MKSM – Ready EP

MKSM - Ready



3.1/5 Pros

  • Nice pop tracks
  • Individually good songs Cons

  • Four out of five songs already released
  • Rather repetitive style

If you speak it out loud, you guess it already. MKSM is a way to shorten the civil name of this artist, MKSM. Born in Russia, partially living in the Ukraine he is now already releasing his third EP. The title of the recording is Ready, the release date is 10th November 2023 – and there will be a release concert in Lübeck on the Saturday right thereafter.


MKSM – About The Artist

Despite being a rather young artist, MKSM has had a quite eventful life already. He lived as a late repatriate in Russia, later he moved to the Ukraine, London and Berlin. He released two EPs already, High on Lows (2021) and Feelings of a Misfit (2022). Being openly gay, he is also a popular artist on CSD all over Europe. Apart from a musical career, he is also pursuing a career in acting and comedy.


MKSM – Ready – Track by Track

The five song EP lasts 13 minutes.

1. Ready

The title track is the only song which MKSM has not yet shared with his followers. The song is a falsetto voice pop song with electronic beat, which stays in your mind. Good one.

2. Last One

Last One is showing the rather emotional and romantic side – to me, the second one is definitely the most beautiful listen of the album. It is majorly concentrating on the MKSM’s voice and the strumming guitar. I also love the chorus of the ballad.

I spent all mistakes on my first loves
I spent all goodbyes on my lost loves
I’m so glad that I wasted my blunt affection
Learned all the lessons before I met you
I saved all my love for the last one

3. Used To Do

The third song reminds of the opener. The song is a rhythmic pop song with electronic pop and synth pop elements. The sog has a nice melody, but overall, it is not as catchy as the two tracks before.

4. Breaking My Rules

The duet-style of Breaking My Rules introduces another song plot to the EP, even though the song is in line with the tracks before. Breaking My Rules is a bit more fluent and feels a more mature to me. Thus, I smile more brightly during the listen.

5. Loving Myself

The shortest song of the EP is Last One (2:35 minutes) – the 2:52 minutes Loving Myself is taking the chucker-out role. Even that but underlines that there is a certain streamlining in the five songs of this release. Nonetheless, the closing song is to me the best one of the rhythmic pop songs. It simply comes with the most infectious groove.


MKSM – Ready – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


MKSM – Ready – My View

Four out of five songs already released. – I feel that it is too poor if you do your third EP release. The songs on Ready are nice on an individual basis. However, I feel that there is a very strong signature style in the music of MKSM – in order to avoid stating that three of the five songs are close to each other. Bad luck – I feel that there is much more potential in this artist.

Favorite Track: Last One



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