Texas Hippie Coalition – The Name Lives On

Texas Hippie Coalition - The Name Lives On



4.8/5 Pros

  • Great blending of country, Southern rock and metal
  • Great, catching songs
  • Superb vocals

Most people associate the abbreviation THC with Tetrahydrocannabinol, a psychoactive Cannabinoid. However, you can have a lot of fun with THC without harming your health – listening to the band Texas Hippie Coalition. The Southern metal band releases a new album on 21st April 2023 – I just had to go for a listen. The title of the release is The Name Lives On.


Texas Hippie Coalition – About The Artists

Texhas Hippie Coalition (or short: THC, which is indeed used as a band name abbreviation) have been formed in 2004. Their home town is Denison in Texas, North of Dallas. Since then, there have been quite a lot of lineup changes, Wikipedia lists fifteen formerly band members. The only founding member of THC is lead singer Big Dad Ritch. The quintet additionally consists of Cord Pool, Nevada Romo (both guitar), Larodo Romo (bass) and Joey Mandigo (drums). The band has released six albums so far. Especially in the mid-2010’s, THC regularly reached high spots in the US Hard Rock and US Heart Charts. In this era, they also had some decent placement in the US Mainstream Rock Single Charts. The latest studio album, however, is dated as of May 2019 (High in the Saddle) and did not make it into the charts.


Texas Hippie Coalition – The Name Lives On – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 37 minutes.

1. Hell Hounds

The opener Hell Hounds is in fact the only song THC has released before the album. The song is a nicely pumping head-banger – but boots feel somehow mandatory as well. Thus, it is fully in line with the Southern metal expectations.

2. I Come From The Dirt

The second song feels a bit more groovy, rather reminds of blues elements than of country music. The Southern/Americana touch is comparably small, though. The song has nonetheless a nice potential to become a fan favorite, for example because the band is tending to name their style “red dirt metal”.

3. Built For The Road

Built For The Road is indeed built for the road – sorry for that phrasing. The song with the stomping rhythm perfectly fits to your road trip playlist, alongside classics like Born to be Wild. Thus, the song is likely having one of the widest potential, regarding the possible audience.

4. Scream

A good riff, straight-forward, metal with a Southern touch. And then there is the voluminous voice of Big Dad Ritch. Scream is indeed one of the finest listens on this album. The chorus is a bit of repetitive, but that makes the song stay in your mind as well.

5. Hard Habit

The fifth song is slowing down the album speed again. The swaying vibe of the melodic chorus gives the song a nice finish. Overall, Hard Habit is not bad at all, but does not come with that many interesting elements as other songs on the album.

6. Believe

The sixth song is rather a Southern rock song than a Southern metal one. Again, THC have written a beautiful, melodic main theme. A key element of this song is also the instrumental solo on the bridge. Really nice track, which is an especially good fit right after Hard Habit.

7. License To Kill

British agent movies or dark lyrics with potential of some intentional deaths? The dark groove of Licence To Kill definitely does not remind of 007. This is a song, right as you imagine Southern rock to be. By the way, this is to me the best vocal performance on the album. Big Dad Ritch is really pushing for the limits, just as if his life depended on it. Great!

8. Keep My Name Out Of Your Mouth

The previous tracks have been comparably gentle. Thus, Keep My Name Out Of Your Mouth is just the right track to persuade metal lovers to keep on listening to this album. The Texans give these guys just what they need, a hard one 🙂

9. I Teach Angels How To Fly

Did we miss something? Yeah, first of all, there is still no title track. You have to wait for the final song. And we need a power ballad. This ballad indeed has a lot of power – and a great performance on the microphone again. Nice changes between powerful, bombastic parts and very quiet moments.

10. The Name Lives On

As said, The Name Lives On end with The Name Lives On. Especially the first minute of the song has a lot of Southern and red dirt style. Great work on the guitars and vocals.


Texas Hippie Coalition – The Name Lives On – Spotify

Here is The Name Lives On on Spotify:


Texas Hippie Coalition – The Name Lives On – My View

If you like metal or rock and just cannot deny a bit of a Southern and country music heart, this is your must-listen! The Name Lives On is a great set of songs in the heart of these genres, coming with great songwriting and a really stunning vocal performance. Lots of love for this release.


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