Upsahl – Sagittarius EP

Upsahl - Sagittarius



4.4/5 Pros

  • Very versatile indie-pop style
  • Cool breaks and different moods, even within one song
  • Characteristic voice

After I introduced you to the US musician Upsahl in a Spotlight interview in April 2022, I am happy to feature one of her releases for the first time on as well. On 9th December 2022, the pop artist from Phoenix released the EP Sagittarius. Here is my review.


Upsahl – About The Artist

Taylor Cameron Upsahl is a 24-year old indie pop / alternative pop artist from Phoenix, Arizona. You learn a lot about her in the interview below, which I had with her right before her German tour in April, when she was about to support Fletcher. Her debut EP Hindsight 20/20 has been released in March 2020, followed by another EP, Young Life Crisis, in 2020. Lady Jesus has been her debut album, released in later 2021.

Spotlight – meets Upsahl (25th April 2022)


Upsahl – Sagittarius – Track by Track

The five track EP lasts 13 minutes

1. Kickflip

The EP covers three new songs, which alter with the two single releases. Kickflip opens the zodiac sign-titled release. The song has a nice hip hop texture on the vocal side, but has very melodic elements. The melodic side moves with with the mood. Even though I might be too old for Upsahl’s music – it’s a cool listen!

2. Into My Body

The second track is the core song of the short EP, indeed. Very energetic and powerful recording with a cool indie touch. Very nice listen

I wanna get into my body
And let my skin do the talking
I wanna feel like I’m myself again
I wanna get into my body
I don’t need anyone on me
Just serotonin rushing to my head

3. Skin Crawl

Skin Crawl again manages to work well with break within in the songs, even though the 2:10 minute listen is rather short. This leads to a very versatile and entertaining listen. Upsahl’s characteristic voice feels like the sprinkles on a lovely musical slice of cake.

4. Antsy

Antsy partially feels like a ballad, then it turns into a very hymnic mood. The Upsahl songs on Sangittarius feel like tiny little modern pop symphonies, performed by a very talented, young US artist. The lyrics give a very personal and intimate touch, great listen.

Am I to blame for my sick frantic brain
When toxic shit tastes just like candy?
Lost touch with my friends
But the internet still understands me
No wonder I’m antsy

5. Toast

Who are you? –  Would have let you kill me slowly
Who are you? – I’m grateful that you even left
Who are you? – Something about the way you hold me
Making it hard to forget
Who are you?

The closing Toast (which is in fact about the bread – We were making toast in the morning) is another song, which stays in your mind. The nice duet style recording of the chorus stays in your mind. Toast is finally turning out to be my favorite song out of these five.


Upsahl – Sagittarius – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Upsahl – Sagittarius – My View

Bad luck it is just a five song short listen – Sagittarius is indeeed a great listen by the Arizona artist. I absolutely enjoyed to listen to her 2022 songs. Hope she will be back on tour soon.


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