Runaway June – When I Think About Christmas

Runaway June - When I Think About Christmas



3.2/5 Pros

  • Some nice Christmas songs
  • Some songs show great vocal performances Cons

  • Other songs are just a bit too lame

Runaway June’s debut album Blue Roses has been much more successful than I expected when I reviewed it in June 2019. After the lineup changes of the female country trio in early 2020, When I Think About Christmas is their first major release in the new formation. The topic is – of course – Christmas. The EP has been released on 16th October 2020.


Runaway June – About The Artists

Compared to the album review I stated above, there are two key impacts to three ladies. One is success – their debut album and the corresponding singles have been very well receipted by the country music community. The second one is Natalie Stovall, the replacement for Hannah Mulholland int he line-up. Stovall is regarded to be a very talented musician, so that this Christmas EP might already give a certain hint how Runaway June will be impacted by that replacement. Naomi Cooke and Jennifer Wayne even did the C2C 2020 in Berlin as a duo and showed a very convincing stage performance there.


Runaway June – When I Think About Christmas – Track by Track

The EP includes five tracks and lasts 15 minutes. The EP mixes new songs and festive classics.

1. Christmas on the Radio

Even though this track is the longest on the EP (3:53 minutes), it feels like a intro track to the EP. Nice piece of festive country pop, summing up the feelings about 2020 and looking forward to the holidays. Really good one.

2. Sleigh Ride

This classic is my favorite of Runaway June’s Christmas release. The collaboration of the different voices is just a beautiful and harmonic listen.

3. O Holy Night

This traditional one is clearly aiming to illustrate the vocal strength of the ladies again. It is vocally a nice performance, but it does not really catch me.

4. When I Think About Christmas

While overall the EP just has very scattered spots of country music influences, the title track is definitely a country music Christmas track. If you are looking for Nashville style songs during the family days, you should already save this one on your playlist. Again, lovely harmonic vocal performance.

5. Let it Snow

Let it Snow is definitely one of the big Christmas classic – and the three ladies do a nice job interpreting it. However, compared to tracks like Sleigh Ride, it just does not reflect the trio’s performance.


Runaway June – When I Think About Christmas – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget to Runaway June’s Christmas EP:


Runaway June – When I Think About Christmas – My View

When I take When I Think About Christmas majorly as a hint how the trio will develop after the departure of Mulholland, I feel that this album is really giving a promising message. The vocal harmonic collaboration in some of the songs feels amazing. On the other hand, I have to say that the EP as such is more like an up and down. Some songs are really nice listens, others don’t reach me at all. Thus, the review of this musical Christmas dinner is just below what the ingredients felt to promise.


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