine Eltern

Another female rocker from Germany – and Arella gave Doro a tough fight for the lead in this week’s list of song. The song is a cool mix of pop, rock and some punk. “I believe that many things would be better, if your parents had never met” and similar statements form this fantastic breakup song. Thumbs up!


Engst – Geschichte schreiben

Regarding the title of their latest single release, the band Engst (named after their singer Matthias Engst) wants to “Write History”. The Berlin band is doing a nice blend of punk and rock. I really loved this one. A new album is planned to be released in fall.


Strife 85 – Cut The Silence

Another really cool rocker “Made in Germany”: Strife 85 are a band from Nuremberg. They already had a some attention on some streaming platforms. I feel that Cut The Silence could boost their success. Good one!


Gwen Stefani – True Babe

To me, Gwen Stefani is one of the most iconic artists in the music business. You listen to a few tunes of a new song like True Babe – and you know: this is a track by the US-American artist. On top of that, I really like this song.


Asdis – Angel Eyes

The full name of Asdis in correct spelling is Ásdís María Viðarsdóttir – which already tells you: this lady is from Iceland. In fact, she grew up in the Reykjavik music scene. Nowadays, she is working globally. Really nice pop song.


Henry Moodie – Pick up the phone

The (still teenage) British singer-songwriter more and more becomes a regular gig in this category on my website. I just love the pop music he is doing – Pick up the phone is another amazing and catching modern track.


Avec – Walls

Avec is one of the most promising new artists from Austria. There are already more than 150 million Spotify streams only of her songs. I am looking forward to her EP I feel alone these days, which is due to be published in mid July. Nice blending of pop vibes with a touch of folk elements.


Rosa Linn – Lay Your Hands Upon My Heart

Rosa Linn is an Armenian artist. You might know her as she represented her country at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2022. Nowadays, she is living in Los Angeles. The song Snap was a huge success and also gained a golden record in the United States. Great new single.


Good Life x Elderbook – Good Life

Summer editions of Songs of the Week ask for summer vibes – Good Life is maybe the first one of this week’s edition. The sound reminds me a bit of Milky Chance, One of the key persons behind this project is the British producer Jacob Manson, who is part of the house duo Blonde.


Oliver Tree – Bounce

After Gwen Stefani, Oliver Tree is the second artist from California on my this week’s list. A typical hip hop – pop mix, which is simply having a good vibe.


Loua – Mit Dir wach

Luoa is my home town girl this week. The German pop newcomer is located in Cologne and already worked very successfully as co-write to pop songs. Nice, very modern German pop song.


Roosevelt – Luna

Likely, the name Marius Lauber is just not cool enough to become a globally successful producer. Thus, Lauber turned into Roosevelt and became successful – with own songs, but also as writer and producer. Cool sound. If you want to listen to Luna live on stage – there are some shows at the end of 2023.


Bianca Hauert – Weil Sommer

Bianca Hauert is a German pop artist from Frankfurt. Some more summer vibes I just had to share with you.


Jonni Hamburg – Sommer in Hamburg

Guess the home town of Jonni Hamburg who is singing about the Sommer in Hamburg (I am sure I don’t have to translate that…). This song one of the coolest new releases this week. I am sure this one gives you a thought about having a trip to… Hamburg 🙂


Kopfeck – Sommer in der Stadt

“Summer in the city” – the title of this song is not too different from the Jonni Hamburg one. However, the band is from Munich and the song is singing in Bavarian. Oh, and this time, the song is about Munich – I think you guessed it again.


Antje Schomaker – Nie nach Paris

Another German act, another city: Antje Schomaker is a singer-songwriter from the Lower Rhine region. The song states that she never wanted to Paris… Until she met that very special person, with whom she would enjoy even that trip. I cannot have these kind of feelings – desperately looking for reasonable hotels for the 2024 Olympic Games in the French capital.


Schürzenjäger – Da bin i dahoam

The Schürzenjäger are one of the all-time most successful bands of Austria. They have already been founded in 1973 (you might know them as Zillertaler Schürzenjäger). They did have some lineup changes, but two original members are still active – and th son of one of them is nowadays a band member as well (he was born in 1979, six years after the band has been founded). Amazing schlager-rock track about home.




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