Natalie Shay – Naked EP

Natalie Shay - Naked



3.9/5 Pros

  • Five nice pop songs
  • Great productions with 1980's feeling
  • Atmospheric fifth track Cons

  • Some somes are quite close to each other

When I am preparing the selection of my first wave of album and EP reviews for each weekend, I sometimes run into artists or album covers, which just make me listen into an artist I did not know before at all. One of these artists was Natalie Shay, who seems to have received already quite some reputation in the United Kingdom. Here is her debut EPNaked, which Shay released on 17th April 2020.


Natalie Shay – About The Artist

Natalie Shay is a twenty year old independent pop artist from North London. Her musical background is classical guitar, which gave her the chance to learn at the BRIT school, which also was part of the music education for talents like Adele. She gained reputation in the London music scene, won the Mayor of London Gigs contest twice and even was part of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest jury for Great Britain.


Natalie Shay – Naked – Track by Track

The EP contains of five tracks. The total playtime is 18 minutes.

1. Not The Girl

I just ran into a short part of Not The Girl, which made me decide that I should review this EP definitely. A very straight pop track, reminds me a bit of the 1980’s Bananarama sound – wow!

2. Owe It To You

Owe It To You was as well published before the album release. Right after the first track, it just feels a bit weaker, but it is still a very nice and good listen radio track. Nice!

3. People Like Me

People Like Me might have a bit more of a modern touch than Not The Girl, but I just love the spirit this track has. Just a great listen – this time with stronger guitar elements and maybe even more power, but slightly less genius.

4. Naked

The fourth track is the title track Naked. Again, it is a nice entertainment pop – this time I feel like being back in my younger years again. Could as well be a Stephanie track, for example. A bit more 2020’s style towards the end of the song.

5. Yesterday (Slow Version)

The slow version of her song Yesterday is a lovey finish of the Naked EP. Very intense, great atmosphere. I like that version quite a bunch.


Natalie Shay – Naked – Spotify

Here is the Spotify preview for Naked:


Natalie Shay – Naked – My View

It is always some sort of blind travel book when you decide to review an artist you don’t know too much about. Natalie Shay felt to persuade me with a couple of tunes – and finally prooved with her five track Naked that she absolutely deserved to have a closer look into her music. Really nicely produced tracks – the first four tracks are a bit too close to each other in my point of view. The slow version of Yesterday is a very necessary addition to the EP to add some variety to the recording. Good job!


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