Country Music Playlists Log Archive

I felt sad that I every week delete my comments on why I updated the Country Music Playlists with certain songs. Thus, I decided to archive the comments over the last weeks. Just repeating… But I felt that it is a nice log if you just want to look it up (and finally… If you don’t like it… Just skip that page 🙂 ).

I had to move annual tranches of this log archive to dedicated pages. Here are the sub-pages per calendar year (completed calendar years):


My Playlist Update Logs:

Country Music Playlist Update Log (29th May 2023)

I could not keep up the frequency of postings and it may still take me a few days to come back to two postings a day. I got hit by a flu something and had to relax for many more days than I expected. The list of country music releases was not that long this week luckily – I guess it will change drastically with the CMA Fest weeks ahead.

  • Year to be Young 1994 by Stephen Wilson Jr.

Together with Everette and Austin Jenckes, Stephen Wilson Jr. gave a great show in Cologne’s Helios37 last week. I felt that this even should have some reflection in the playlist – I chose Stephen’s most successful song on Spotify so far.

  • On A Nashville Night by The Cumberland River Project

Being in Nashville, hanging out, having some fun… and all the stories which are simply happening On A Nashville Night – who could describe that better than Frank and his The Cumberland River Project? Glad to have some new country tunes by the German artist.

  • Runnin’ by Austin Gilliam

Austin Gilliam released a really nice five track EPI’m Sorry, I’m Fine, this weekend. I picked the third song for my playlist.

  • Where Does That Leave Me? by Chelsea Berman

So good to have a new song by the lovely Australian Chelsea Berman. Nice new slower country-pop track.

  • Midknight Rodeo by Hot Country Knights

Dierks Bentley and his party band are back. After The K is Silent, there seems to be a new round of fun stuff from this project. Not as good as the debut album stuff so far, but still made to smile and dance.

Therefore, the following songs are leaving the playlist:

  • Land Where the Wishes Come True by Dean M. Collins
  • Another Honky Tonk by Bryan Martin
  • Whiskey Colored Eyes by Brandon Davis
  • 1000 Sterne (Nashville Mix) by Joshville
  • Lady Perfect by Rhinestones


Country Music Playlist Update Log (22nd May 2023)

After quite some traveling the last two weekends, my next weeks will rather focus on the last performances of the British and German versions of Rock of Ages. On the country music side, I am curious about all the CMA Fest releases which will be published soon. However, this week’s list of playlist additions already comes with some quite interesting songs.

  • Ain’t Enough Rocks by Brandy Clark feat. Derek Trucks

The country music release of the week has clearly been Brandy Clark to me. The self-titled album is a really nice and entertaining listen. Even though this is quite a dark opening of my set of five songs, I went for this track as my favorite.

  • What Colors Your Wild by Payton Smith

A very interesting this week is the seven track EP What Colors Your Wild by Payton Smith. Even though Smith is in the business for some years already, he is still a very young and promising artist. The title track of his new EP is underlining this.

  • I Win Again by Savannah Jaine

Room With A View – not too surprisingly I could relate to this EP by Savannah Jaine and have a bit of a deeper listen. My favorite one is not this travel reference, though, but I Win Again.

  • Aw Naw by Chris Young

Regardless if I look at my Songs of the Week or the country playlists – I went for quite a lot of rocking music. My classic song choice Chris Young released as part of his 2013 album A.M. is just in line with that. The song is just about to crash the magical target of 100 million Spotify streams some time this year likely.

  • Lady Perfect by Rhinestones

The Rhinestones are country band from Essen in the German Ruhrgebiet. That’s the kind of country music which is typically marketed as such by German music companies. More modern sounds are named “pop” or “rock” music. In this segment of country music, I feel that the German band is really promising.

Therefore, the following songs are leaving the playlist:

  • Lift Me Up by Darius Rucker
  • Overdose by Eddie and the Getaway
  • Old man in the back by Nick Bosse
  • Leavin’ Love Again by July Turner
  • Lose my Cool by Alyssa Micaela


Country Music Playlist Update Log (15th May 2023)

Selecting songs for my playlists this week was really tough. For the New Country Songs only, I had over 40 candidates. They were really good… So that I just managed to boil the list down to close to 20 songs. In this playlist, I managed to get back to a list of reviews, new songs and classics.

  • 1000 Sterne (Nashville Mix) by Joshville

As I said in my latest Songs of the Week episode, Joshville is always between schlager and country music and thus makes it too rarely to my playlists. Thus, I decided to have him twice this week – you find the radio version in the post and the Country Music Playlist welcomes the Nashville Edit.

  • I Don’t Hate U (My Mom Thinks Ur Trash) by Daisy Briggs

Daisy Briggs and her debut EP Nice Knowing You really made me smile during the review – but that track was the brightest smile. Hope you enjoy, too.

  • Pain Won’t Last by Bailey Zimmerman

Bailey Zimmerman released a really interesting album this weekend. After having a couple of single releases with huge volume of streams, Religiously. The Album presents 18 songs. I picked this one.

  • Holdin’ Onto Something by Jeff Carson

Bad luck that I just did not have the capactiy to have a listen to 448 more deeply. The new album by Jeff Carson comes with some really nice tunes – this is my favorite.

  • Somebody’s Hero by Jamie O’Neal

After having new releases only for a few weeks, I felt it is time to have some more traditional tunes in the playlist as well. This week, I thought of Somebody’s Hero, a lovely 2005 song by Jamie O’Neal.

Therefore, the following songs are leaving the playlist:

  • Sorry Momma by Chase Rice
  • Stay Single by Kaylee Rose
  • Same Old Country Song by Brian Falduto
  • Too Many Love Songs by Cam Allen
  • The Guitar Slinger by Kip Moore


Country Music Playlist Update Log (8th May 2023)

Due to still being very busy with the Iceland Ring Road trip, I had to follow the same rules as last week: the postings for the website are strictly scheduled and on the music side, I had to focus on albums I already received before I went to Iceland. Thus, some interesting releases just did not make it and five songs representing album releases of this week define my selection of songs:

  • Last Hometown by Logan Mize

The first song of my list this week is by Logan Mize. He released the five track EP Bloodline. I loved the fourth song, Last Hometown – hope you do, too.

  • ’94 Accord by Canaan Cox

Another really interesting EP release is End Up In a Song. I selected the song right in the middle of five recordings. Nice praise of a good, old car – what could be more country music-alike?

  • Electric by The BossHoss

An album I prayed for getting earlier is Electric Horsemen by the German country heroes The BossHoss. The album is not that country-rocking as previous releases, but comes with some really nice tunes. For this playlist, I selected Electric.

  • Traitor Joe by Megan Moroney

One of the songs taken from album releases this week I enjoyed most is Traitor Joe. It is one of the songs from the debut album of Georgia-origin artist Megan Moroney, Lucky. Hopefully we are lucky to listen to more songs like this one from her in the future.

  • Red Roses & Red Flags by Meghan Patrick

A much more established female country artist, definitely, is Meghan Patrick. The Canadian released her six songs EP Greatest Show on Dirt on Friday, featuring some really nice tracks – like this one.

Therefore, the following songs are leaving the playlist:

  • Petty in the 80’s by Karley Scott Collins
  • Peter Pan by Kelsea Ballerini
  • Redneck Rockstar by Royale Lynn
  • Saturday Night by Dennis Adamus
  • Hope I’m Not The Only One by Logan Mize


Country Music Playlist Update Log (1st May 2023)

I hope that some of you join us on my wife’s and my Iceland Ring Road adventure. In order to keep running in parallel to the travel, I had a lot of preparatory work. Most of the contents you see this week, which is not related to the trip has been produced and scheduled beforehand. Thus, I could also not accept albums for review on release Friday, but only worked with material companies handed over to me beforehand. Thus, I decided to do another Country Music Playlist update just with songs representing new albums.

  • Ich glaub ich bin Country by Nik Wallner

The album about which I am most sad that I cannot present it is Landkarte, the debut one by Nik Wallner. Interestingly, it is classified as German schlager on Spotify only. This track is well known to German listeners who saw Nik live on stage already. Now everybody can listen to it.

  • The Guitar Slinger by Kip Moore

The most prominent release this week is for sure the 13 song album Damn Love by Kip Moore. I selected The Guitar Slinger for the playlist, even though it might not have such a strong country style as other tracks on the album.

  • Lose my Cool by Alyssa Micaela

A rather traditional country sound is dominating the album release The Hard Way by Alyssa Micaela. However, I selected one of the more contemporary listens of the album – apart from that I love the way Alyssa is rocking.

  • Whiskey Colored Eyes by Brandon Davis

I often complain that EPs and albums more and more get too short – Brandon Davis released an EP with eight songs this week. My favorite of Jesus and Jesse James is Whiskey Colored Eyes – and this is why I share it with you.

  • Fire It Up by Gord Bamford

Last, but not least, I went for a straight selection: Gord Bamford released his album Fire It Up on Friday – and I just went for the title track. Nice country song with a good rock heart.

Therefore, the following songs are leaving the playlist:

  • No Time Soon by Jordan Davis
  • 20Something by Halay May Campbell feat. Julia Cole
  • See Me Now by Luke Combs
  • He Ain’t Coming Back by Crystal Sands
  • Night Time is My Time by Jake Worthington


Country Music Playlist Update Log (24th April 2023)

Wow, this weekend has been packed with EPs and albums. Sorry that I just could not check them out all. I feel for the first time in the playlist’s history, I just chose songs representing new country music albums and EPs

  • Hey Little Mama by Morgan Evans

The first release I feature in here is Life Upside Down by Morgan Evans. I still remember his recent gig in Hamburg very well. Hey Little Mama is one of two not yet released songs. Cool vibes.

  • Fun While It Lasted by Jessica Sole

Another EP – however, I don’t know too much about this Canadian artist, who just released Hometown Cliche on Friday. Some really nice tracks with a characteristic voice.

  • On my Way by Brandon Ray

Nice country with a rock’n’roll attitude – Brandon Ray released his album Days Like These this weekend. Scanning the new songs was a lot of fun to me – and I just felt to make you rock with me. Yee-Haw!

  • Leavin’ Love Again by July Turner

Let’s keep on rocking. July Turner released his debut EP early this week. The EP is simply self-titled – I went for this one. Great listen!

  • Home To Me by Tenille Townes

Being inspired by a series of concerts which made you travel through the country by train – that’s about the story of the five track EP Home To Me by Tenille Townes. I chose the opener.

Therefore, the following songs are leaving the playlist:

  • I Ain’t in the Country No More by Hardy
  • Something You Love by Kiefer Sutherland
  • Lucky by Robin Winter
  • If You’re Ever in Georgia by Tony Evans Jr.
  • Over For You by Morgan Evans


Country Music Playlist Update Log (17th April 2023)

Even though there were not that many new country music releases this week, there were a lot of really cool single releases – and a few album. As I had a short trip this weekend, I wanted to concentrate on album releases which I already received beforehand – bad luck that the country music representation was rather thin in there. Some interesting artists and new names in this selection of the week after Easter 2023.

  • Guitars Get Girls by Donice Morace

Donice Morace’s website emphasizes how that this guy is authentic. This week, he released the eight track album This Life I Love. My favorite one is the second last track Guitars Get Girls – have fun.

  • Whiskey’d Me Away by Kenna Elpers

Kenna Elpers was a new artist name for me. Her homepage states that the Southern Indiana girl decided to become a country music singer at the age of three. Later, she competed in The Voice. Still a very young, but already quite experienced artist.

  • Old man in the back by Nick Bosse

The EP Portraits by Nick Bosse really fascinated me. The artist’s storytelling is simply beautiful. I finally decided to share this showcase with you.

  • Dance With You by Brett Young

Damn, it is already almost half a year ago since I saw Brett Young live on stage in Cologne. This week, he released the new single Dance With You. It’s a beauty!

  • Love Like That by The Wolfe Brothers feat. The Shires

Interesting collaboration: The Wolfe Brothers released their new album Livin’ The Dream this week. The fifth song is that AustrlianBritish collaboration with The Shires. My highlight of the twelve songs.

Therefore, the following songs are leaving the playlist:

  • Cruise by Florida Georgia Line
  • Shoot Tequila by Tigirlily Gold
  • Whiskey Over Ice by Kezia Gill
  • Good Thing by Joey Hyde
  • Me To Me by Morgan Wallen


Country Music Playlist Update Log (10th April 2023)

Happy Easter everyone! You could feel a significant decrease in the number of releases, album and single, over all kinds of genres this week. Not too bad from my perspective, as I have been to Croatia the very first time in my life (the last time I have been there it was still part of Yugoslavia) and went for a rather relaxing weekend. I still come back with quite a lot of material for the travel section. Here are my five new country music picks for this week. Very interesting ones, I feel.

  • Too Many Love Songs by Cam Allen

The new album In a Hometown by Cam Allen is one of the most interesting releases of the week. The album has a lot of rather slow songs – Too Many Love Songs is an outstanding ballad.

  • Hope I’m Not the Only One by Logan Mize

One of the nicest recent songs I heard of Logan MizeHope I’m Not the Only One has been released this week – and it comes with the lovely signature sound of the US country artist.

  • Arrowhead by Ian Munsick

New album release by Ian Munsich: White Buffalo comes with an amazing total of 18 songs. Here is one of my favorite listens.

  • Honey Bee by Blake Shelton

The low release frequency on Easter gives a great chance for a classic. This time, I went for a Blake Shelton song, which most of you will definitely know.

  • Night Time Is My Time by Jake Worthington

Another interesting album releases this week is the self-titled one by Jake Worthington. A rather traditional sound with a modern touch – this one is a lovely honky-tonk track

Therefore, the following songs are leaving the playlist:

  • She Had Me At Heads Carolina by Cole Swindell feat. Jo Dee Messina
  • Three Favorite Colors by LOCASH
  • Music To My Tears by Cort Carpenter
  • Joan of Arc by Ward Thomas
  • Standing Room Only by Tim McGraw


Country Music Playlist Update Log (3rd April 2023)

Not so many big names of country music released new songs this week, but the volume as such was quite large. For me, a rather intense week lies ahead, including the German debut of the Rock of Ages tour. However, Easter will lead to some relaxing days in Croatia. Hope you have fun with the Easter Bunny as well 🙂

  • Another Honky Tonk by Bryan Martin

One of the most interesting album releases this week is Poets & Old Souls. Bryan Martin composed nine tracks, the two last ones are acoustic versions of songs before. This one is my favorite.

  • Saturday Night by Dennis Adamus

Yeah, this cool country rocker is “Made in Germany”.. Dennis Adamus’ latest release is really amazing in my point of view – hope you like it too.

  • Fiddle And A Violin by Jenna Paulette

16 songs in one album – Jenna Paulette illustrates that Nashville does not always have to be a bit too short. I really liked the sound of her new release The Girl I Was and opted for this song.

  • Fires Don’t Start Themselves by Darius Rucker

There is a huge list of new releases this weekend, so that there was no free spot for “classics”. Darius Rucker’s new single is indeed a great country music track.

  • Wild and Free by Chris Buck Band

Another really interesting release this week is the EP Answers by the Chris Buck Band. I felt that I have to share an impression with you and opted for Wild and Free.

Therefore, the following songs are leaving the playlist:

  • Party Mode by Dustin Lynch
  • Happier by First Time Flyers
  • That’s My Kind of Night by Luke Bryan
  • Beer at my Funeral by Dierks Bentley
  • The Thing That Wrecks You by Tenille Townes feat. Bryan Adams


Country Music Playlist Update Log (27th March 2023)

Country Music (almost) unlimited: especially on the single release side, I had masses of new songs. Thus, the New Country Songs playlist has been updated with 17 new songs. During the last days, I tried to plan the country festival coverage summer, so that you don’t get bored in the warmer season. I hope that these five additions to my major playlist already give you some good vibes.

  • See Me Now by Luke Combs

No doubt, Gettin’ Old by Luke Combs should be on as an album review. But to be very straight to you: writing a full review of an 18 song album in peak work times if you haven’t received it as a promo beforehand is sometimes just too challenging.. Sorry Luke – it’s a good one (even though I like the earlier ones more…) Here is one of my favorite listens.

  • Sweet Spot by Lindsay Ell

If you don’t like Lindsay Ell, something is wrong with you (or you don’t know her), I guess. One of the most friendly people I met in the business. The Canadian with the gently rocking heart released her new song Sweet Spot – another great one.

  • Redneck Rockstar by Royale Lynn

You might not recognize me, ’cause they never put country on MTV… Since I ran into Royale Lynn and her music, I simply love what she is doing. And her new release this week is lifting my love to another lever. Royale Lynn is truly a Redneck Rockstar.

  • Too Far Gone by Ashley Ryan

Four country songs by female artists this time. Ain’t that a great country rocker by Ashley Ryan? Enjoy partying with her.

  • He Ain’t Coming Back by Crystal Sands

An album I really liked while scanning the country new releases of the week is 09 by Crystal Sands. Nine songs, rather on the slow and traditional sound side. I felt to share my favorite with you.

Therefore, the following songs are leaving the playlist:

  • wrong girl by Lindsay Ell
  • Blacked Out by Elle King
  • Howdy Howdy Howdy by Jon Langston
  • Dein Zuhaus by Nik Wallner
  • Wasted Youth by Drayton Farley


Country Music Playlist Update Log (20th March 2023)

Times are ups and downs. This week is the first week of “getting back to normal” after a lot of traveling with Weird Al Yankovic, the Pittsburgh Penguins and Rock of Ages. However, I did not have any country releases, so that I felt that I will give you three songs I loved while driving through Pennsylvania and listening to The Highway on Sirius XM radio. All three tracks are on a quite heavy rotation and have been featured in the Top 30 charts of the satellite radio channel.

  • Smell Like Smoke by Lainey Wilson

Lainey Wilson has been one of the key topics in country radio, over there in the United StatesSmell Like Smoke was the key track of the radio coverage.

  • God Gave Me A Girl by Russell Dickerson

Listening to this song made me kind of sad, knowing that Russell Dickerson was touring Germany in parallel to my US trip, presented by Sound of Nashville.

  • Over For You by Morgan Evans.

Luckily I did not miss the concert of Morgan Evans – at least I could make it to the Hamburg show with Mitchell Tenpenny. The Cologne concert has already been in parallel to my travels. Nice song by the Australian

  • 20Something by Haley Mae Campbell feat. Julia Cole

This one is the only new song I decided to add to the playlist this week. Two really interesting female country artists. I am especially amazed by Julia, who is so active in the studio.

  • Peter Pan by Kelsea Ballerini

Currently, it is hard to have Morgan Evans somewhere without having a topic about Kelsea Ballerini as well – or vice versa. After I went for Over For You, what would be a better choice for a classic than this 2015 Kelsea song. Potential for breakup gossip in the playlist this time, I guess.

Therefore, the following songs are leaving the playlist:

  • Hope It’s Hot Out by Kyle Clark
  • Trouble With a Heartbreak by Jason Aldean
  • Can I See My Dog? by Roman Alexander
  • Miss My Daddy by Tyler Hubbard
  • At The Show by Lucero


Country Music Playlist Update Log (13th March 2023)

After some weeks of tour-chasing, I am now relaxi… No, not really. I am spending a week in Pennsylvania and Toronto, doing my typical Pittsburgh Penguins vacation and saw Journey in Canada. Fantastic concert! I had quite a nice range of songs for my Country Music Playlists this week – hope you enjoy my selection.

  • Same Old Country Song by Brian Falduto

The review of Brian Falduto’s album Gay Country was one of the last ones I prepared for this weekend (in contrast to the publishing date). I struggle with that it is still necessary to focus that much on being gay or whoever you love… But the album is good… And even though this song has been a single release quite a while ago, it is simply the heartbeat of the release.

  • Joan of Arc  by Ward Thomas

Country music from Great Britain: the famous duo Ward Thomas released their album Music in the Madness this week. Even though I had already prepared for it, I just could not motivate myself to write a review after my first listen. However, Joan of Arc stayed in my mind.

  • If You’re Ever in Georgia by Tony Evans Jr.

If You’re Ever in Georgia is the first out of four tracks of Tony Evans Jr.’s EP Starless. I was tempted to share the F*ckboy Lullaby with you. But finally, the opening track beat the chucker-out.

  • Standing Room Only by Tim McGraw

Driving through the USA gave be a lot of opportunity to listen to the channel The Highway on Sirius XM and other country radios. The key topic (apart from Morgan Wallen, in case they topic it at all) was the new single by Tim McGraw. I really love it as well.

  • Gotta Get Up by Clayton Anderson

I just felt that the playlist needs a powerful, uplifting new entry as well this week. This track is a great sing-a-long. Hope you enjoy grooving to it.

Therefore, the following songs are leaving the playlist:

  • Split a Beer by Adam Warner
  • Damn You by Ella Langley
  • Hit the Floor by Derrick Flowers
  • Love is the only Way by Rocket Club
  • Going There by Chelsea Berman


Country Music Playlist Update Log (6th March 2023)

Mixed emotions: my ten show trip to the European Weird Al Yankovic shows is done. No need to feel that life is senseless, as I am just about to head over to the United States and do my annual trip to the Pittsburgh Penguins. I did not have that many additional to the New Country Songs playlists this week – but I still found some nice ones for my main playlist. Hope you enjoy.

  • Wasted Youth by Drayton Farley

Drayton Farley’s album Twenty on High was a release I reviewed on the country music side this week. Really nice listen – I chose this song for the playlist.

  • Land Where The Wishes Come True  by Dean M. Collins

Dean M. Collins’ website states If you are looking to dig a little deeper into some of the stories shared through my music, you’ve come to the right place. The sound of his new release is a bit of nostalgic, but comes with beautiful style. Hope you like the fiddle-organ-guitar sound as much as I do.

  • Overdose by Eddie And The Getaway

That’s one of my favorite new releases this week. Eddie And The Getaway published this very modern, rocking country song. Love the sound.

  • Maybe by Canaan Bryce

The third new single release I feature in my playlists this week is Maybe by Canaan Bryce. Another time, the song is rather rocking.  I definitely enjoy the listen.

  • Me To Me by Morgan Wallen

Last, but not least: Morgan Wallen. He released the album One Thing At A Time this weekend. I just did not have the capacity to cover the 36 song release – but at least I share a song with you which came into my focus at first sight.

Therefore, the following songs are leaving the playlist:

  • Ain’t Nothing ‘Bout You by Brooks & Dunn
  • Still Got It by Pierre Alexander
  • Change of Heart by Margo Price
  • 1995 by JD Darling
  • Late Night Drink by Suzie Candell


Country Music Playlist Update Log (27th February 2023)

I am still tour-chasing Weird Al Yankovic on his 2023 European (and Australian) Tour. This week featured the first ever concert by my favorite artist in Germany. After the Hamburg show, I went straight to Blackpool. A lot of things are happening in parallel – this also applies to the country music scene, which gave me masses of new releases. They are the key basis for my playlist picks this week.

  • Beer At My Funeral by Dierks Bentley

I had two great country or country-fusion releases this weekend. One of them was Gravel & Gold by Dierks Bentley. I could have opted for any of the songs – but I went for this one, with very special lyrics.

  • Lucky by Robin Winther

I ran into this new release by a direct contact to the artist. Initially I felt that this one is a nice option for the New Country Songs Playlists, but the longer I listen to it the more I like it for my key list.

  • Dein Zuhaus by Nik Wallner

Dein Zuhaus is another really lovely song by Southern German artist Nik Wallner. A bit more pop-alike than his initial single releases, but still with a nice country music heart. Great listen.

  • At The Show by Lucero

Lucero’s album Should’ve Learned by Now is another beautiful release this weekend. I felt that the rock’n’roll and country blend At The Show is the best selection for this playlist.

  • The Thing That Wrecks You by Tenille Townes feat. Bryan Adams

The song is somewhere between country, pop and rock music – but more than that, it is an amazing Canadian collaboration and deserves the focus of my playlists.

Therefore, the following songs are leaving the playlist:

  • I Still Believe by Russell Dickerson
  • Songs We Used To Sing by Ernest
  • Devil & an Old String by Jacob Bryant
  • Love Someone by Zye Cash
  • Red Letter Day by Joe Henry


Country Music Playlist Update Log (20th February 2023)

My trips with  Weird Al Yankovic and his 2023 European (and Australian) Tour already took me to the United Kingdom and Ireland, I am just about to enjoy the Continental European shows. However, .I have been massively overwhelmed by the sheer number of new releases this week (on the country and non-country side). My long list for new country songs was longer than 50 entries. Thus, reducing a list of country music songs to playlist size and putting them into this posting has been a real challenge.

  • Whiskey Weak by Jordan Davis

I just did not manage to give the 17 songs of Bluebird Days, the new album by Jordan Davis, a full review listen. The album is cool, indeed. I opted tor a song, which has not been in focus of the promotion so far.

  • Stay Single by Kaylee Rose

Happy Valentine’s, Kaylee Rose… Or not? On the day of love, the lovely artist clearly stated I’ma Stay Single I don’t need to have somebody with me. I love her and her music and gave her this spot.

  • Good Thing by Joey Hyde

A very interesting release this week I had to skip is the new album (I think it is his debut…) by Joey Hyde. What would be a better title for a record than I Made a Record? That’s exactly the selection by Hyde and his team. I selected the second track of the album, Good Thing.

  • Petty in the 80s by Karley Scott Collins

Karley Scott Collins is rather known as an actress. With songs like her latest, Petty in the 80s, she proofs that she is an amazing artist as well.

  • Going There by Chelsea Berman

Another artist I just admire. However, Chelsea Berman is from Australia. Her new song is having a quite definite pop style.

Therefore, the following songs are leaving the playlist:

  • Hits Home by Landon Parker
  • Little Miss by Madeline Consoer
  • Blood From A Stone by Duncan Toombs
  • Glad Our Bridge Has Burned by Richard Lynch
  • Borrowed Time by Vic Allen


Country Music Playlist Update Log (13th February 2023)

Dublin and Glasgow are in the books, I am traveling with Weird Al Yankovic the next weeks, following his 2023 European (and Australian) Tour. Until mid-March, I will have a really intense time so that I might reduce the coverage to one posting per day. However, so far, I am able to keep up the normal rhythm. And I am able to update the playlists. Here are my five picks for the key country music playlist.

  • Music To My Tears by Cort Carpenter

Amazing to see that All In is in fact Cort Carpenter’s debut album. I went for the closing track to the album, the emotional Music To My Tears.

  • Late Night Drink by Suzie Candell

I haven’t yet featured too many country music artists from Switzerland. One of this country’s local scene’s artist is Suzie Candell, who is aiming to release her EP Flames soon. The featured song is definitely already a great listen.

  • Lift Me Up by Darius Rucker

Some more emotions – Lift Me Up is the beautiful new release by Darius Rucker. This nomination was an easy choice, indeed.

  • Sorry Momma by Chase Rice

The first album feature of the weekend was the preview of I Hate Cowboys & All Dogs Go To Hell by Chase Rice. Even though I also felt some average character, it also contains some nice listens. Like this one.

  • Howdy Howdy Howdy by Jon Langston

After a rather emotional selection of song, it is good to add the latest track by Jon Langston. Howdy Howdy Howdy is a nice rocker mit country heart. Let’s get rowdy, how Langston states in the chorus.

Therefore, the following songs are leaving the playlist:

  • Misery Loves Company by RIchard Marx
  • The Bad Guy by Kaylee Rose
  • I Hate Cowboys by Chase Rice
  • Girl Out of Nowhere by Emily Lockett
  • Another Night Out by Vinny Tovar


Country Music Playlist Update Log (6th February 2023)

I am quite amazed about the seasonality of country music releases at the beginning of 2023. While I had huge long lists of new releases and albums at some weekends in January, this one had a rather reduced volume of potential review and playlist candidates. Time to update your listen with a nice mixture of tracks.

  • Love is the Only Way by Rocket Club

Already on Wednesday, the band Rocket Club released their eight track album. I very often struggle with these “non-Friday” releases and thus I simply missed the Come on Home at release. At least, it deserves this playlist presence.

  • Something You Love by Kiefer Sutherland

This week gave a nice opportunity to add some rather classic tracks. This one is taken from Kiefer’s 2019 album Reckless & Me. Nice country song with a touch of swing.

  • Three Favorite Colors by LOCASH

Yeah, it is a typical patriotic, somehow very stereotype modern country song. But LOCASH just knows how to do country music right. And that’s why I felt that this one should be in my major playlist.

  • Whsikey Over Ice by Kezia Gill

Kezia Gill is having two hard duties this week: first of all, she is representing British country and is thus the only European song addition this week. Furthermore she is also the only female artist. She would have deserved the nomination without these facts as well, of course.

  • That’s My Kind of Night by Luke Bryan

I was surprised that this Luke Bryan classic has never made it to my playlist… yet… Have a good party with him and my playlist.

Therefore, the following songs are leaving the playlist:

  • Ger Drunk by Chad Prather
  • Dirt On My Boots by Jon Pardi
  • Dear You by Poppy Fardell
  • Tulsa by Elle King
  • Love her like I would by Patrick Carpenter


Country Music Playlist Update Log (30th January 2023)

This week has been really, really tough. I am not up to my full physical and mental potential. Furthermore, the crazy weeks between February and mid-March 2023 are getting closer. On top of that, the list of new country music releases has been massive. Thus, I had a tough time to select tracks for the two playlists. Hope you like my selection.

  • Blacked Out by Elle King

A great new album by Elle King this weekend. I did not make to review Come Get Your Wife, but I loved to listen to it. Blacked Out is an amazing powerful blast.

  • Borrowed Time  by Vic Allen

So glad that the dear Vic Allen finally made and and released her debut album. Unfortunately, there are just two new songs, so I had an easy selection picking one track from Some Place I’d Rather Be.

  • 1995 by JD Darling

A nice new single with a nostalgic touch – a track to enjoy, which really feels like a mid-1990’s one. I absolutely loved to listen to it.

  • Miss My Daddy by Tyler Hubbard

There are so many wonderful releases this week. One of them is the 18 track self-titled new album by Tyler Hubbard. Apart from some classics, this new song is one of the emotional highlights of it.

  • Red Letter Day by Joe Henry

This song is how Joe Henry closes his beautiful album All The Eye Can See – I just felt I can’t choose a better option to close my five playlist additions this week than that track.

Therefore, the following songs are leaving the playlist:

  • 5 Foot 9 by Tyler Hubbard
  • Devil Woman by Caleb Lee Hutchinson
  • Never Left Memphis by Austin Jenckes
  • Medicine by Sydney Mack
  • For the Best by Rob Wolf


Country Music Playlist Update Log (23rd January 2023)

As I had to compensate for some cancelled flight plans, I more or less started my active preparation for the Weird Al Yankovic Tour this week. I feel quite exhausted. At least I can promise to you that there will be some amazing

  • Happier by First Time Flyers

These guys are my country music topic of the week. The amazing Jake Morrell, the mastermind of country music Tim Prottey-Jones, the very talented Poppy Fardell and Vicki Manser, whom I started in the role of Regina last year in the British version of the musical Rock of Ages. Four incredibly good artists form a country music super-group, the First Time Flyers. Their debut single is great. Keep my fingers crossed for them.

  • I Ain’t in the Country No More by Hardy

Hardy released the mockingbird & THE CROW, his new 17 track album, this weekend. I simply had too many releases already in preparation for the weekend and could not feature it – but here is one of my favorites.

  • No Time Soon by Jordan Davis

Jordan Davis is indeed one of the most characteristic voices in the country music business. No Time Soon is his new single release, which absolutely deserves to be mentioned in here.

  • Another Night Out by Vinny Tovar

This song is the title track of the five song EP by Vinny Tovar, which has been released on 20th January 2023 as well. Great country music sound with a touch of rock.

  • Glad Our Bridge has burned by Richard Lynch

Richard Lynch’s album Radio Friend started my weekend music coverage this week. I went for one of my favorites.

Therefore, the following songs are leaving the playlist:

  • King of Hearts by Lizzie Cates
  • Lady Like by Ingrid Andress
  • The Song in my Head by Julianne Hough
  • No Way by Sam + Sam
  • Heart Like Mine by Lucas Sousa


Country Music Playlist Update Log (16th January 2023)

The music scene is warming up again: after I had to check a huge bunch of songs for my this week’s Songs of the Week posting, the level of new songs on the country music side was still rather moderate. However, there were quite a bunch of really good listens. No classics this time, but five new songs – hope you enjoy.

  • Change of Heart by Margo Price

Margo Price opened the Media Review section this week with my thoughts about Strays. I felt she should also open the list of new songs at the playlist. Here is

  • Blood from a Stone  by Duncan Toombs

The album Steel on Steel is a very interesting album release this week. Unfortunately, I just did not have the time to listen to the entire album – but I introduce you to this single, which is quite fun.

  • Shoot Tequila by Tigirlily Gold

I have no clue when the Tigirlily in fact turned into gold – but the single release as such is a good one. And why not having some country music party vibes in here? I like it!

  • Girl Out Of Nowhere by Emily Lockett

Emily Lockett – I just keep my fingers crossed for that girl. I am sure she can do even better than in her What The Hell Have I Got Myself Into? – but it is a nice EP with some good songs. I went for the Girl Out of Nowhere.

  • Love Someone by Zye Ca$h

I introduced you to Zye Ca$h in my Spotlght interviews this week. One rationale was his new single release, Love Someone. Here is  listen.

Therefore, the following songs are leaving the playlist:

  • Worth It by Jessica Lynn
  • Home Run by Christian Parker
  • In case you didn’t know by Brett Young
  • Redneck Country Boys by Alaura Lynne
  • Country as Hell by Kyle Coulahan ft. Carlos Kane


Country Music Playlist Update Log (9th January 2023)

Yee-haw! I feel we are back in the music business. While I hardly made to find half a dozen new country songs for my playlists, my long list this time was close to thirty candidates. I introduced you to thirteen of them in my New Country Songs playlists already, and four of them also made it to this selection of songs.

  • Tulsa by Elle King

Already when I listened to this song for the first time, I absolutely loved it. Great new release by Elle King – did you by the way know that her civil surname is quite German (Schneider) and her daddy was a cast member of Saturday Night Live?

  • I Hate Cowboys by Chase Rice

Chase Rice knows how to deliver great songs – and I Hate Cowboys is another really good write. Thumbs up!

  • Can I See My Dog? by Roman Alexander

Roman Alexander grew up in Kansas City. He is a very interesting artist on the rise… and I loved this love song to his pet. Hope Mr Woofie is appreciating it.

  • Cruise by Florida Georgia Line

Cruise is the only “classic” addition to the playlist this week. I just felt to flush the playlist with some rather new tracks. Hope you enjoy getting that push into the country music year 2023 – and still listening to this Florida Georgia Line classic.

  • Love her like I would by Patrick Carpenter

I don’t know too much aber the Mississippi-origin artist Patrick Carpenter and his music – but I definitely feel that his Love her like I would is worth to be added to this playlist. Hope you agree.

Therefore, the following songs are leaving the playlist:

  • Suitcase by Vic Allen
  • Never Wanted Nothing More by Dalton & the Sheriffs
  • I Swear by John Michael Montgomery
  • Primrose Hill by Sarah Darling
  • Chirstmissing You by Kayley Bishop


Country Music Playlist Update Log (2nd January 2023)

I guess, next weekend will be more intense again (I am already working on some reviews for the next weeks as well) – but there have been at least some nice last songs of 2022 – and some songs of that year which just deserve some focus in early 2023. Here are my five country music playlist additions.

  • Devil & an Old Six String by Jacob Bryant

I just selected Bar Stool Preacher as my Favorite Country Music Album 2022. Time to feature another song of this amazing album. Here is one of my favorites.

  • Heart Like Mine  by Lucas Sousa

Lucas released his new seven track EP Aces & Eights on Friday. I decided against having a full review of teh release, but at least I share my favorite track with you.

  • Hit the Floor by Derrick Flowers

Derrick Flowers’ new release is taking over the country rock role this week. Good, straight forward listen.

  • Country as Hell by Kyle Coulahan feat. Carlos Kane

Country rap songs don’t make it that often to the playlist. However, I really loved this new realease. Enjoy the groove!

  • wrong girl by Lindsay Ell

Another praise in regards of music goes to Lindsay Ell, who has been selected as the Best Concert Performance in my Best Ones 2022 posting. Here is one of her amazing heart theory songs. Simply love her.

Therefore, the following songs are leaving the playlist:

  • Holy Jeans by Adam Doleac
  • Driveway by Kenny Foster
  • Santa Claus was my Uber Driver by Lee Brice
  • Ich wär dabei by Nik Wallner
  • Christmas with Aliens by Tyler del Pino feat. Rusty Robot