Backstrom – The Carousel

Backstrom - The Carousel



4.1/5 Pros

  • Unique blending of Americana genres
  • Very good narration

The press kit to that album has been rather impressing. Each and every track of The Carousel comes with an individual graphic print, which is great to see. Not only the visual approach towards the debut album felt interesting to me. The album, which is released by the Swedish artist Backstrom, is available since (Thursday), 18th January 2024.


Backstrom – About The Artist

Andreas Backstrom is the artist behind Backstrom. He is favoring folk, country and rock music. Unfortunately, I could not find out too much aber the Swedish artist. The album has been recorded with some guest musicians, who partially also wrote and co-wrote some of The Carousel songs. Interestingly, Backstrom states in the press material that he hired the musicians on Fiverr partially.


Backstrom – The Carousel – Track by Track

The nine track album lasts 35 minutes. All songs apart from the final one, Darkness, feature Bart Topher.

1. Train Wreck Coming

The press kit states that Backstrom wanted to create a unique and characteristic sound. The first song is already rich of influences. You feel folk and country vibes, but the song is also very blues-ish. Oh Lord have mercy on our souls tonight is thereby definitely not meant about the sound of the first song – it is a nice one right at the beginning of the album.

2. It’s Too Late

The second song is slower and thus even more moves feels like a rather sad blues song. The vocals of Bart Thoper on the microphone adds a very nice touch and sets a very intense mood.

3. Animal

Even though I rather rate the music, I just have to state that the artwork presented for the songs, including the great tiger design for Animal are just amazing. In this song, there are also some string sounds in the song, which is dark and dramatic.

4. Carousel

The title track Carousel is rather rhythmic and comes with a pop-alike melody in the chorus, which has a bit of an nostalgic touch. Again, I rather see blues and rock influences in this song than country and folk music ones. But the sound has a nice presence.

5. The Traveler

The Traveler opens with a few, dark guitar strums, before the song more and more turns into the melodic song. The folk and country ghosts are back in the album as well. The song is one of most beautiful ones of the album regarding the narrative style.

6. Ghost of a Town

The sound of Ghost of a Town is rather majestic and feels like a slow, heavy march. The string-alike sounds are accompanied by piano tunes, so that parts of the song feel like a requiem. That sound also fits quite well to the story about the dying of a city. The song definitely manages to stay in your mind.

7. Winter Moon

The seventh track is about the Winter Moon. The song is the straightest folk music track on the album, but also feels like a ballad. Especially the cello-alike chords in the background lead to a beautiful, warm atmosphere.

8. The Journey

From a folk-style to a country track. My Nashville music heart gets a warm massage with the last single release of the album, The Journey. Not just due to my general sympathy for the genre, I really enjoy the listen the most of all songs.

9. Darkness

The album closes with Darkness. The song is special already because Backstrom is using a female vocalist for this song. This leads to a nice alternative flavor at the end of The Carousel – and one of the best songs of the debut as well.


Backstrom – The Carousel – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Backstrom – The Carousel – My View

Mission fulfilled – Backstrom recorded a debut album which leaves a mark. It is a nice variation of songs over the full range of Americana genres. It is definitely not wrong to give these nine songs a deeper listen. in Sweden

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