mxmtoon – rising

mxmtoon - Rising



4.8/5 Pros

  • Very versatile, very good pop songs
  • Lovely voice

Since I ran into the EP dusk by mxmtoon in 2020, I really love to follow the artist and her music. On 20th May 2022, she is releasing her album rising – of course, I wanted to have a deeper listen and share it with you.


mxmtoon – About The Artist

xmxmtoon’s birth name is Maia. She was born in 2020 in Oakland. She has a wide spread of cultural background. More bio about her can be found in my dusk review. Apart from the album dawn & dusk, which combined two EP releases, rising is her second full album release.


mxmtoon – Rising – Track by Track

The 12 song album lasts 33 minutes.

1. Mona Lisa

The album starts with one of my very favorites. The song has such a nice balance between her somehow still-a-bit-of-teenage style and feeling mature on the other hand. Beautiful, very present vocals. Okay, the chorus is very plushy… But I love it.

2. Learn To Love You

Learn To Love You is a very modern, rhythmic pop track. Nice work on the melodic side, especially the bridge leads to a memorable listen. Very nice one.

3. Victim Of Nostalgia

The guitar support in Victim Of Nostalgia give a touch of folk and soft rock. The song indeed has a bit of nostalgic touch. The chorus, especially, would have been successful a few decades ago as well. The young artist masters this song as well.

4. Sad Disco

I had to smile when I listened to Sad Disco for the very first time and heard the very present disco rhythm. mxmtoon and her team just deliver what they promise in the name of the song. With that composition, they also offer another very different sound to the listener.

5. Frown

Frown is a very groovy pop track. The touch of reggae leads to nice summer feeling. mxmtoon is also showing her nice vocal range. Impressive listen, which makes you feel happy.

6. Florida

The sixth track feels a bit like dream-pop and comes with a strumming guitar, but also a lot of electronic sounds. The song is feels very melancholic as well. Beautiful storytelling in a lovely atmosphere.

7. Scales

This songs alters between very rhythmic and accentuated parts as well as fluent ones. Each song on the album adds its own signature to rising – nonetheless, Scales is not on the top of my list.

8. Growing Pains

Growing Pains is another very melodic track. It manages to be a good mainstream pop radio track on the one hand but still be a bit of special. Lovely vibe.

9. Dizzy

Getting back to dream-ish sounds: Dizzy comes with strings and almost harp-alike tunes. Heavenly track with a very harmonic vocal part.

10. Haze

I’m looking for a feeling – there are definitely a bunch of positive emotions when I listen to songs like that. mxmtoon presents her musical profile in a different shape every song. The rhythmic background gives a bit of a 1990’s touch to this song.

11. Dance (End Of The World)

I just wanna dance, dance, dance,
Like I’m wild on my feet.

When I listen to this song, I think of big disco queens like Kylie Minogue. You just have to move to the groove of this song if this track is played. Party sound, mxmtoon style.

12. Coming Of Age

No doubt, this Californian lady wants to give us a positive farewell from her album. Another poweful track with a good vibe. You simply have to enjoy Coming Of Age.


mxmtoon – Rising – Spotify

Here is Rising on Spotify:


mxmtoon – Rising – My View

I loved dusk, I enjoyed a lot of the tracks mxmtoon released in the meantime – and rising does not disappoint me at all as well. dusk had a rating of 4.8/5.0  – and that’s exactly how I would see this album as well. If you like versatile pop, you have to listen to these tracks.


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