Veigh Malow – Why EP

Veigh Malow - Why



4.2/5 Pros

  • Fine, very versatile indie-pop songs
  • Lovely vocal performance Cons

  • Just one new track

Why is already the second EP release by the German artist and band Veigh Malow. The release of their debut EP just happened some eight months ago. Now, there is a new set of five songs. Here is my view of the 14th June 2024 release.


Veigh Malow – About The Artists

Veigh Malow is the artist and band name of the Hamburg-origin artist Solveig Heim. Apart from her solo career, she is also working as a studio artist and background singer. The first EP release of VeighMalow was in October 2023, when she / they shared Sisyphus. Veigh Malow do pop music with an indie-pop touch.


Veigh Malow – Why – Track by Track

The five track EP lasts 15 minutes.

1. Why

There is a downer about the title track of the EP: in fact, it is the only song, which has not been released before. On the other side, it is a lovely listen, which is moving between melodic pop and rougher rock elements. The melody of the chorus is catching, and Solveig Heim’s voice is versatile (partially using distortion) and catching. An enjoyable kick-off into Why.

2. Dripstone Cage

Dripstone Cage is a more fluent and melodic song, which leans towards pop. Nonetheless, Veigh Malow again present a nice change between different moods and sections. Especially on the vocal side, the track sometimes feels fine and fragile, while other parts are rather energetic, almost angry. The bridge is a bit too long in my point of view.

3. Shaky Grounds

Shaky Grounds comes with the lovely shifts between rocking elements and almost dream-pop alike melodic elements. This leads to an entertaining and exciting listen. I really like this third one.

I`m okay
You better keep your own world from falling apart
Cause I can’t stand
Your mess’s pullin’ me down on shaky grounds
Never wanted to stay
I keep running, running, running away
It’s hard, but can’t you see
That I won’t keep your world from falling apart

4. Million Dollar Days

If you like modern pop songs, which also come with a intense bass drum made for dancing, Million Dollar Days is likely the song of your choice on Why. The song also comes with a nice groove and some interesting electronic sound elements. Nice!

Soon you’ll see me
Flames in every eye
I can’t stand still I’m about to heat up
All I wish for’s to never let them go by
My million dollar days
Weightless haze of sweet euphoria
No time to leave the heights so will you stay
And be my fellow, learn to let them go by
Our million dollar days

5. A Hundred Vivid Memories

A Hundred Vivid Memories is closing the EP. Thereby, the song is driven by acoustic guitar lines at the beginning. In addition to the fine vocal performance, this leads to a very emotional and personal touch. Nice one.


Veigh Malow – Why – Spotify

Here is Why on Spotify:

Veigh Malow – Why – My View

I really like the sound of Veigh Malow and their second EP. The five songs are versatile, the lead singer is covering a wide range of melodies and moods, also within one song. Nonetheless, I need to mention that one new song only is a bit too thin.

Favorite Song: Shaky Grounds


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