Country Music Playlists Log Archive

I felt sad that I every week delete my comments on why I updated the Country Music Playlists with certain songs. Thus, I decided to archive the comments over the last weeks. Just repeating… But I felt that it is a nice log if you just want to look it up (and finally… If you don’t like it… Just skip that page 🙂 ).

I had to move annual tranches of this log archive to dedicated pages. Here are the sub-pages per calendar year (completed calendar years):


My Playlist Update Logs:

Country Music Playlist Update Log (20th May 2024)

I still had a lot of World Floorball Championships contents this week. Now, I am slowly heading back to normal. There should be a couple of concerts coming up, though. For my playlist, I feel I selected a really nice range of country music this week. Hope you agree

  • Bulletproof by Nate Smith ft. Avril Lavigne

Thee have been a lot of country music releases by pop and rock music stars recently. This week, Nate Smith is re-releasing his Bulletproof single in a new version with Avril Lavigne. Cool!

  • Ain’t No Love in Oklahoma by Luke Combs

Luke Combs’ new single release is in fact part of the Twisters movie soundtrack album. A typical Luke Combs song which is really fun listening to.

  • Sound Of A Heartbreak  by Mackenzie Carpenter

Mackenzie Carpenter, a Georgia-origin artist, released her new song Sound Of A Heartbreak this week. One of the songs I enjoyed most while scanning for new releases.

  • Girl in Your Song by Twinnie

The lovely Twinnie is back with a new single. I feel that the British artists goes a bit back to the style which made me love her music. Do you like it as well?

  • For What It’s Worth by Hootie & The Blowfish

It is just about a month ago since I saw Darius Rucker at his tour kick-off in Cologne. Now, he is back with a new song – as part of the good, old Hootie project. I love it!

  • Don’t Tell Motel by Chancy DeAnne

I just ran by chance into the Chancy DeAnne debut EP by this West Virginia artit. Really nice five tracks – I picked this one, coming with lovely storytelling.

  • Black Crows by Romie

Romie is a German singer-songwriter duo based in Frankfurt. This week they released the lovely track Black Crows, which is somewhere between country and folk. I just had to share it with you.

  • Every Rose Has Its Thorn by Noah Reid

Every Rose Has Its Thorn, originally performed by Poison, is one of the key tracks of my favorite musical Rock of Ages. This week, Toronto-origin actor and musician Noah Reid released his new EP T is for Tillerson – and this cover version is one of the tracks on it.

The following eight songs have been removed from the playlist:

  • Last Rodeo by Restess Road
  • Better Things To Do by Terri Clark & Ashley McBryde
  • Dead To Me by Brenna Bone
  • Reckless by Callista Clark
  • Kick Me by Cam Allen
  • Ghost On The Canvas by Glen Campbell & Sting
  • Obsessed by Chelsea Berman
  • Make You Happy by Charles Esten


Country Music Playlist Update Log (13th May 2024)

This week will still feature a lot of World Floorball Championships contents. However, similar to my Songs of the Week this week, I of course update my playlists. Here are eight country music songs I added to my playlist. Hope you enjoy!

  • Anime Eyes by Kacey Musgraves

Do you still remember? On Monday last week, the week kicked off with a concert coverage. I am not overwhelmingly happy with my pictures from Cologne, but Kacey Musgraves’ show had some nice highlights. My favorite song was Anime Eyes. Hope you like it as well.

  • Why Do We Stay? by Stephanie Quayle

This song is in fact a new song as of the week before this week. However, my 6th May 2024 update had so many other tracks I just had to share with you. Thus, the Montana artist and her (almost) new song is added this week.

  • Beautiful As You by Thomas Rhett

Beautiful As You is the first real new release on my list of playlist additions. Do I need to say more? Rhett and his team do excellent songwriting, indeed.

  • Over Getting Over You by Matt Lang

Matt Lang released the nine track album All Night Longer on Friday. After a quick listen, I especially liked this song, Over Getting Over You. 

  • Family Tree by Ryan Kinder

New Ryan Kinder songs are typically a straight entry to my Country Music Playlists. So does this one, Family Tree.

  • Acres by Brian Kelley

Florida Georgia Line artist Brian Kelley released his new album Tennessee Truth on Friday. One of my favorite songs of the album is Acres. Thus, I added it to the playlist.

  • Nothing But Texas by Wade Bowen

Due to the sports coverage, I exceptionally had two album previews right before I traveled to Lahti. One of the albums I featured had been the amazing Flyin by Wade Bowen. Here is my favorite track.

  • Fall of Summer by Scotty McCreery

On Wednesday morning, I shared another album with you. Scotty McCreery released Rise & Fall last Friday. Another really good one. Fall of Summer has been one of my favorites..

The following eight songs have been removed from the playlist:

  • But It Ain’t by Randall King
  • Born Lonely by Matt Stell
  • Never Again One More Time by Walker Montgomery & Randy Rogers
  • He Waited by Jule Malischke
  • On My Way by Ryan Kinder
  • Good Day To Get Gone by The Boomtown Saints
  • Good At Listening by Charley Crockett
  • A Rose In The Desert by Rudi Tuesday Band


Country Music Playlist Update Log (6th May 2024)

The last weeks with have been really cool. A lot of floorball and two interesting concerts between Monday and Saturday (even though two more shows were on my list). On top of that, there is a very interesting festival announcement this week. This leads to an interesting mix of songs added to my Country Music Playlists. Hope you enjoy!

  • Last Time Last by Tenille Arts feat. Maddie & Tae

The new album by the lovely Tenille Arts has been released this week. I had ups and downs with to be honest, but the 14 track release definitely includes some really nice ones – including Last Time Last, which has been a feature single already.

  • West Virginia by Kasey Williams

Her show in Hengelo in the Netherlands was the first time I got in touch with the music of Kasey Williams. One song, which stayed on my mind of this magical evening was West Virginia. The first time I nominate this artist for my playlist.

  • Queen by Carrie Welling

After being in contact with Carrie and her management before, I was so happy to finally cover her show in Hengelo (alongside Kasey Williams) this week. As I also introduced you a bit more to this lovely person and great artist in my Spotlight interview earlier this week, picking a song from her was almost a must-do. I went for Queen, with which she closed her set on Thursday.

  • Make You Happy by Charles Esten

Right from the Netherlands, I headed to Hamburg covering a show of Charles Esten. I loved the way he connected to the people – and they appreciated it. Thus, I picked a song from his set, Make You Happy, for the playlist.

  • Good Godly Woman by The Red Clay Strays

Great news: Sound of Nashville announced that there will be a Sound of Nashville Open Air on 23rd and 25th August 2024 (yeah, Friday and Sunday, no Saturday) in my home town Cologne. One of the headliners are The Red Clay Strays. I went for one of their most favorite songs, released in 2019.

  • One More by Tim Hicks

Another very interesting artist, who will play at the Sound of Nashville Open Air in Cologne is Canadian Tim Hicks. What a nice coincidence that he released this energetic song this Friday. A straight nomination for the added eight songs.

  • Good Day To Have A Great Day by Russell Dickerson

I added two additional new releases to my country selection this week. The first one is by Russell Dickerson. I felt it is time to add some summer and party vibes to the playlist urgently. He does great in that.

  • Let Your Horses Run by Brett Kissel

Last, but not least, there is the new single release by Brett Kissel. The second Canadian artist song nomination this weekend.

The following eight songs have been removed from the playlist:

  • Poison In The Well by Taylor Austin Dye
  • See Me in a Suit by Lakeview
  • Thing That Brought Me Here by Tenille Townes
  • So You Thing You Want A Cowboy? by Kylie Frey
  • Mr. Spaceman by The Cumberland River Project
  • They Know My Name by Pat Reedy
  • I Reckon by Svannah Dexter
  • Dirt Turns to Gold by Zach Top



Country Music Playlist Update Log (29th April 2024)

There is a lot of sports on in the previous weeks – and more floorball will follow. I am really looking forward to my trip to Finland in some one week. Hope you enjoy my sports coverage like the recent reports of the Swedish Floorball Finals (men / women). Nonetheless, I of course try to maintain my playlists – the eight picks this week have a rather traditional touch.

  • Good At Losing by Charley Crockett

The only country music release of the week I featured in here is the lovely $10 Cowboy by Charley Crockett. Great storytelling, I absolutely enjoyed the album and share my favorite song with you

  • Made In Texas by Willie Nelson

If you think about male country music legends, Willie Nelson is still on the list. He is not tired of releasing new music, like his new single Made In Texas this week.

  • A Rose In The Desert by Rudi Tuesday Band

Whenever I run into interesting country music from Germany, I try to share it with you in here. The Rudi Tuesday Band is from Thuringia in my home country. A rather traditional kind of song, but a nice one.

  • Good To You by Ilse DeLange

The next song is taking us to one of Germany’s neighbor countries, the Netherlands. One week before Ilse DeLange is releasing her new album Tainted, she is releasing the single Good To You. A step back to country music again. I look forward to the full set of songs.

  • 21 Days by Sara Evans

It’s quite a while since I ran into new music by Sara Evans. The more, I was happy listening to 21 Days. I really like this song. The corresponding album Unbroke will be published in June 2024.

  • In My World by Callie Twisselman

Callie Twisselman is a country artist from California. Her website states that she was growing up on her family’s seventh-generation grain and cattle ranch. Sounds a bit like country music stereotypes – but her new single In My World is a real treat!

  • Red Mustang by Sarah Darling

A new song by Sarah Darling. I am so happy about Red Mustang. Hope to have that amazing country lady back in Germany soon.

  • Can’t Hold Me Back by Kyle Daniel

Another great artist I always enjoyed to run into – live on stage or virtually by his music, is Kyle Daniel. This week, he released a rather rocking new song, Can’t Hold Me Back.

The following eight songs have been removed from the playlist:

  • Pretty Hungover by Trey Lewis
  • Don’t Wanna Fall Asleep by Canaan Cox
  • Slow Dance by Scotty McCreery
  • Off The Rails by Brantley Gilbert
  • Take It To The Highway by Kaylee Bell
  • I Went To College / I Went To Hell by ERNEST feat. Jelly Roll
  • Lean About Love by Jacquie Roar
  • Mirror by Stephanie Lambring


Country Music Playlist Update Log (22nd April 2024)

Untll mid-May I will be very busy in the photographer pit. Not only that I will head back to the World Floorball Championships (U19 Ladies in Lahti calling), but there will be numerous shows I feature / hope to feature (photo passes sometimes come in late…) the next weeks. Lainey Wilson, Carrie Welling, Charles Esten, Kacey Musgraves, 49 Winchester… Sounds like a cool time ahead. The first one of this series was the amazing Darius Rucker show in Cologne this weekend – and he is also well-deservedly kicking off my playlist additions this week:

  • Homegrown Honey by Darius Rucker

What an amazing show in Cologne on Friday – and what an honor for my hown town kicking off his tour through Europe and later through North America. This time, I went for a classic Darius Rucker track to be added to the playlist.

  • Good Day To Get Gone by Boomtown Saints

The Boomtown Saints shared this new song with their fans tonight. The Nashville based country duo really release a fine one.

  • One Way Ticket Home (ich schreibe einen Country Song) by Dennis Adamus & Nik Wallner

This week, I am sharing two songs by German artists with you. The first one is the collaboration of Dennis Adamus and Nik Wallner. A very modern song, which is coming with English and German lyrics – and a really nice catch.

  • Different Kind of Same by Ann Doka & Todd Partridge

German artist Ann Doka teamed up with Todd Partridge for this rather traditional country music listen. Ain’t it a beauty?

  • Mirror by Stephanie Lambring

I originally had Stephanie Lambring’s album Hyprocrite on my review list – but the promo came rather late and the weekend is rather busy. Thus, I had to skip it – but I still recommend having a listen.

  • Ghost On The Canvas by Glenn Campbell & Sting

Ghost On The Canvas is the title track of the new album by Glen Campbell. It is featuring duets with a wide range of amazing music legends. Dolly Parton, Elton John, Eric Church and more are in there. You should give it a listen.

  • Tractor Time by Darryl Worley, Chris Janson & Justin Moore

That’s something like a country music super-group trio. The three country music artists teamed up for a slightly stereotypical, but really cool song.

  • Obsessed by Chelsea Berman

My Australian female country favorite Chelsea Berman is giving me a hard time: Do I rather like her new song more – or the amazing I love singing songs about assholes new t-shirt merchandise? Better take both. Love it!

The following eight songs have been removed from the playlist:

  • Should’ve Been A Cowboy by Toby Keith
  • Like It Was Yesterday by Blackberry Smoke
  • I Don’t Carolina by Chase Matthew
  • Somewhre Between by Dylan Gossett
  • Sterne in der Nacht by Linda Feller & Joshville
  • The Architect by Kacey Musgraves
  • Paperweight by The Secret Sisters
  • Backsliders by Sarah Shook & The Disarmers


Country Music Playlist Update Log (15th April 2024)

I just had a short trip to Vienna this weekend. Unfortunately, this made me miss covering a bunch of new, interesting country album – I just haven’t received the corresponding promos before release. Should be able to do some country stuff next weekend, though.

  • Oh Well by Slash feat. Chris Stapleton

What a cool collaboration on the top of my list this week. Rock legend Slash meets up with country rock legend Chris Stapleton. It simply sounds perfect – and it is indeed close to it for rocking country music fans.

  • Country Just Like Me by Austin Williams

Austin Williams is a Nashville-born artist. He initially pursued a baseball career, but then went for his second passion, country music. This feels like a smart choice – 145k people follow him on Instagram only. And I am sure that they enjoy is new song Country Just Like Me as well.

  • Drunk Since Dallas by Grant Gilbert

Grant Gilbert feels like a role model for the Texas country music scene. Born in a small town, a smart looking guy with a baseball cap, doing rocking, modern country music. Like Drunk Since Dallas. The song stayed in my mind… and made it to the playlist as a new release this week.

  • Something To Talk About by Koe Wetzel

One of the most recent European country music tour announcement was Koe Wetzel’s appearance later this year. Time to feature him in the playlist. If you like the song, have a look into my tour date overview for details.

  • Reckless by Callista Clark

Sometimes I struggle a bit with new releases by Callista Clark – but this week, the young lady delivered a really great new song. Hope you like it, too.

  • Two Sides of the Story by Avery Anna

The song title reminds me a bit of Both Sides of the Story by Phil Collins, but they are not related, apart from the similar title. A beautiful, very emotional release by the young artist.

  • Park by Tyler Hubbard

Unfortunately, I had to pre-produce all my album reviews before Friday due to work and travel. Thus, I could not have a detailed listen into Strong by Tyler Hubbard. However, I really like this track taken from his new album.

  • Kick Me Out by Cam Allen

Oklahoma-origin Cam Allen released this song this week. Ain’t it a pretty one? I absolutely enjoy it!

The following eight songs have been removed from the playlist:

  • Ain’t Enough Whiskey by TracieLynn
  • A Different Kind of Year by Cory Marks
  • No Caller ID by Megan Moroney
  • A Little Devil by The Dead South
  • Ghost Town by Sam Outlaw
  • 4 Wheel High by Sean Stemaly
  • Make It Look Easy by Avery Anna
  • I Got You Covered by Lil Skinny


Country Music Playlist Update Log (8th April 2024)

I hoped that I get in touch with more country music during my six night stay in the United States. However, traveling by public transport and not having a rental car significantly less exposes you to radio stations. Thus, my pick of songs for this week does not reflect any specific experience I made in New York or Washington.

  • I Reckon by Savannah Dexter

The first two songs on my list are new single releases. The first one is by Orlando-based artist Savannah Dexter. A nice touch of Western in this modern song with a cool vibe. Really lovely one.

  • Wildfire by Austin Snell

Wildfire is the new song release by Georgia-origin artist Austin Snell. A modern country song with a lot of energy, which stays in your mind.

  • He Waited by Jule Malischke

In fact, German artist Jule Malischke released this single in February 2024 already. However, this week, the guitarist and singer-songwriter released her new album Seagull. The album is more on the folk music side, but the opening track has a lot of country music in it. I just had to share it with you.

  • Country House by Sam Hunt

Sam Hunt’s EP Locked Up is the only release this week which made it from one of my reviews into the playlists. Four really good songs, I preferred sharing this previously unreleased track with you in here.

  • Learn About Love by Jacquie Roar

Jacquie roar is an Oregon-based artist, who made it to the finals of The Voice in 2023. Songs like Learn About Love, her new release this week, illustrate that there is a lot potential in this lady.

  • On My Way by Ryan Kinder

I simply love the stuff Ryan Kinder is doing. On My Way is another really powerful and cool song release. Hope you enjoy it as well.

  • Dirt Turns to Gold by Zach Top

Zach Top released the twelve song album Cold Beer & Country Music this Friday. Bad luck that I did not get the album as a promo before. It definitely deserves a deeper listen – but due to the traveling, I had to prepare a lot of posts beforehand. Dirt Turns to Gold is my favorite listen of the album.

  • Dead To Me by Brenna Bone

Brenna Bone – what else can I say about this amazing female country artist? I simply love her energetic style – and Dead To Me is another song really worth listening.

The following eight songs have been removed from the playlist:

  • Off the Highway by Gabby Barrett
  • I Go A Problem by Drake Milligan
  • Deal With The Devil by Rvshvd feat. Danny Worsnop
  • Two-Faced by Stephanie Lambring
  • If I Could Call by David Nail
  • Money Train by Sierra Ferrell
  • Late Bloomer by Carter Faith
  • Maybelle’s Guitar by Sue Foley



Country Music Playlist Update Log (1st April 2024)

My last days have been dominated by my eight show streak of Rock of Ages in Cologne. I make use of the Easter week to kick of an ice hockey trip to the United States. Maybe I also run into some country music? Let’s see. Here are my eight song additions for the Country Music Playlists.

  • She Don’t Smoke by Josh Ross

The Canadian country artist Josh Ross released an eight track EP this week. Complicated is a really nice listen, I absolutely recommend listening to it. She Don’t Smoke is one of my favorites.

  • Bury Me In This Bar by Dalton Dover

Bury Me In This Bar – ain’t that a song title which feels like perfectly made for a country track? Dalton Dover released the track this week – and it is a really cool one.

  • What He’ll Never Have by Dylan Scott

This week, Dylan Scott released this new track. A really cool modern country music listen.

  • Better Things To Do by Terri Clark & Ashley McBryde

Terri Clark and Ashley McBryde – the names on that collaboration almost feel to promise top notch female country music entertaining. And indeed, I really love this song. .

  • Maybelle’s Guitar by Sue Foley

In her this week’s album release One Guitar Woman, Sue Foley is praising the female pioneers of guitar play. This one, however, is an original. A nice track for fans of rather traditional country and folk sounds.

  • Paperweight by The Secret Sisters

A very interesting Americana collaboration are the siblings The Secret Sisters. I absolutely enjoyed their this week’s album release Mind, Man, Medicine. I definitely had to go for a song pick from it.

  • Backsliders by Sarah Shook & the Disarmers

Revelations by Sarah Shook & the Disarmers has been the first album I shared with you on this weekend. I opted for the song which I feel is a nice fit to the playlist.

  • All She Wrote by Thomas Goforth

A relationship is coming to its end – that’ s about the topic of the final new release on this list, All She Wrote by Thomas Goforth. I received the song through a promoter and absolutely loved it.

The following eight songs have been removed from the playlist:

  • Better by Brenna Bone
  • Ease Made Easy by DanaMaria
  • Two Night Stands by Kylie Morgan
  • Wish You Back by Clayton Johnson
  • Motherfucker by Sarah Shook & the Disarmers
  • Home and a Hometown by Hannah Ellis
  • What Angels Do by Luke Grimes
  • Country Gold by Anne Wilson & Jordan Davis


Country Music Playlist Update Log (25th March 2024)

One week until Easter. Have you colored your Easter eggs yet? My list of songs this week is rather heading in a traditional country music style – I hope you like my selection.

  • I Got You Covered by Lil Skinny

I have a bunch of new song releases this year. The first one is the uplifting country track I Got You Covered by Lil Skinny. He is an artist from Nashville – but not the Tennessee Music City big one, but from Arkansas. Cool sound by the 20 year old artist.

  • So You Think You Want A Cowboy? by Kylie Frey

Another young and emerging artist is Kylie Frey. Her website names her a third-generation rodeo girl and Louisiana state goat- tying champion and a rising star as genuine as her blue jeans. Maybe a bit too much of self-marketing, but her new song is definitely interesting.

  • Money Train by Sierra Ferrell

A really lovely country music release this week is Trail of Flowers by Sierra Ferrell. The album is a treat for traditional country music listeners. Here is my favorite song.

  • Mr. Spaceman by The Cumberland River Project

After I chatted with Frank in my Spotlight interviews, The Cumberland River Project released its new EP, Vain Regrets. I opted for another song as my favorite, but I felt to entertain you with the hilarious Mr. Spaceman.

  • It Ain’t Austin by George Birge

George Birge is active since 2013 already. Last year, he released his first studio album. In his new song release, he is calling out to his birth town.

  • Late Bloomer by Carter Faith

I recently covered a Carter Faith show alongside Redferrin and Restless Road in Frankfurt. This week, the charismatic artist release a new song, Late Bloomer. Here is my review.

  • Country Gold by Anne Wilson and Jordan Davis

This song is a beautiful duet by Anne Wilson and Jordan Davis. Hope you enjoy this new release as much as I did. (not on Amazon Music)

  • They Know My Name by Pat Reedy

This week, I added one new set of country music tour dates to my Country Tour Date ListWestern AF is a songwriters round featuring Todd Day Wall, Pat Reedy and Kristina Murray. I felt to feature one of them in my this week’s playlist.

The following eight songs have been removed from the playlist:

  • Lyin’ by Caden McGuire
  • Where It Ends by Bailey Zimmerman
  • Heatin’ Up by Conner Smith
  • Nur ein Lied by Kerstin Bogensee
  • Middle Finger Motto by Eddie and the Getaway
  • Girl WIth The Stratocaster by Corb Lund
  • American Girl by Dierks Bentley
  • You Make Loving Fun by Lonestar



Country Music Playlist Update Log (18th March 2024)

I wanted to have a relaxing weekend in Krakow this weekend. But my suitcase did not make the connection, the hotel had issues with hot water… So I had to go for the good, old Covid-19 mode: if Plan A is not working out, take plan B… Okay, that was finally Plan D something. Bad luck, shit happens… But I hope you have a much better time with these eight songs I picked for this week’s playlist! Have fun – and warm water 🙂 .

  • The Architect by Kacey Musgraves

While I really struggled with the predecessor Star-Crossed, I absolutely loved the new album Deeper Well by Kacey Musgraves. Look forward to her upcoming tour as well – have a look into the album review or my European tour date list for all the shows she is playing in Europe.

  • Take It To The Highway by Kaylee Bell

I loved so much to see you New Zealand’s country artist Kaylee Bell shared on social media when she went into a record store – and grabbed her eleven song album Nights Like This. I unfortunately did not have a free slot any more to cover the album, but I enjoyed listening to it.

  • Every Little Thing by Carly Pearce

I remember so well when Carly Pearce opened a country festival in Lexington, Kentucky, I have visited a bunch of years ago. I fell in love with her music. After her show in Hamburg in 2022, Carly just announced that she will be coming back to Europe. So exciting to have her in my home town Cologne as well. I chose one of the songs I loved from the very beginning of listening, a classic by her. Check out the tour date page for details on her European dates.

  • I Went To College / I Went To Jail by ERNEST feat. Jelly Roll

Another release I missed is the seven track EP Nashville, Tennessee by ERNEST. Two of the songs are collaborations with other artists – this opening track has been recorded with nobody but Jelly Roll. Cool song in a rather traditional country sound.

  • Thing That Brought Me Here by Tenille Townes

A single release as of this week is Thing That Brought Me Here by Tenille Townes. I feel that the Canadian artist did an excellent job – with her very own style. Love it!

  • Bad Outta Hell – With a Boat on the Back by Dylan Marlowe

No, this one is not a Meatloaf cover. Dylan Marlowe released his new single this week – and I simply love this country rocker. Hope you do so, too

  • If I Could Call by David Nail

During his long career, David Nail had two #1 hits. In 2011, he topped the US Country Charts with Let It Rain (featuring Sarah Burton), two years later, Whatever She’s Got beat any other country song in airplay. His last album is dated as of 2016, though (there are EPs in 2018 and 2021). Great to hear some new tunes of him.

  • The Devil You Know by Brother Dege

This is definitely the most touching story of this set of eight track song addition. Just a week before Brother Dege released his album Aurora, he surprisingly died. I honor him with the most country-alike song on this blues rock album, The Devil You Know.

The following eight songs have been removed from the playlist:

  • Greener Pasture by Carter Faith
  • Rock for a Heart by Ludlow Creek
  • Six Feet Deep by Royale Lynn
  • Road I Wanna Ride by Michael James
  • Matchmaker by Erin Kinsey
  • Space in My Heart by Enrique Iglesias & Miranda Lambert
  • Too Good to be True by Kacey Musgraves
  • Craving California by Mark Robert Cash


Country Music Playlist Update Log (11th March 2024)

Even though I cannot make it to any of the Country To Country events this year, the week was full of country music to me. I absolutely enjoyed the Sound of Nashville events this week, the one in Cologne on Tuesday and the one in Frankfurt on Wednesday. Needless to say that I use the opportunity of the new Country Music Playlist format and spotlight some of the artists I enjoyed this week, in addition to new releases and review.

  • Home and A Hometown by Hannah Ellis

Having Hannah Ellis live on stage in my hometown Cologne on Tuesday – it just has been very, very special to me. Bad luck that I did not have time to exchange with her or Nick Wayne. A very charming person on stage – for the playlist I selected one of her most energetic songs.

  • Jack And Diet Coke by Redferrin

I give in – I did not know too much about the music by Redferrin before he kicked off his set in Frankfurt. Such a great artist with a present voice. He definitely deserves to be featured in my playlist for the very first time.

  • What Angels Do by Luke Grimes

I did not feature Luke Grimes live on stage on the Sound of Nashville shows, but as he released his debut album on Friday. A very gentle and fine storytelling, even though I also found small weaker spots in Luke Grimes. I picked one of my favorite songs for the playlist.

  • Last Rodeo by Restless Road

If I combine both sets, the Cologne and the Frankfurt one, I would definitely state that Restless Road was the best act of all six ones I featured this week. What an amazing, powerful bunch of people. It was definitely a gift for the German fans being able to enjoy them on these minor stages as well. I selected one of their most popular songs for the playlist.

  • Craving California by Mark Robert Cash

Similar to Luke Grimes, Mark Robert Cash is not only known as both, a musician and an actor. Cash, for example, was part of the cast of the Nashville TV series  This week, he released Craving California I felt to add it to the playlist. The song is not available on Amazon Music.

  • Off The Rails by Brantley Gilbert

Off The Rails by Brantley Girlbert is truly a country rock beat. There is so much energy and power in this song. It has been an easy choice for me.

  • Make It Look Easy by Avery Anna

Since the Heart To Heart event in Düsseldorf in August 2023 (when is the next one?), I really love Avery Anna and her music. This week, she added the song Make It Look Easy to her discography – and I add it to my playlist.

  • See Me in a Suit by Lakeview

Last, but not least, I just had to feature the Pittsburgh powerhouse Lakeview this week. I loved their set in Cologne. Even though it was just an acoustic set, the guys sounded so good. One of my favorite performances this wekk, definitely.

The following eight songs have been removed from the playlist:

  • Hubby In A Honky Tonk by Katrina Burgoyne
  • Trailer Park by Jackson Dean
  • God’s Country by Blake Shelton
  • If I Have a Daughter by Chelsea Berman
  • Devil You Know by Tyler Braden
  • Girl Next Door by Logan Crosby
  • Situationship by Kaylee Rose
  • Bless Your Heart by Callista Clark


Country Music Playlist Update Log (4th March 2024)

I am really envy of everybody who made it to the Country to Country events in Berlin and Rotterdam this weekend. The date was published just a bit too late and I had already planned another trip for previous week. Thus, there are not too many C2C related acts this time – but some really interesting new songs and stories in the world of country music.

  • Somewhere Between by Dylan Gossett

Dylan Gossett is a young Texas country music artist from Austin. He grew his popularity on social media. This Friday, he released his new song Somewhere Between.

  • Slow Dance by Scotty McCreery

This time, I feature quite a lot of rather traditional style country music Scotty McCreery is a guarantee for great songs of that kind. His new song release is absolutely in line with this expectation. .

  • Too Good to be True by Kacey Musgraves

Apart from this new song release, the biggest news about Kacey Musgraves is definitely that she will have some tour dates in Europe in April and May 2024. You can find the details in my tour date overview.

  • You Make Loving Fun by Lonestar

Lonestar are true legends of the country music business. And they still release music. This week, they shared their cover of You Make Loving Fun, originally by Fleetwood Mac. Nice one!

  • Sterne in der Nacht by Linda Feller & Joshville

Okay, that tune sounds familiar to you as well. This track is nothing but a German cover of the Parton-Rodgers classic Islands in the Stream. The song is performed by two German artists who truly have country music in their heart, Joshville and Linda Feller

  • Two-Faced by Stephanie Lambring

Stephanie Lambring released her debut album Autonomy in 2020. Since then, there are just some scattered single releases – like this one.

  • Never Again One More Time by Walker Montgomery & Randy Rogers

Walker Montgomery and Randy Rogers – what a nice collaboration. Never Again One More Time is a lovely new song release by this duo.

  • 4 Wheel High by Sean Stemaly

Sean Stemaly is an artist from Western Kentucky, but was raised in Newburgh in Indiana. The 1995-born artist is active since 2018. He released his debut album Product of a Small Town n 2022. Now he is sharing a new song with us.

The following eight songs have been removed from the playlist:

  • Trouble’s Here by Lee Ann Womack
  • Where The Wild Things Are by Luke Combs
  • The Ring by Julia Cole
  • Need a Favor by Jelly Role
  • Shield and Sword by Lizzie No
  • Bad For You by Ashley Ryan
  • Angel Falling Down Taylor McCall
  • Hurricane by The Castellows


Country Music Playlist Update Log (26th February 2024)

As I am posting this update from Kuala Lumpur, I update the playlist a bit earlier than usual – please don’t be confused when the update this time is already coming on Sunday, German or US-American time. Unfortunately, I did not run into domestic country music yet (is there any?) – but therefor, there are some really cool songs for the playlist, I feel. Hope you agree.

  • Ghost Town by Sam Outlaw

Is this really the first time I feature a song by Sam Outlaw? Hard to imagine that, but it is the case. I definitely have to change it that week – also because Sam announced his European tour 2024 this week. No Germany, no United Kingdom – but a lot of other stunning locations. You can find them in my tour date list.

  • Girl With The Stratocaster by Corb Lund

This week, I featured the new album El Viejo by Corb Lund. The album is much wider than country music. Thus, for the playlist, I went to feature this track.

  • Wish You Back by Clayton Johnson

The first bio information I found about Clayton Johnson is that he used to date Lana Del Rey for a certain period. His twitter account states I love my family, people, dogs, football, beer and music. Seems to be a nice guy – and he is doing great music – like his new song Wish You Back.

  • Two Night Stands by Kylie Morgan

I really love the amazing Kylie Morgan and her music. This week, the modern country artist released a new track. A great opportunity to feature her again.

  • Space in My Heart by Enrique Igelesias & Miranda Lambert

Beyonce is doing country – and Enrique Iglesias is doing so as well. This week, he released a new track alongside Miranda Lambert. This song is also part of a block of songs, which feature famous artists.

  • American Girl by Dierks Bentley

Another song of this block is the new release by Dierks Bentley. I love Tom Petty and his songs. Thus, I just had to add this classic in a lovely country cover version to the Country Music Playlists.

  • Deal With The Devil by Rvshvd feat. Danny Worsnop

Another really collaboration leading to a new song this week is this one. Country rocker Rvshvd recorded Deal With The Devil alongside Danny Worsnop from Asking Alexandria. The result: a cool rocker.

  • Motherfucker by Sarah Shook & the Disarmers

On 29th March 2024, Sarah Shook & the Disarmers are releasing their new album Revelations. The feature single released this week is named… You know it already – don’t want to reduce my search engine score more than necessary.

The following eight songs have been removed from the playlist:

  • State of Mind by Laura Evans
  • Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not by Thompson Square
  • Dancing With The Wolves by Tobey Lucas
  • Single Again by Josh Ross
  • Never Learned How To Sew by Ashley Anne
  • Sunshine Shine by Blanco Brown
  • Straight Line by Keith Urban
  • Just To Say We Did by Kenny Chesney


Country Music Playlist Update Log (19th February 2024)

Eight in – Eight out. The Country Music Playlists are now running in the new “Business as usual” mode. I have quite a lot of travel on my list this month as well as live events – so it is a bit of hard to keep up with all the duties. However, I made a decent eight song collection – hope you enjoy it!

  • Like It Was Yesterday by Blackberry Smoke

Blackberry Smoke and their album Be Right Here kicked off the coverage of my music review weekend. So many nice ones – I finally chose that song. Hope you look forward to their tour as much as I do – check the dates out on my review or in the tour date overview section.

  • I Don’t Carolina by Chase Matthew

Chase Matthew’s EP We All Grow Up was the last music review of this weekend I shared with you. Some really cool songs – I went for this love story.

  • Bless Your Heart by Callista Clark

It’s more than a year ago since I saw Callista Clark live on stage in Cologne. I have to admit that I lost a bit of focus of her. The more I am happy to share her new single with you. A typical Callista song.

  • Middle Finger Motto by Eddie and The Getaway

Another single release. Eddie and The Getaway released Middle Finger Motto with us this weekend. Spotify shows the in the square for that title – and we enjoy rocking with them.

  • Ease Made Easy by DanaMaria

While I was covering the floorball matches in Erlensee near Frankfurt this weekend, the women’s match vs. Dümpten and the men’s match vs. Calw, I thought a lot about German country artists. I will more frequently add some German acts into the playlist here and there. Here is a great song by DanaMaria, who I also featured in a Spotlight interview in 2020.

  • Born Lonely by Matt Stell

With the new setup of the Country Music Playlist, there is a stronger focus on new single releases. Songs like Born Lonely by Matthew Neal Stell, which is the civil name of the country artist. Nice track by the singer-songwriter and guitarist, who is part of the business since 2006 already.

  • I Got A Problem (Full Length) by Drake Milligan

Just four songs – but they are a blast. The Jukebox Songs by Drake Milligan are the perfect appetizer for the upcoming Country To Country shows, where Drake will be on stage.

  • Poison In The Well by Taylor Austin Dye

Finally (or on the top of the playlist, where I reverse the order), there is Taylor Austin Dye with her new release. Poison In The Wall is a rather dark, but cool listen by the Kentucky-origin artist.

Therefore, the following songs are leaving the playlist:

  • Everything With You by Eric Paslay
  • Hung Up by Alli Walker
  • I Just Wanna Hold You by Clay Walker
  • You’re My Texas by Gabby Barrett
  • Devil’s Money by Mary Kutter
  • Another Song About You by Charles Esten
  • The Way It Is Now by Sarah Jarosz
  • God & Country by Anne Wilson


Country Music Playlist Update Log (12th February 2024)

50 songs! After the incremental upgrades of the Country Music Playlists, we are reaching the new target size of songs. Some sad news and very interesting releases are forming the eight songs which I selected for this week’s update. I hope you are enjoying them.

  • Should’ve Been A Cowboy by Toby Keith

Toby Keith’s death was truly the key new of the music business this week, not just limited to country music. I am honoring the legend with one of his greatest songs.

  • Better by Brenna Bone

After there has not been a single song release in 2023, I am so happy to have a new song by Brenna Bone. I really love the style of the US-American artist.

  • Nur ein Lied by Kerstin Bogensee

A Spotlight interview and the review of her sophomore album Sonne & Zweifel – Kerstin Bogensee is definitely the focus artist of this week on I share one of my favorite songs with you.

  • Girl Next Door by Logan Crosby

Georgia native singer-songwriter released his new single Girl Next Door this week. I ran into it while scanning new release – and felt it is worth sharing.

  • A Little Devil by The Dead South

Chains & Stakes is the latest album of The Dead South. The Canadians define an a characteristic sound – the tracks simply sound and feel like The Dead South.

  • Matchmaker by Erin Kinsey

While I am rather closely following Brenna Bone and Kaylee Rose (see below), I ran into the new release by Texas-origin artist Erin Kinsey. A really nice one by the 23 year old singer-songwriter.

  • Situationship by Kaylee Rose

Another young female country artist, who released a new song this week is Kaylee Rose. Currently, she is dealing with several relationship topics – which is also in line with her latest song, Situationship.

  • Hurricane by The Castellows

The Castellows have been a massive hype on social media. There was a lot of coverage and advertisement towards their debut EP A Little Goes A Long Way. Here is my favorite fit to this playlist.

Therefore, the following songs are leaving the playlist:

  • Black Top White Lines by Chris Shiflett
  • Breakup Breakdown by Jason Aldean
  • Hurt People by Tim McGraw
  • I Know It’ll Never End by The Castellows
  • Repkaceable by Hannah Ellis
  • Mein Navi spielt verrückt by Rhinestones



Country Music Playlist Update Log (5th February 2024)

We are getting closer to 50… At the end of this week, there will already be 48 songs in the Country Music Playlists (47 at Amazon Music as one song is missing…). Hope you like my eight song collection of songs this week – and are not too sad about the six ones leaving.

  • If I Have a Daughter by Chelsea Berman

Chealsea Berman is one of my favorite artist from the Australian country music scene. This week, the amazing young artist released the beautiful If I Have a Daughter – great new single release.

  • Off the Highway by Gabby Barrett

An album I simply got too late for a review is Chapter & Verse by Gabby Barrettt. A brief listen was very promising – I share my favorite song with you.

  • Sunshine Shine by Blanco Brown

A Blanco Brown song is always adding a special sound and groove to a country music playlist. No country artist does it like Blanco – even though his new single is rather tame.

  • Straight Line by Keith Urban

A new Keith this week. Straight Line sounds and feels like a Keith Urban song – do I really need to say more?

  • Devil You Know by Tyler Braden

Tyler Braden is a country musician who is originally from Alabama. This week he released the very catch Devil You Know. He is on tour in the United States and Australia soon.

  • Just To Say We Did by Kenny Chesney

Some big names of the genre are working towards a major release in 2024. One of them is Kenny Chesney. This this week’s single release feels very promising, indeed.

  • God & Country by Anne Wilson

Anne Wilson is a Christian country singer from Lexington in Kentucky. She is active since 2021. Even though I typically struggle with religious country songs, I really like this one. The song is not available on Amazon Music. 

  • Angel Falling Down by Taylor McCall

I really enjoyed listening to Mellow War, the new album by Taylor McCall. The album is influenced by several Americana genres – I present a rather country-alike track for this playlist.

Therefore, the following songs are leaving the playlist:

  • You Don’t Know Who I Am by The Steel Woods
  • Take Her Home by Kenny Chesney
  • Dance Like Nobody’s Watching by Jenn Bostic
  • Yes! by Chad Brock
  • Can’t Pass The Bar by Scotty McCreery
  • Anything But What It Was by Zach John King


Country Music Playlist Update Log (29th January 2024)

Second time eight songs in since I updated the country music playlist policy. I feel that this week, it is really valuable as I have quite a long list of songs which are really worth being presented in here. Hope you enjoy listening to some country music songs with me.

By the way, I tilted the order of the Country Music Playlist this weekend. This means that the latest song will now be on the top of the playlist. The order below is in line with it, i.e. Randall King will lead the playlist this week (for one week until the next update)

  • Six Feet Deep by Royale Lynn

I am a huge fan of this country music lady, who is adding a good bunch of hard rock elements into her music. The more, I was really amazed when I found Six Feet Deep on a German promotion platform. Last week, Royale disclosed that she also signed a record deal. Keep my fingers crossed that there will be a European tour one day.

  • Heatin’ Up by Conner Smith

While I typically receive modern country music rather rarely on general German promotion platforms, this time, I also received the lovely album Smoky Mountains by Conner Smith. Unfortunately, the Wuppertal High Jump Meeting coverage required me to prepare a lot of music reviews in advance. Nonetheless, I highly recommend to have a listen to the album.

  • Another Song About You by Charles Esten

A really lovely review this week was the album Love Ain’t Pretty by Charles Esten. There is a great range of songs on this long-play, which is in fact (and somehow, surprisingly…) the debut one. Look forward being at his show in Hamburg in May 2024.

  • The Way It is Now by Sarah Jarosz

Four time Grammy Award winning Americana artist Sarah Jarosz shared her new album Polaroid Lovers this weekend. For the playlist, I went for a rather country-alike song.

  • Mein Navi spielt verrückt by Rhinestones

“My GPS is running nuts” is roughly the translation of the title of this German country music release. As typical, there is a touch of schlager in the song as well. Nonetheless, I really like it.

  • Road I Wanna Ride by Michael James

As far as I could find out, Michael James is originally from Long Island, New York. His new song Road I Wanna Ride has a touch of a mainstream country radio song, but that also means that the songs stays in your mind really well. I absolutely like it.

  • Bad For You by Ashley Ryan

Ashley Ryan is somehow the “counter part” to Royale Lynn this week. The 24 year old California-origin released this cool country rocker this week. Great one, taken from her new Too Far Gone album.

  • But It Ain’t by Randall King

My best rated music release this weekend, however, was the amazing album Into The Neon by Randall King. I envy everybody who will be able to enjoy his live performances at the C2C in Berlin and Rotterdam in March 2024. I feel that this track will be a really special blast

Therefore, the following songs are leaving the playlist:

  • Same Beer Different Problems by Darius Rucker
  • Whiskey In Your Coffee Cup by Maddie Storvold
  • Won’t Be The Whiskey by Juliana Rankin
  • Up In Texas by Midland
  • Good At Love by Catherine McGrath


Country Music Playlist Update Log (22nd January 2024)

Upgrade time: as I explained to you on Thursday, I will be adding eight songs instead of five in order to upgrade the playlist to fifty songs. Vice versa, the sad news is that I don’t believe I will at least very soon be able to maintain the New Country Music Playlists again. Therefore, there will be more new releases in here. Hope you enjoy the kick-off into a new era.

  • Never Learned How To Sew by Ashley Anne

I shared the review of Ashley Anne’s debut EP dear dolly with you on Friday. There are not too many new songs, but I really enjoyed the sound of the track compilation. Never Learned How To Sew comes with a lovely storytelling.

  • Devil’s Money by Mary Kutter

I follow Mary Kutter on Instagram – and really liked her social media campaign towards her this week’s single release, Devil’s Money. The rocking country track is a real treat as well. This song was an easy choice for the new format Country Music Playlist.

  • Need A Favor by Jelly Roll

Jelly Roll has been one of the big names of the 2023 CMA Awards. I recently listened to a few of his songs. With Need A Favor, I take you to his 2023 album, Whitsitt Chapel. Great song.

  • A Different Kind of Year by Cory Marks

I simply love listening to Cory Marks’ new track, A Different Kind of Year. It is such a nice balance of pop, rock and country elements. A good party vibe by the Canadian

  • Shield and Sword by Lizzie No

Lizzie No is typically rather regarded being an indie-folk artist. However, some songs of her album Halfsies have a certain country music touch. One of them is Shield and Sword, the ninth track of Halfsies. Enjoy!

  • Don’t Wanna Fall Asleep by Canaan Cox

A rather uptempo modern country song released this week is Don’t Wanna Fall Asleep by Canaan Cox. Another track with a nice rock touch.

  • Anything But What It Was by Zach John King

On a social media profile, Zach John King introduces himself with Hey! I’m a Georgia boy living in Nashville that loves making simple, southern, honest music. His new song has been released this week. And it is a straight and comfortable listen. Thus, based on this pick, I would conditionally approve the description.

  • No Caller ID by Megan Moroney

The last song I share today is the emotional new release by Megan Moroney, No Caller ID. After her huge hit Tennessee Orange, I would really love her to have another big one soon.

Therefore, the following songs are leaving the playlist:

  • Old Country Still Rocks by Wade Hayes
  • Poison by Eddie And The Getaway
  • Counterfeit by Taylor Edwards
  • Cowboys & Dreamers by Carter Faith
  • I’ll Go First by Austin Brown


Country Music Playlist Update Log (15th January 2024)

I more or less completed my thoughts about the restructuring of my playlists after I have only limited and only biased access to new country music releases. I need to do some structural work on the website before. Currently, times are really busy – and the fact that I had to travel to the EHF Handball European Championships in Berlin by car instead of by train (rail strikes) did not really lead to a better situation…So far, so good, five new songs:

  • Rock for a Heart by Ludlow Creek

I had a listen to this song already some two weeks ago as a promo and really enjoyed it. This week, Rock for a Heart has finally been released. Really nice song.

  • Replaceable by Hannah Ellis

Wow, Hannah Ellis does it great! I still somehow cannot believe that This Girl is her debut album. However, you just have to praise the female country artist for this outstanding set of songs. Here is my favorite (so hard to pick one…).

  • This Ring by Julia Cole

Julia Cole is somehow the bustling country music releasing worker bee to me. She is doing so many new song. Just when I joined a brief live stream with Hannah Ellis regarding her album, Julia Cole was presenting This Ring online to her fans. Lovely new song.

  • Single Again by Josh Ross

You won’t ever be single again – another single release this week which I really liked. A song about not being single any more. Good listen.

  • Can’t Pass The Bar by Scotty McCreery

A new single release by Scotty McCreery – Can’t Pass The Bar has a nice rocking touch. Enjoy partying to this track.

Therefore, the following songs are leaving the playlist:

  • Easy On A Heart by Alex Hall
  • Long Way Home by Dustin Lynch
  • Too Much And Not Enough by Hannah Ellis
  • Best Worst Ex by Julia Cole & Alexandra Kay
  • Weeping Willow by Warren Zeiders


Country Music Playlist Update Log (8th January 2024)

2024 is really kicking off on now. Starting yesterday, I am going back to the two post per day rhythm. I might be a bit more relaxed about keeping it each and every day, but let’s see. Not only due to the recent US trip, my backlog is full of stuff which is definitely worth sharing. Next week latest, I will also present you the concept how my Country Playlists will go on – I just wanted to finally define something which creates value and is absolutely maintainable. This week, there weren’t too many album releases, but quite a bunch of interesting new song releases. Thus, there is a lot of stuff worth sharing. Here are my five picks for this week.

  • I Know It’ll Never End by The Castellows

If you rather feel like some more traditional tunes, this track by The Castellows might be one of your favorite new listens of the week. Beautiful sound by the female trio.

  • You’re My Texas by Gabby Barrett

Gabby Barrett also released a great new song this week. Not the powerhouse track like Jackson Dean, but full of emotions (and thus, with a little touch of kitsch. I really love listening to You’re My Texas.

  • Dancing With The Wolves by Tobey Lucas

Being in Switzerland this weekend, I thought about listening to some Swiss country music. I also ran into this song, which Tobey Lucas released as part of his 2019 Life And Fire EP. I feel that the song definitely deserves some more attention.

  • God’s Country by Blake Shelton

This one is another 2019 release: During my recent stay in the USA, I had quite a lot of time to think about a wide range of things – typically while driving around. One thought I had was about big country artists which are not too frequently represented. Blake Shelton’s biggest success of the last years, for example, has been a listen I never shared with you as such. Time to do better now 🙂

  • Pretty Hungover by Trey Lewis

The third single release of the week is Pretty Hungover by Trey Lewis. The song is a lovely, straight contemporary country listen with quite some airplay potential.

Therefore, the following songs are leaving the playlist:

  • Buy Dirt by Jordan Davis feat. Luke Bryan
  • Better Than This by Ray Scott
  • I Hate Nashville by Dustin Hensley
  • My Kind of Lonely by Waylon Hanel
  • She Makes The Sad Songs by Hayden Coffman


Country Music Playlist Update Log (1st January 2024)

Happy New Year everybody! I am still on the road in the United States and the Western music industry is in its year-end break. Nonetheless, here are five song to share with you this week.

  • I’ll Go First by Austin Brown

I’ll Go First by Austin Brown is indeed a new release of the week. He released the track on 29th December 2023. A very nice listen by the Home Free member. Great listen.

  • Yes! by Chad Brock

Driving through the United States, listening to Sirius XM satellite radio in the desert… Gives you some chance to run into new and long forgotten songs. Like Yes! by Chad Brock, who I listened to on a trip from Hoover Dam to Las Vegas… and felt to share it with you.

  • Where It Ends by Bailey Zimmerman

Bailey Zimmerman’s 2023 album Religiously. The Album. has been huge in the United States and comes with several songs streamed over 100 million times on Spotify only. I felt to share this song with you.

  • Ain’t Enough Whiskey by TracieLynn

I had four year-end review postings this time. In my Favorite Albums and EPs posting, TracieLynn’s More Than a Bad Habit has been the highest ranked country music EP. I so far just shared the lovely Broadway Cowboy with you (which made it ninth in my Favorite Songs of 2023 posting. Here is another song from the lovely set of song.

  • Trailer Park by Jackson Dean

Even though the European Weird Al Yankovic Tour 2023 created so many lovely memories and the Nacht der Gitarren was awesome, my most memorable concert of the year was the Heart To Heart event in Dusseldorf. Bad luck that there has not yet been a follow up so far. Nonetheless, I mentioned this concert in my Best Ones 2023 post – and share Trailer Park by the amazing Jackdson Dean with you.

Therefore, the following songs are leaving the playlist:

  • Tempt The Devil by Taylor Austin Dye
  • Snapback by Old Dominion
  • Son of a Sinner by Jelly Roll
  • Jealous of Jane by Lauren Watkins
  • Unsingle by Clayton Johnson