Sacropolis – Dormir Au Soleil EP

Sacropolis - Dormir Au Soleil



4.2/5 Pros

  • Very nice, versatile songwriting
  • Unique sound Cons

  • Four songs previously released

Sacropolis is a GermanFrench indie-pop project. However, the members are not coming from the Saarland or any similar close-to-the border region. Two band members are from Frankfurt, while the other two are from Paris. With Dormir Au Soleil, they release their second EP on 20th September 2023. I liked their sound and gave them a deeper listen.


Sacropolis – About The Artists

The birth of Sacropolis was in fact already in 2013, when the brothers Jean (now: guitar) and Leon (bass) as well as Tom (drums) ran into Ben (singer, guitar), who was doing music in the Frankfurt shopping street Zeil. Despite the setup and the title of their second EP, Sacropolis is typically having English lyrics. In August 2021, they released their debut EP Something Like Pepita.


Sacropolis – Dormir Au Soleil – Track by Track

The six track EP lasts 17 minutes. Four of the tracks have already been released.

1. Deja Vu

Don’t you know, I miss you so
Will not let you go
I don’t care how long it’s been
Next time I’ll be there

Deja Vu opens the EP with the very melodic, beautiful Deja Vu. Especially the dreamish-sounding chorus stays in your mind.

2. Sunday Hype

The key element I like about Sunday Hype is the very groovy sound and the catchy post-chorus theme, which occurs in the chorus. The sound of the key part of the song is gentle, without feeling soupy or cheap. The second track also works more intensively with synth pop elements.

3. Dunno What To Do

The 2:15 minutes short Dunno What To Do is the first previously unreleased song on Dormir Au Soleil. Especially in the chorus, the sound of Sacropolis reminds me a bit of Andreas Dorau. As I love the Hamburg artist, this cannot be all bad.

4. Dormir Au Soleil

The title track of the EP has been the last single release before the EP has been published. The song feels a bit more rocking with drums and guitar sounds in focus of the song. Despite the English stanzas, the chorus is sung in French:

Dormir au soleil
Rêver au soleil
S’aimer au soleil
La la lala la

5. Venice

Should I try to keep it or should I let go? That’s about the key topic about wonderful memories which have been happening in Venice. The chorus is a great touch. The song overall spreads nice, nostalgic feelings. Great one.

6. Appel manque

The closing track is a beautiful, melodic one. The acoustic guitar elements feel like folk music. However, there are also synth elements and other items, which remind you of the songs before. Thus, Appel mangue is a lovely wrap-up of the EP as well.


Sacropolis – Dormir Au Soleil – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Sacropolis – Dormir Au Soleil – My View

I really like Dormir Au Soleil. The songs are different so that the six track album stays entertaining – at least if you do not happen to know two thirds of them beforehand. This quartet is delivering a really nice signature sound. I feel there is even more potential in Sacropolis.



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