Son Volt – Day of the Doug

Son Volt - Day of the Doug



4.1/5 Pros

  • Very personal tribute to Doug Sahm
  • Nice range of songs Cons

  • Some big hits missing
  • Very traditional country sound

After I have been pleased with their 2021 album Electro Melodier, Son Volt are back with a new album on 16th June 2023. The US alternative country/rock shared Day of the Doug on that day. I had a listen.


Son Volt – About The Artists

Son Volt are already active since 1994, when they have been founded in Illinois. Day of the Doug is already the band’s eleventh album. You can learn more about the bio of the band in my Electro Melodier review. This album is a tribute to songwriter Doug Sahm, which also explains the title of the album.


Son Volt – Day of the Doug – Track by Track

The 14 song album lasts 40 minutes

1. Doug Intro

Doug Intro is an intro, 17 seconds. Some sort of voicemail message. Not long enough to be bothering.

2. Sometimes You’ve Got To Stop Chasing Rainbows

That’s really rare in music business: Finally, Sometimes You’ve Got To Stop Chasing Rainbows is the only feature single Son Volt released before the album. A straight country music track with a nice instrumental setup. Good starting song.

Sometimes you’ve got to stop chasing rainbows
Or tailing Hailey’s comet across the sky
Sometimes you’ve got to stop chasing rainbows
And get it together before you cry

3. What About Tomorrow

There are a few songs on this album which strongly remind me of traditional German country music songs. They typically cannot deny a schlager heart, even though they come with country vibes and instruments. What About Tomorrow is one of these tracks. Feels a bit easy and kitschy. You could also say that Son Volt are recording country music right for the heart of the listener.

4. Beautiful Texas Sunshine

Another track of the heartwarming country music section. I especially enjoy the instrumental parts in here, even though I feel that the steel guitar could have even have more potential to drive this song.

5. Float Away

Son Volt turn Float Away into a country rocker, which even has some dirty outlaw character. The fade out of the song feels too lengthy, but until that point, the song is a really good listen.

6. Yesterday Got in the Way

If you didn’t tell me the last thing was on your mind
Go ahead and ask me, wish you wouldn’t waste my time
I’ve been from world to world and back today
Yesterday, yesterday got in the way

The album is not necessarily aiming to present to most successful tracks by Doug Sahm, it rather focuses on personal favorites. Thus, if you are not deeply into the work of the songwriter, you run into gems like this one. A beautiful, very melodic interpretation of the Doug Sahm song. And then, you feel thankful that you were able to listen to it.

7. Keep Your Soul

Keep your soul, girl, or if you lose it
You will lose everything in the world

The seventh track is heading back to a very traditional country music sound. The song might not feel unique, but it spreads a beautiful spirit of straight, handmade country music. Again, the melodies presented by Son Volt are beauties.

8. Dynamite Woman

With Dynamite Woman, the album goes back to 1970, when the original has been released. Son Volt turns the track into country rocker with some really nice vibes. The fiddle is the key instrument in here. Positive vibes on this one.

9. Huggin’ Thin Air

The song has a very traditional touch. However, the track does not add too many special characteristics to this homage. Thus, Huggin’ Thin Air feels a bit too thin to me.

10. Juan Mendoza

The Sir Douglas released this song for the first time in 1973. The song is a bit of slower, but comes with a nice vibe. The chorus just cannot deny some catch.

11. Poison Love

Songs like Juan Mandoza or this one, Poison Love, turn Day of the Doug to a real treat for traditional country music fans. This time, guitar strumming and accordion tunes drive the sound of the track.

12. Seguin

The song reminds of tracks by the Eagles – if only there wasn’t these surf vibes. The combination leads to a beautiful blending.

13. It’s Gonna Be Easy

The last song before the outro adds a lovely ballad with strumming guitars to the album. Nice one, indeed.

14. Doug Outro

You guess what this one is about… 14 seconds this time.


Son Volt – Day of the Doug – Spotify

Here is Day of the Doug on Spotify:


Son Volt – Day of the Doug – My View

Day of the Doug is a lovely listen for traditional country music listeners, especially (of course) for Doug Sahm fans. However, it is a very individual and personal selection of songs, which significantly limits the range of listeners and also might make you feel some monotony.


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