Songs Of The Week (week of 7 Jan 2022)

My Songs Of The Week slowly turn into a tradition. This week, I definitely saw that the number of releases massively increased, so that I really had to work to reduce my song selection to a bearable level. Again, I tried to cover a quite white range of songs. Hope you enjoy.


Billy Talent – Judged

The single release of the week is likely Judged by Billy Talent. The Canadian rockers tease their new album Crisis of Faith, which will be released on 21st January 2022. Definitely a nice appetizer!


Klaus Lage – Wenn’s Mal Wieder So Wär

To me, Klaus Lage is one of the best German rock artists. However, his upcoming album, Je wahrer die Liebe, will be very different from the typical style of his song. This track, which is beautifully describing what is happening when you meet childhood friends and dream back in time (“If it would be like that again”) is an interesting teaser. Look forward to listen to more new songs in February.


The Weeknd – Sacrifice

I decided against adding the new album Dawn FM to my reviews, but I listened to it and have been quite impressed. In parallel, there is a single release, Sacrifice by the Toronto-origin artist, who has been that successful the last year. Enjoy his new music.

Blanks – OK to Cry

Blanks from Groningen in the Netherlands already released this song at the beginning of the week. Nice pop with lovely guitar lines. The promo pack says that 1.6m people are following him on TikTok only… Impressive.



AURORA – A Dangerous Thing

AURORA did a double release this week. I preferred the leading song A Dangerous Song over the B-side Everything Matters by the Norwegian pop artist.


Sabaton – Solider of Heaven

War is the key topic of the Swedish metal legends Sabataon – and thus, Soldier of Heaven is just in line with what you expect. Great rock with a catching chorus. Album release will be on 4th March 2022.


Ella Henderson – Brave

That’s one of these songs which really make me enjoy the new Songs Of The Week thing. Straight, nice pop from the United Kingdom with a lovely groove. With a different arrangement, this could also be an amazing country music summer party track.


Frederico feat. Lenny Barks – Catch Me

These postings also give me a another place to at least a bit feature German artists – and this Friday release by German producer Frederico is just a nice straight pop song, which made me smile – hope you like it, too.


Bruno Ferrara – Lieben ohne Leiden (Cuore grande grande)

I am currently having a very strong Italy crush – look forward to be back in the country very soon. That German schlager track with an Italian touch just felt to be the right soundtrack for it. Bruno Ferrara from Naples transformed this Udo Jürgens classic into an Italian-German song. Cool.


LEJO – Meine Seite

German pop from Hamburg: I just liked the very direct sound of LEJO’s song Meine Seite. Nice song.


Gang of Youths – In the Wake Of Your Leave

In between a list of German songs, some rock music from “Down Under”: good vibes and guitars in this new song by Gang of Youths.


Bernhard Brink – Von Null auf Unsterblich

When I reviewed Bernhard Brink’s May 2021 album lieben und leben, I compared this song to a Modern Talking song. Now he released the track as a single release. Nicely done German schlager. Songs of the Week

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