Songs Of The Week (week of 23rd February 2024)

February 2024 is quite an intense month for me. Even though the trips I have planned and done are comparably relaxing with a lot of business class legs, I am on the road quite a lot. This week, I am off to Malaysia, checking out two new airlines for me, Saudia and Firefly, as well as four new airports. There is also quite a nice range of new releases on my this week’s release radar. Hope you enjoy it.


Suntears – No Room For Two

Suntears is the band name of the two brother Andy and Marcus Fechner. They are from Ettlingen in Southern Germany. The debut album of the duo has already been released in 2014. I felt that No Room For Two is simply such a great an intense listen, I had to share it.


Streichelt – Eines Tages

Streichelt is a German pop artist from Nuremberg. The artist name means something like petting or stroking. At least his new single is a gentle touch for the ears of the listener.


All To Get Her – Missing Part

The band All To Get Her grew already quite some attention with their debut EP Red Carpet. However, this is already roughly eight years ago. The Swiss still do lovely pop music. Nice new single release.


Christa Fartek – Hallo Mama

Christa Fartek’s song could even play a role in my Country Music Playlist. The blending of schlager and Americana elements leads to a beautiful sound. I really like this new tune by the Austrian artist.


Denise Repolusk – Wahre Freundschaft

Denise Repolusk is another artist from Austria in this week’s Songs of the Week. Her new schlager-pop track underlines that she is more and climbing to the top of the schlager music scene.


Matthias Reim – Zeppelin

German schlager hero Matthias Reim released a very personal and emotional song this week. A straight and honest track, which somehow compensates that a bit of the catch of his big hits is missing.


Sandra Hesch – Du machst mir Angst

Sandra Hesch states “You creep me out” in her new single release. The Austrian pop artist has already quite a huge fan base on social media – this modern track is illustrating why this is the case. Nice!


Samu Haber – Gimme Your Hand

The former lead singer of Sunrise Avenue is deep in the heart of the German fans – even though is originally from Finland. His latest single release is a really intense listen.


Linkin Park – Friendly Fire

When you think about Linkin Park, you likely thing about alternative rock anthems. However, the Greater Los Angeles band shows a beautifully emotional side, when they ask What are we fighting for in their new song Friendly Fire. Lovely.


John Riot – Intoxicated

The queer Berlin artist John Riot released his very personal song Intoxicated this weekend. A song full of sad and traumatic moments. Great listen.


Jack Savoretti & Zucchero – Senza Una Donna (Without A Woman)

This song is indeed a timeless classic. Italian Zucchero had global success when he released Senza Una Donna (Without a Woman) in 1987. In the meantime, the track has been recorded with various artists. This time, he has shared the recording studio with English pop musician Jack Savoretti. I initially felt a bit of shy to share this cover – but I feel it is simply too good (again).


Kurt Zeltner & Tanja Scheichl-Ebenhoch – Sunrise

A very beautiful collaboration this week is the song by Swiss Kurt Zeltner, who recorded Sunrise with Austrian musician Tanja Scheichl-Ebenhoch. Especially the fiddle parts give this pop track a really special touch.


Rainhard Fendrich – Haben Sie Wien schon bei Nacht gesehen (live symphonic)

Rainhard Fendrich is one of the most famous and successful Austrian artist. His 1985 song Haben Sie Wien schon bei Nacht gesehen (“Have you already seen Vienna at night”) is an absolute classic. Basic on a show with a symphonic orchestra, he is now releasing this amazing live version of the song. Love it!


Tarja – Dark Star

Even though I would not see myself s a die-hard Tarja Turunen fan, I simply enjoy what the Finnish artist is doing. The single version of her song Dark Star is a lovely blend of her metal heart and classical vocalist background. Impressing listen

Myrath – Candles Cry

I am posting this list of new releases from Tunisia. How could I dare to skip this new release by the local hard guys? just two weeks until they finally release their new album – I am flattered.


The Jay Howie Trio – Superstitious Mind

While the promotion platform I use for this posting lists Superstitious Mind under the artist The Jay Howie Trio, it is Jay Howie only on Spotify. The voice of the Australian blues rock artist strongly reminds me of legendary Lemmy Kilmister. Very groovy and slightly dark sound.


Lowlives – Loser

The Lowlives from Lowell, Massachusetts, close the Songs of the Week this time. Their song Loser is a really nice mixture of rock, alternative and grunge elements.



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