Patty Smyth – It’s About Time

Patty Smyth - It's About Time



4.1/5 Pros

  • Very good classic (soft) rock
  • I sometimes feel to be back in the 1980's
  • Nice version of "Downtown train"

It has been a bit tricky to search for Patty Smyth’s 2020 album It’s about time. Smyth has been a music big one in the 1980’s already, but her name is just too close to a music legend, Patti Smith. Of course, I made and and am happy to share my thoughts about the album, which has been released on 9th October 2020, with you.


Patty Smyth – About The Artist

Patricia Smyth was born on 26th June 1957 in New York City. In the early 1980’s she became well known as the lead vocalist of the New York-based rock band Scandal, who had a number 1 hit in CanadaWarrior, and created several good charts entries in the US Mainstream rock chart entries during that time. The band split up in 1985 and Patty Smyth went solo and thereby even declined to replace David Lee Roth as the lead vocalist for Van Halen. Her first two solo albums, Never Enough (1987) and Patty Smyth (1992) had solid US chart positions. If you skip a Greatest Hits album including Scandal songs and a Christmas album, Come On December (2015), It’s About Time is Patty Smyths third album and the first one since 28 years.

Her biggest song, by the way, was Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough, a duet with Don Henley. The most remarkable track, likely, was however Downtown Train (1987), a Tom Waits cover, which became a huge success for Rod Steward three years later.


Patty Smyth – It’s About Time – Track by Track

The eight track album lasts 32 minutes.

1. Drive

Come out with me, let’s go back in time, let’s drive
All of the years in between just let them fly by
Under the arc of the sky I won’t let go
Under the summer trees I loved you so

The album starts very promising with that lovely soft rock song Drive, which has also been selected as one of the singles released before the album. Wise decision – especially the chorus is really touching.

2. Build a Fire

This fire has a lot of power. I really love to listen to this speedy track, which was – together with the starting song – my key motivation to give a first deeper listen since the 1980’s. Even if Drive has this touch of being outstanding – Build a Fire is a really good one!

3. I’m Gonna Get There

The slow piano ballad I’m Gonna Get There is quite a contrast to the two quite powerful songs at the beginning of the album. In regards of presence and beauty, however, it connects quite well to the first two songst. Love to listen to it more frequently in the future.

4. Losing Things

Losing Things is the first song on the album, which makes me struggle a bit. It is a lovely recording, but I overall cannot relate to it. Mixed emotions here – sorry Miss Smyth!

5. No One Gets What They Want

With that fifth songs, the album is getting back quite a bunch of its presence. Really nice track, which could be a late 1980’s or early 1990’s one as well. Good listen!

6. Only One

Cause I’m not the only one who lays awake
Who’s waiting for your call
I’m not the only one who listens for
Your footsteps in the hall
No, you left us all

I would love to name this one country music and somehow push it into my next Sunday Country Music Playlists’ additions. But it is rock music. Great rock music. Lovely song!

7. Downtown Train

She does it again – Patty Smyth’s version of the classic is just lovely. Enjoy to listen to it!

8. Ode to Billie Joe

The eighth and final song of this album is a cover as well. The original country song has been recorded by Bobbie Gentry in 1967 and has been a huge success for the artist. Patty Smyth does the new recording in lovely style. Nice finish.


Patty Smyth – It’s About Time – Spotify

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Patty Smyth – It’s About Time – My View

It may be surprising that Patty Smyth is back in the (virtual) record stores – but the more it is a shame that it took her so long to come back. The album is a lot of fun – some minor things finally prevent me from going for the really high reviews, but the album definitely deserves a good one. Dare a listen if you enjoy classic soft rock.


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