Country Music Playlists Log Archive

I felt sad that I every week delete my comments on why I updated the Country Music Playlists with certain songs. Thus, I decided to archive the comments over the last weeks. Just repeating… But I felt that it is a nice log if you just want to look it up (and finally… If you don’t like it… Just skip that page ūüôā ).


My Playlist Update Logs:

Country Music Playlist Update Log (18th October 2020)

The previous weeks have been really crazy regarding album releases. Also as I am spending the weekend in London – likely the last abroad trip before Covid-19 lockdown measures – I just had to skip a couple of really good publications like the albums by the Reklaws or Jamie O’Neal. Four ladies are new to the list, but Matt Stell is something like the cock in the group of hens this week.

  • All In by Carolyn Miller

I absolutely love Carolyn Miller. If you want to know more about her, for example check my Spotlight Interview with her from June 2020. On Thursday she released All In Рand she just hit a lovely one again.

  • What Do I Do Now? by Brenna Bone

When I wrote a posting about Christina Taylor and Carolyn Miller after the 2019 CMA Fest, I also briefly met Brenna Bone at a Christina Taylor show, as the girls live together. I love Brenna’s powerful music and just felt to present you her new single,¬†What Do I Do Now?

  • Tequila Told Me To by Mira Goto

Mira Goto is something like my very personal musical discovery of the weekend. I really loved her debut EP Nobody warned Me –¬†Tequila Told Me To might not be the most serious track, but why not having some party in here?

  • Mapdot by Jess Moskaluke

Canadian Jess Moskaluke did not make it to me playlist with a solo recording so far. I urgently need to change it as I really like her music. Her new single Mapdot is really a nice one (again).

  • Look at Me Now by Matt Stell

Better Than That was the very last publication I reviewed this weekend (I will publish it in a different order, though) Рand Look at Me Now is the very last song of the nice EP.  It is simply my favorite.

And removed:

  • Can I Call You Then by Emma White
  • betty by Taylor Swift
  • 20/10 TN by Tucker Beathard
  • If I was a beer by Lauren Alaina
  • Rose of Nantucket by Diana DeMuth


Country Music Playlist Update Log (11th October 2020)

I was quite happy that there have not been too many new country releases this week, as I am traveling through Northwestern Germany – my original trip, which would have touched the Netherlands as well, had to be altered due to Covid-19. There are still some really cool songs for my key playlist – hope you enjoy my selection of five new ones – and the 35 which rollled over from next week. By the way: there is a new tag, which should ease your navigation: you may now explicitly look for Debut EPs and Albums on!

  • Skeletons by Brothers Osborne

The Brothers Osborne album Skeletons was something like the release of the weak. Great one Рhere is the title track.

  • Make It Work by Ryan Laird

I had two amazing interviews in my Spotlight section this week: Last Monday, I chatted with the lovely Tori Martin (which is already in the playlist with her song¬†Lonely Boy) – two days later, I had another great chat with the “Canadian Keith Urban”, Ryan Laird. Great guy – and a lovely recent single, Make It Work.

  • Be Gentle On Yourself by Melinda Schneider

Australian Melinda Schneider released a very special EP with motivational tracks during Covid-19 times. Here is the title track to Be Gentle On Yourself.

  • Fighters by Grayson Rogers & April Kry

When I scanned for new songs, I just fell in love with that great duet. Hope you enjoy it as well.

  • Love Song by Austin Michael

Driven by his self-titled debut album, Austin Michael is something like the lake entry to my reviews as well as to this playlist. There were a bunch of songs which would have been suitable for the playlist РI simply went for the Love Song.

And removed:

  • My Church by Maren Morris
  • Lonely Battle by Sylvia Aimee
  • Local Honey by Mo Pitney
  • Rose by Mickey Guyton
  • Listen To The Radio by Smith & Wesley

Country Music Playlist Update Log (4th October 2020)

Please wear mask, do social distancing and stay safe. Even though I had a lot of stunning music this week (including an outstanding Pop EP Dusk by mxmtoons), there feel to be much more important topics this week. I had to re-plan or cancel multiple future trips this week. Music is just a great distraction from all the Covid-19 trouble. Hope these five ones make you happy.

  • Drunk Tonight by Jason Nix

I added Jason Nix and his EP Money on You in my second wave of the reviews, after I scanned the new releases. Lovely EP Рand a great song.

  • Soapbox by Brent Cobb feat. Nikki Laine

Brent Cobb’s¬†Keep ’em on They Toes was the first album review I released that week. Lovely listen, but this duet with Nikki Laine simply convinced me.

  • Lost by Jordan Brooker

A great fusion of country and rock – Jordan Brooker’s¬†The Troubadour’s Almanac felt to state some additional potential of the artist, but overall, reviewing the album was a lot of fun.

  • Hell of a View by Eric Church

Always an honor to have this big name of the genre on my playlist. Hell of a View is the new release by Eric Church. A very good one Рjust as you would expect it.

  • Ain’t That Lonely Tonight by Tyra Madison

Kentucky-origin artist Tyra Madison released this single this week, which simply flashed me as soon as I listened to it preparing the song selection for my two playlists. Not too surprising that I love it – it has been written by my Kentucky favorite, Carly Pearce.

And removed:

  • Why Things Happen by Jimmie Allen & Charley Pride
  • Under Your Spell¬†by Eric Paslay
  • Make It Easy by Kree Harrison
  • Everything I touch turns blue by Royal South
  • Already Been Crazy¬†by Jesse Keith Whitley


Country Music Playlist Update Log (27th September 2020)

I am typically not at all a self-praising person – but checking out several attractions near Arnhem, Netherlands, I was in car quite a lot this week – and really felt how well this playlist is really reflecting my current taste of country music. Hope you like it too. The more I am happy that with Zoee, Tommy Atkins and Jillian Cardarelli, there are three artists added to the playlist, which are friends of my project. Enjoy their music (and the other music, of course, as well).

  • Take Me Away by Zoee

The dear Australian artist Zoee feels to be very productive during the previous months. Her fabulous Nashville at the beginning of the year and other tracks like Songs we sing or the recent Break My Heart have been wonderful songs this year. This weekend, she released a new track, Take Me Away. I really love it Рjust felt I have to share it with you.

  • Cinderella’s Had a Drink by Tommy Atkins

The first review this week was¬†Kiss Me, Cowboy by Tommy Atkins. A nice EP with four tracks – but instead of the (new) title track, the review reminded me again that¬†Cinderella’s Had a Drink is a lovely hidden gem. Hope you enjoy it, too.

  • That’s Why I Love Dirt Roads by Granger Smith

The first part of his new album:¬†Country Things, Vol. 1 is a great release by Granger Smith, no doubt. I decided to share¬†That’s Why I Love Dirt Roads with you – beautiful track!

  • Rose of Nantucket by Diana DeMuth

With her new album Misadventure Diana DeMuth gives a great statement of her wonderful musical potential. Rose of Nantucket is one of my favorites.

  • Strong by Jillian Cardarelli feat. Charles Esten

I love Jillian Cardarelli and her music. Unfortunately, she is not too represented on This Friday, she released a wonderful collaboration with Charles Esten. Enjoy her new single on my playlist!

And removed:

  • Karma¬†by The Reklaws
  • The Song We Sing by Zoee
  • Sip Away by Rascal Flatts
  • You by Sandra North
  • Two Chords and a Lie by Elizabeth Cook


Country Music Playlist Update Log (20th September 2020)

It feels like traveling and all kinds of events will be reduced very soon again. Covid-19 cases are rising. Also my travel plans for the next weeks are mashed up again. On the music side, this week was awesome, a lot of good new music. What I am really happy about is that there are five additions to the playlist, which are all not in the high money and popularity stakes, but at least could convince with their recent releases. Hope you love their music as well as I do!

  • Front Porch by Emily Lockett

Having a Spotlight interview episode with the lovely Emily Lockett was definitely more than due on The more, I am glad we did that this week Рand that we can additionally enjoy her beautiful new single Front Porch.

  • Lonely Boy by Tori Martin

Tori Martin’s new album¬†Lucky unfortunately just consists of eight songs, but they are really lovely. I decided to go for my favorite ballad on the album.

  • Listen To The Radio by Smith & Wesley

Greetings From The Land of Y’All – what an album name. The brothers Smith & Wesley are not at full speed yet – but they definitely are able to do great in the future.

  • Everything I touch turns blue by Royal South

Royal South is definitely a band I do have in focus and I enjoy to follow. Glad that there is a new song by the band around Sara Beth- and it is really a great one!

  • Already Been Crazy by Jesse Keith Whitley

Already Been Crazy was a song which just became very present to me when I looked for new releases. I don’t know anything about Jesse Keith Whitley, but the song is definitely a lovely one!

And removed:

  • Ain’t about that¬†by Carolyn Miller
  • Prettiest Girl in the World by Logan Mize
  • Stilettos by Canaan Cox
  • Girls by Karissa Ella
  • Standing on the Moon¬†by Molly Tuttle


Country Music Playlist Update Log (13th September 2020)

I am in Munich this weekend. There have not been too many new releases this weekend after a wave so many Corona-caused delays. Next weekend will be quite packed again. However, there were quite some interesting new songs, albums and EPs – again it was rather difficult to just pick five ones which make it to the playlist. Here are my new ones:

  • Where Cowboys Ride by Sarah Darling

Okay, this new entry is not at all a September 2020 song. I just had this wonderful Sarah Darling masterpiece in mind quite a lot the last weeks. One of the most wonderful songs she recorded. Hope you enjoy it, too.

  • Rose by Mickey Guyton

Mickey Guyton released her beautiful EP Bridges this weekend. Six really nice songs –¬†Rose¬†was my favorite. Very interesting artist.

  • Hey Cowboy by Van de Forst

The German country-pop artist released her first album after five years, Unconditional, I really loved it while reviewing. I went for the opening track of the album, even if it is very pop-alike, I even compared it to German Schlager. But why not having some happy, easy tunes in this selection of forty songs?

  • Two Chords And A Lie by Elizabeth Cook

Elizabeth Cook’s seventh album¬†Aftermath contains quite a variety of songs.¬†Two Chords And A Lie –¬†just the title is already a great teaser for this breakup song. Enjoy it.

  • Hollering’ Hills by Kyle Daniel

This week, Kyle Daniel released his¬†Digital 45, a single with two songs,¬†This American Dream and¬†Hollerin’ Hills. If you can name it like that, I went for the B-side. Cool song!

And removed:

  • Me about Me by RaeLynn
  • Desperado (Live in Studio) by Annie Bosko
  • Nothing Changes by Olivia Lane
  • Looking for A Lighter by Caylee Hammack
  • Hallelujahville by Tim McGraw


Country Music Playlist Update Log (6th September 2020)

I am currently traveling through Italy, writing my notes in Venice, before I am heading home. This week of country music has really been great – I could even effort to skip Tyler Rich’s album and still have a list of great publications. In addition, there are two very interesting new songs by female artists. Enjoy!

  • If I was a beer by Lauren Alaina

You might not really expect a song named If I was a beer to be performed by a female artist. Lauren Alaina does it Рand it is one of the most remarkable songs on her great new EP Getting Over Him. Enjoy the song Рand the additional five ones on the EP as well!

  • Johnny by Tennessee Jet

My review weekend started with the album The Country by Tennessee Jet. The album was thus the first Top Pick! of the weekend. Johnny is just a great one.

  • BOOTS by Hardy

A Rock is the debut album by Hardy – and it is such a blast!¬†BOOTS (yeah, all songs are written in caps…) is just a fantastic one.

  • Next Girl by Carly Pearce

Coming to the new single releases. Whenever Carly Pearce is having a new song, I have to have a listen. Just love the Kentucky girl and her music. Next Girl covers her surprising split up with Michael Ray. Sad moment, great song!

  • Just Like I Knew by Lauren Hall

I can’t tell you anything about Lauren Hall. Typically on Saturday mornings I prepare my New Country Hits playlist, even though the release of the update is Tuesdays. Scanning new releases, this track by Lauren Hall just gave me a blast. Sorry, Julia Cole, she kicked you out of this list of five songs…

And removed:

  • Ain’t that hard by Lauren Jenkins
  • Where That Beer’s Been by Travis Denning
  • This Time by Gone West
  • Turn it up some by PJ North
  • Run by Lauren Alaina

Country Music Playlist Update Log (30th August 2020)

Quite an interesting mix of songs this weekend. I had a lot of candidates for the playlist this week, but finally went for a quite interesting mix from classic covers (Molly Tuttle) to party songs (Adam Capps). Hope you enjoy!

  • Radio Cloud by Ruston Kelly

Ruston Kelly’s¬†Shape & Destroy was the start of my review weekend.¬†Radio Cloud is a track which just goes viral in my head – cannot get rid of it. Hope you like it to.

  • The World Needs A Beer by Adam Capps

Not maybe the most sophisticated lyrics in the world of country, but I just felt to add a good mood song. Adam Capps released his new single this week – and I felt this is a perfect fit!

  • Standing on the Moon by Molly Tuttle

Molly Tuttle did a really nice job with her … but I’d rather be with you cover album.¬†Standing On The Moon is my favorite track – also the somehow most amazing one of the album, as she covering nobody but¬†The Grateful Dead in that song. Hope you enjoy as well ūüôā

  • Name On It by Ryan Griffin

Ryan Griffin did great this week releasing his Name On It EP. I just felt that the title track is the best one on the whole EP.

  • We Go Together Like by Abby Anderson

I just love Abby Anderson. What a friendly person, what a lovely artist. At the Berlin C2C 2019, she also won my inofficial Even Smiling All The Time When she needs to head to the Airport at 7a.m.-award. Abby released her new single this week Рit is just lovely!

And removed:

  • Magnolia by Brett Eldredge
  • Drunk¬†by Emilia Quinn
  • Happy Anywhere by Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefanie
  • Too Drunk To Drive¬†by Luke Bryan
  • Just in Case by Catherine McGrath


Country Music Playlist Update Log (23rd August 2020)

Tough times: while I am travelling in the Rotterdam / The Hague region in the Netherlands this weekend, I had nine music reviews on my list for There were some quite interesting albums this weekend – however, some might have had higher expectations from my side. Here is my selection of five new songs for the playlist.

  • 20/10 TN by Tucker Beathard

The album King by Tucker Beathard was one of the best experiences of this weekend to me. 20/10 TN is a classic country lifestyle anthem and one of my favorite songs of the album

  • Hallelujahville by Tim McGraw

I just had mixed feelings about the very emotional and thoughtful new album by Tim McGraw, Here On Earth. Hallelujahville is one of my favorites of the album, though.

  • I Can Tell From The Way You Dance¬† by Josh Turner

Country State of Mind was the only country album which made it to the Top Pick! rankings. There are a bunch of good solo and collaborated re-interpretations of country classics. I went for I Can Tell By The Way You Dance, which is originally performed by Vern Gosdin. Amazing one.

  • Make It Easy by Kree Harrison

I was not absolutely overwhelmed by Chosen Family Tree by Kree Harrison. I even felt this album will be much stronger when I listened to the singles before. Make It Easy, however, is outstanding.

  • Girls by Karissa Ella

The fifth addition to the playlist this week just fascinated me when I was already preparing for the next edition for my New Song Playlist. Just too catching to end up in my “minor” playlist.

And removed:

  • Good Enough by Kenny Foster
  • 5-1-5-0 by Dierks Bentley
  • Shelby ’65 by Kyle Nix
  • Love will still remain by Clare Bowen & Ronan Keating
  • Dirt Rode¬†by Tyler Chamber


Country Music Playlist Update Log (16th August 2020)

It feels to me that there are too many Covid-19-caused record publication delays current – I could have easily reviewed more than ten albums and EPs this weekend. The following five new additions reflect my musical week – if you miss the a song from Lindsay Ell’s amazing album¬†Heart Theory – I already have the outstanding¬†make you in my list – and I felt it is wrong to replace it by another track.

  • Lemonade by Tiffany Johnson

I loved to chat with Tiffany Johnson in my Spotlight section. She released a new song this week Рbut I just love the previous single, Lemonade.

  • Looking for a Lighter by Caylee Hammack

Caylee Hammack definitely published an impressive debut album,¬†If It wasn’t for you. I just loved the story-telling of¬†Looking for a Lighter,¬†so I opted to add this song to the playlist.

  • Local Honey by Mo Pitney

Mo Pitney¬†Ain’t Looking Back, even though his new album mixes traditional sounds in a very modern way. There are a lot of cool songs on the album – I loved the way¬†Local Honeyis arranged. Just a very special song.

  • Under Your Spell by Eric Paslay

Eric Paslay‘s¬†Nice Guy album was published short after the¬†Heartbeat Higher¬†EP. The EP tracks are the strongest ones on the album, but¬†Under Your Spell¬†is definitely a good one as well.

  • You by Sandra North

I had three Spotlight Interviews this week Рquite a lot. One of them was about Sandra North, a Swedish country artist, who moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career. Enjoy reading my chat with her Рand her latest single You.

And removed:

  • She’s Everything by Brad Paisley
  • Redhead by Caylee Hammack & Reba McEntire
  • Love Just Laughed by Willie Nelson
  • I took a Pill in Ibiza by Eric Paslay
  • Best Side by Mae Estes