Craig Finn – A Legacy Of Rentals

Craig Finn - A Legacy Of Rentals



4.2/5 Pros

  • Great stories
  • Intense, good listening experience Cons

  • Very demanding listen as well

A Legacy Of Rentals is already the fifth album release by the US indie rock singer-songwriter Craig Finn. It has been released on 20th May 2022. I had the chance to listen to the songs before the release, here are my thoughts.


Craig Finn – About The Artist

Craig Finn is a 1971-born US-American singer-songwriter. He is majorly known for fronting the indie rock band The Hold Steady, but he has also worked in some other projects and in projects with other artists. His first solo record, Clear Heart Full Eyes, has been released in January 2012. Since then, he is regularly releasing solo albums. His last release was I Need a New War n 2019.


Craig Finn – A Legacy Of Rentals – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 46 minutes.

1. Messing With The Settings

The album opens with this almost six minute epic track. It is almost completely spoken word, only the “chorus” At sundown it feels like I’m riding a train I’m not on is sung. Very impressive listen, which beautifully leads the listener into these ten tracks.

2. The Amarillo Kid

The Amarillo Kid is coming with a significantly higher share of singing parts. Overall, the song is very melodic, but majorly impresses with the very catching storytelling. Great narrative!

3. Birthdays

Now that both our folks have passed
It’s hard to feel real tied to much.
The bandage and the broken glass.
The weak attempts to keep in touch.
I heard you have some funny friends
And it’s always someone’s birthday in your building.

The song feels like a folk rock track. Again, the way Craig Finn is describing the scenery, the conflicts of the song, is simply catching. I absolutely enjoyed this single release.

4. The Year We Fell Behind

The five minute track The Year We Fell Behind is slower, a bit of melancholic, which is also driven by the monotonous background rhythm. The sound at the beginning and ending of the song is bothering me. I am thus not overwhelmingly found of the sound.

5. Due To Depart

The fifth track has strong country music music lines. Again, you simply need to listen to the story – this one is beautifully describing personal struggle, family life and social contacts. Great message.

It’s so hard to know the right time to show up
But you’ll know when you’re due to depart

6. Curtis & Shepard

Telling stories about people, explaining the scene and the thoughts of the protagonist is the strength. Here, we got two main characters… up until the very end of the catching story.

Remember in the garden?
In 1997?
And Curtis pulls the trigger.
Now Shepard can’t remember.

7. Never Any Horses

Never Any Horses has a very rough sound, which strengthens the indie character of the record. A bit too noisy in my point of view here and then – not my favorite, but not bad at all.

8. Jessamine

This eighth song comes with nice work on the drums and, overall, a rather happy vibe. There are even some string background sounds in this one. Good listen.

9. A Break From The Barrage

The second last track of the album is not only the longest one, its style also connects to the opener. Craig Finn is narrating with some background instrumentals. That’s what the album is about, storytelling. A Break From The Barrage is one of the album’s highlights.

10. This Is What It Looks Like

The parkways all have barricades.
They’re checking on each driver.
It’s such a funny time to become lovers.

Another dramatic story to finish the set of stories. Nice rock track with very present rhythmic elements.


Craig Finn – A Legacy Of Rentals – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Craig Finn – A Legacy Of Rentals – My View

Craig Finn comes with a beautiful, warm voice, telling amazing stories. Finally, A Legacy Of Rentals lives from its lyrics. This creates a very demanding album, which is a huge contrast to simple pop mainstream songs. You need to give quite some attention to this artist to enjoy him. But I feel it is absolutely worth it!


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