Brent Cobb – Southern Star

Brent Cobb - Southern Star



3.9/5 Pros

  • Straight and honest traditional country songs
  • Calm atmosphere
  • Nice stories

Welcome back, Brent Cobb! After his 2020 album Keep ‘Em On They Toes and last year’s And Now, Let’s Turn The Page, it is the third time I review an album by the US-American artist. On 22nd September 2023, he released Southern Star. I was really curious about listening to his music.


Brent Cobb – About The Artist

Brent Cobb was born on 1st August 1988 in Americus, Georgia. The city is roughly based between Atlanta and Florida capital Tallahassee. Since 2008, Cobb is active as a professional musician so far, he has released five studio albums and one EP. More bio about him can be found in the two album reviews quoted above.


Brent Cobb – Southern Star – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 34 minutes.

1. Southern Star

The title track is taking over the opening duties. Southern Star feels very relaxed time with a ticking rhythm and strong keys elements and typical country vibes. I did not like the song overwhelmingly at the beginning, but Brent Cobb did some magical touch to it. The more I listen to it, the more I like it.

2. It’s a Start

And it feels so good to be here with you – the next song It’s a start stays on the emotional side and adds some dreaming elements to the sound of the album. Again, the organ is a key driver of the rather genuine listen.

3. Livin’ the Dream

Livin’ the Dream adds some groovy blues-alike elements to Southern Star. Cobbs creates a lovely blend of influences in here. Not the right soundtrack for a quick dance on the dance floor – but you happily bobbing your boots while you are sitting at the bar when you listen to this one.

4. Patina

Patina has been released already before the album, but only as a live acoustic version. The song is perfectly made for that – it is a lovely, rather stripped down and very heartwarming ballad.

5. ‘On’t Know When

The fifth track has this slight blues touch again, but even more is intense, louder, feels slightly rocking after all these rather quiet and gentle songs. Also due to the contrast to its predecessors, the song really gets me. Nice.

6. Kick the Can

Harmonica, a monotonous rhythm and the organ are the key elements of this song. Kick the Can does nice storytelling, but it just does not touch me too much. Simply, there are not too strong musical elements which kick me. I could imagine that this one is nice in rather small and intimate venue as a live performance.

7. Devil Ain’t Done

Devil Ain’t Done is a rather virtuous three minute song. The instruments play a stronger role in this track and nicely add their influence to the melody. Overall, the song even has a jazzy touch by that and

8. When Country Came Back to Town

The eighth track has not only been one of the single releases of the album so far, but is also its longest song. The song starts kind of slow, but then more and more creating a lovely plot. A really good listen and definitely one of the highlights of the album.

9. Miss Ater

If you enjoyed the album so far, Miss Ater is a safe haven for you. The song is a nice country song with a traditional, but not outdated signature. The guitar solo adds even a rather modern touch. Very enjoyable song, which combines quite some of the elements used in other parts of the album.

10. Shade Tree

The Shade Tree is offering a cool and relaxing three minute shadow at the end of the album. A lovely, intimate finale of the listen.


Brent Cobb – Southern Star – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Brent Cobb – Southern Star – My View

I really like what Brent Cobb is doing. Southern Star is a nice album – and I am sure it will have plenty of fans. Unfortunately, it just does not touch me in a way that I would see it qualifying for a Top Pick! rating. But it is not that much worse. And if you like calm, rather unagitated tradional-style country music, your personal rating will exceed mine, likely.

Favorite Song: When Country Came Back To Town in Atlanta

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