Ryan Griffin – Name On It EP

Ryan Griffin - Name On It



4.4/5 Pros

  • Six well-written songs
  • Very good musical quality
  • Great modern country style, which still feels country Cons

  • There could be a bit more variety of sounds

On 28th August 2020, I had quite a huge list of releases (so that I had to skip big names in the business like Metallica). I definitely wanted to listen into Name On It, the third EP by Ryan Griffin, though. After some good reputation and big success as a songwriter, he presented six songs as a solo artist. Here are my thoughts.


Ryan Griffin – About The Artist

Ryan Griffin grew up in Ocala, Florida, where he had an early passion for music. At the age of 18, he moved to Nashville to become a country music singer. Name On It is the second EP by him, as his debut was Sake of the Summer in 2017. The most prominent song of that collection of five songs was Woulda Left Me Too.  Maybe his biggest success so far was likely as a songwriter, when he co-wrote Dibs with Kelsea Ballerini (2016). The song reached platinum status in the US and topped the US Country Charts.


Ryan Griffin – Name On It – Track by Track

The EP contains six songs and lasts 20 minutes.

1. Right Here Right Now

The EP starts powerful, a very modern country track (but melodic, not hip hop-alike elements). Very catchy lyrics, maybe a touch of country-pop in the song. Definitely like it!

2. Name On It

I look at you, I look at you and everything you are
And know I never need to leave another mark
If the only thing I ever do in life is prove
That you’re all I ever wanted
When you’re holding onto something as good as this
You don’t ever want to let it leave your fingertips
All I ever need is a kiss from your lips
With my name on it

I liked the first track of the EP – but I loved its title track during the review. Hard to argue against that they have certain similarities – but the lyrics are very different and Name On It is even more present and powerful to me. Great song!

3. All Over Again

All Over Again feels a bit deeper, slower. I love the raspy touch in Griffin’s voice. There may be more characteristic voices out there at Cumberland River, but he is adding really good songs to be special. Good one!

4. Down

You need an addition to your country party playlist? No doubt, this one will the boots move over the dancefloor. In two words: well done!

5. Going Going Gone

Going Going Gone has this modern country / country pop touch again. Griffin touches the currently quite popular style to almost talk in parts of the song, but finally, it is a very melodic song. Nice songwriting, indeed.

6. One Prayer Left

Ryan Griffin released this song in mid June 2020 – and the fans loved it. The song is significantly softer, likely the softest song on the EP. Griffin can do the rather quiet and emotional songs, too – no doubt!


Ryan Griffin – Name On It – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget for Name On It:


Ryan Griffin – Name On It – My View

I really hoped for a great statement of talent, some great songs. Of course, I more or less knew that this EP will likely be great – it is just one of the key characteristics of the nowadays country scene that you already know major parts of songs and albums before the release. Still, the EP Name On It is just a great piece. Six song, no definite weakness in the selection of songs full of talent. Ryan Griffin also does excellent songwriting and storytelling. Thanks a lot for this one – really good music!



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